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01 071801 rockaRoo Multi Plush (1)
01 071801 rockaRoo Multi Plush (1)
01 071801 rockaRoo Multi Plush (3)
01 071801 rockaRoo Multi Plush (Side)

4moms RockaRoo

Why swing when you can rock? The 4momsrocka Roo Infant Seat flips the traditional swing on its head – literally – with the pivot at the base. It moves like a rocking horse to maximize a baby’s sensation of motion.

At 70 percent smaller than a typical swing, it also is significantly less clutter. It features five speeds, a mp3 hookup and reversible toy balls. Babies like variety of motion and 4moms has now given parents more options, from the natural bouncing and swaying motions of the mamaRoo to the rocking motion of the rockaRoo. The cosy seat makes baby comfortable during rest & play

age range: Birth - 9 months (or 9kg)

seat positions : one

motion : Motion control software rocks like a rocking horse, which maximizes the sensation for your baby

includes: Adjust the rocking speeds. 3 reversible toys are easily removable and perfectly sized for little hands. Removable and washable covers

  • It’s 70 percent smaller than a typical swing
  • Connect your MP3 Player to play your own sounds
  • AC/DC power adaptor supplied
  • 3 point waist & crotch harness
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Rockstar Rockaroo
Reviewed on 23 July 2018
This was one of my big purchases for my last baby and absolutely one of my favourites! The 4moms Rockaroo is made for babies but really, it's 100% made for Mum's! Miles apart from an average baby rocker, the Rockaroo has a deep and long seat that is well padded, I also purchased the optional extra padding for smaller babies which was so great to ensure a snug fit for my newborn. The supreme comfort of the Rockaroo is just about enough to send baby off to sleep on it's own but the real star is the 5 speeds of motion which mimic natural movements. The organic bouncing and swaying was always guaranteed to settle my bub and the slightly upright seat was amazing for his reflux. The bright and funky cover is easily removable for washing, again essential with a reflux baby! There is also the option to connect your own music or sounds, which I use to play soothing white noise that we have carried on using for bedtime and naps. It is light and relatively compact so you can move it around the house, I used it mostly in front of the shower and while cooking in the early days. The 4moms Rockaroo makes it possible to actually get things done and look after yourself too! For me the only downside is that it is only reccomended for use up to 9kg, with a chunky baby, we reached this quite quickly. Overall, I love the Rockaroo and have recently purchased one for my sister who is due to have her first baby soon; an essential for any Mum!
New zealand
Reviewed on 22 November 2017
I was given this as a baby shower gift and it was a lifesaver. I'm a first time mum and everything new is daunting. My baby girl hated being put down even when sleeping so free time was sparse but this was amazing. It has 5 speeds so you can have it slow or more of a rocking motion. It is curved sort of like being held but is really sturdy. The best part is you can plug in a phone or iPod via Aux and play music. I have white noise on repeat and thankfully my baby girl sleeps in there for at least 45 minutes so this mummy gets some house work done. So easy to set up and use, just plug it in and away you go. Highly recommend this to new mums for a couple minutes of free time. My girl is a big 5 month old and she still rocks away in happily.
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