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airwrap bumper 4 sides charcoal stars lifestyle1
airwrap bumper 4 sides charcoal stars lifestyle1
airwrap bumper 4 sides charcoal stars
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airwrap bumper 4 sides blue stars3
airwrap bumper 4 sides blue stars4
airwrap bumper 4 sides blue stars5
airwrap bumper 4 sides blue stars6
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airwrap bumper 4 sides blue
airwrap bumper 4 sides blue1
airwrap bumper 4 sides blue2
airwrap bumper 4 sides chocolate stars
airwrap bumper 4 sides chocolate stars1
airwrap bumper 4 sides chocolate stars2
airwrap bumper 4 sides chocolate stars3
airwrap bumper 4 sides chocolate
airwrap bumper 4 sides chocolate1
airwrap bumper 4 sides chocolate2
airwrap bumper 4 sides green stars
airwrap bumper 4 sides green stars1
airwrap bumper 4 sides green stars2
airwrap bumper 4 sides green
airwrap bumper 4 sides green1
airwrap bumper 4 sides lavender
airwrap bumper 4 sides lavender1
airwrap bumper 4 sides lavender2
airwrap bumper 4 sides pink stars
airwrap bumper 4 sides pink stars1
airwrap bumper 4 sides pink stars2
airwrap bumper 4 sides pink stars3
airwrap bumper 4 sides pink
airwrap bumper 4 sides pink1
airwrap bumper 4 sides pink2
airwrap bumper 4 sides silver stars
airwrap bumper 4 sides silver stars1
airwrap bumper 4 sides silver stars2
airwrap bumper 4 sides silver stars3
airwrap bumper 4 sides silver stars4
airwrap bumper 4 sides silver stars5
airwrap bumper 4 sides silver stars6
airwrap bumper 4 sides silver
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Airwrap 4 Sides -- a safer cot bumper

Airwrap is a safer cot bumper alternative for your child’s nursery.
Unique design means the Airwrap fits most cots and maximises airflow and breathability for improved comfort, peace of mind and ultimately a better night sleep for you and your bub. Surround them with air!

Designed with natural, breathable cotton muslin outer, mesh inner and adjustable four piece construction to fit your cot/crib. Airwrap is also free from bumper ties and vented corners provide more airflow than other lightly padded cot liners.  Firm, slimline and non-pillowy with oodles of safety features and a range of coordinating colours and designs you’re going to love!

Airwrap, safer than a bumper. Australia and the UK’s  number one choice for traditional bumper alternative.

  • Vented corners for maximum airflow
  • Adjustable 4 piece design to fit most cots
  • Breathable air permeable mesh fabric
  • Free from bumper ties. The use of fixed placement bumper ties prevent safe fitting on many cot types
  • Keeps arms, legs and pacifiers inside the cot
  • Protects against bumps and knocks
  • Provides a visual shield
  • Firm yet padded, slim-line and non-pillowy
  • Provides less leverage for climbing when fitted properly
  • Natural cotton muslin outer layer and trim with polyester mesh inner
  • Easy to service, Machine washable
  • Tested for breathability, quality and hazardous elements in accordance with global standards. Free from Formaldehyde, Lead, Phthalates and AZO dyes
  • Lab tested and confirmed by world-renowned paediatric respiratory experts to have better Co2 airflow compared to other lightly padded cot liners
  • Patented multi-layer technology
  • Pack Contains: 2 x Side Pieces and 2 x End Pieces
  • Airwrap is a safer cot bumper alternative for your child’s nursery.
  • Vented corners for maximum airflow
  • Adjustable 4 piece design to fit most cots
  • Breathable air permeable mesh fabric
  • Keeps arms, legs and pacifiers inside the cot
  • Protects against bumps and knocks
  • Firm yet padded, slim-line and non-pillowy
  • Pack Contains: 2 x Side Pieces and 2 x End Pieces
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Life saver!!
Reviewed on 25 September 2018
I brought this product 100% because my daughter was dropping dummies overnight which then made her wake. So after purchasing this and using it no more dummies lost and she is sleeping through as she can find her own dummy. This product gives me peace of mind knowing it’s safe. Also comes in a few designs really great!!
Fantastic Product
Reviewed on 23 July 2018
Fantastic product, stopped my babies legs from getting stuck between the slats of the cot. Used on both large cot and smaller crop. Washed well. And most importantly it’s safe so baby could still breath when face up against. Used it now on all three on my babies.
Airwrap 4 Sides Cot Bumper Peace Of Mind
Reviewed on 14 May 2018
We are currently using the Airwrap 4 sided cot bumper. I have been so happy with this product as finally there is something on the market that is safe and protects your babies/toddlers feet and hands from going through the cot bars. It is so easy to attach onto the cot and the Velcro holds it in place. Easy to remove if you need to clean it too. I have never worried about our little one overheating as its made of mesh the air flows through nicely. Highly recommend this product and the cost is good too.
Great product
Reviewed on 23 April 2018
I recently purchased the airwrap as my nearly 5 month old has started to move around the cot quite a lot. I love that the mesh is breathable and there is good airflow in the cot unlike other bumper.I feel content knowing that he wont get bumps and knocks now that he is moving a lot. Another great thing about these airwraps is that they can be thrown straight into the washing machine and its so easy. Would highly recommend the air wraps.
Reviewed on 23 April 2018
I find these very useful and my baby feels very content in airwraps 👍🏻
Excellent protection
Reviewed on 28 March 2018
I brought this product nearly 1.5 years ago & i swear by them. If it wasnt for the protection they have around the cot sides to avoid your childs arms & legs getting stuck, im sure i would have had plenty of nights & even day sleeps where ive had to get my daughters legs or arms from the cot sides. Thankfully these airwraps saved my life 😅
Very good
Reviewed on 27 March 2018
I’ve got two of these, i’ll Soon be using one for my third baby as the air wrap bumpers have worked brilliantly for my first two babies! Breathable to reduce the risk of sids!
Sleep saver!
Reviewed on 14 January 2018
The air wrap is an absolute sleep saver! My son is 18 months old and was constantly waking from his dummies falling out of his cot overnight- the air wrap has stopped this completely and I am FINALLY getting a full nights rest. They have also reduced bruises from constantly banging his head on the cot sides (he is a big mover in his sleep). If you have a dummy loving baby or a baby that moves a lot in their sleep this will be a life changer!
Adjustable to fit most cots
Reviewed on 10 January 2018
The airwrap cot bumper has been a good addition to our nursery. The design is visually appealing and compliments the nursery well. In addition we really like that the material is soft and breathable and it doesn't feel like the bumper is making the cot stuffy in any way. The main feature we needed was flexibility in terms of fit. We have the stokke sleepi mini bassinet and that will later convert to the cot so we needed a bumper that would fit both and the airwrap has the flexibility to do that. My only negative feedback is that the Velcro has loosened a bit over time and therefore the bumper slipped down a bit. This can be overcome by re- positioning the bumper again every week or so. Overall we're very happy with this product.
Cute design with safety in mind!
Reviewed on 05 January 2018
After moving my son into his cot I was constantly searching the floor for his dummy in the dark but since setting up this bumper we haven't lost one! It has been excellent for the dreadful Central QLD heat allowing airflow through the corners and mesh. It's also still got some padding to it and I've noticed there has been less bangs in the middle of the night from the wriggly babe. Bonus that it is super easy to install and uninstall using velcro if you need to move it to the grandparents like we have.
Excellent Product
Reviewed on 02 January 2018
I am so pleased with these bumpers. I can finally add something soft and safe to my babies cot knowing that his legs and arms won’t hang through the bars. And with all the moving around he does, he is protected with the bit of padding if he bumps his head, whilst having peace of mind knowing it is completely breathable. I love that they have now also added some really cute designs.
Does the trick and looks great
Reviewed on 01 January 2018
I have been extremely happy with this product. I continuously found my little 5 month girl with her arms and legs poking out the cot, and this airwrap has been amazing at preventing this from happening. I love that it is so soft for when her head bumps into it and I feel as ease as the fabric is lightweight and breathable. The star design is so cute and looks amazing in her nursery.
New Zealand
Love it!
Reviewed on 22 November 2017
I bought this for my baby about 6mnths ago.... she is my 7th baby and I absoulety love it! Wish I had this for all my others. It so good for air flow, stays on very well and bonus part her dummy doesn't fall out. It's amazing! Thank you 😊
Sleep Saviour
Reviewed on 22 November 2017
I brought this when my son was 12 months old after many sleepless nights due to him losing his dummy and comforter throughout the night, after googling what we could do to save our sleep we came across the AirWrap, straight away i brought it and as soon as it arrived I had my fingers and toes crossed that this would be the answer to our problem and SUCCESS we slept a full night for the first night in months our son was able to find his dummy whenever it fell out as it was always contained in his cot and never on the ground and the best part (even better then solving the sleep deprivation which was a huge milestone) was the breathable sides knowing that they were safe and breathable while he was sleeping was one less thing I had to worry about so thankyou thankyou thankyou. Highly recommended product for all parents.
Simple and effective
Reviewed on 16 October 2017
I purchased the airwrap when my daughter was around 9 months old. They only take a few minutes to set up and once you are done, you don’t need to do anything again. These saved us so much sleep by stopping her arms and legs getting stuck and her bumping her head as she wriggled around her cot. We are still using them and she is almost 2. A really helpful product for anyone who’s babies move around the cot a lot!
Great for use as a bumper and dummy barrier - changed my life
Reviewed on 18 September 2017
I bought this and it is one of the best baby products i own. It literally changed my nights! My baby sleeps with a dummy and before this i found myself searching the floor in the middle of the night looking for lost dummies that fell out of his cot. Now with the airwrap i never have to do this as baby finds his dummy himself (it doesnt fall out of cot) and replaces it without calling for me. Also helps reduce bumps on the head at night or a stray arm getting stuck
Simpler, easy to install
Reviewed on 04 August 2017
Having a baby that recently started rolling over, her legs and arms were getting caught between the cot rails. A read of reviews led me to get the Air Wrap 4 side bumper. It was easy to install with a velcro closures that made it easily adjustable to suit any size cot. With 1 panel covering 3 sides and a separate panel for 1 side, it fit our drop side cot perfectly. Only downside is that you can't see through the mesh making it a difficult to monitor baby at night while lying in bed.
Piece of Mind Bumper
Reviewed on 03 August 2017
I love this product, the safety of the mesh sides provides piece of mind for an infant in a cot with bumpers. In addition, it provided a much helped barrier in the night for when my daughter would knock her dummies out the cot. Once the bumpers were in place, they no longer fell through the bars and she could find them herself. I love the breathable aspect and that they wrap completely around the entire cot providing cusion and safety all around.
Safety, peace of mind.
Reviewed on 31 July 2017
I bought an Airwrap before my son was born. There were lot's of colour options to choose from. Love that it's breathable and made from bamboo. Nothing worse than little ones banging their heads on the wooden cot slats as they sleep and toss and turn. This Airwrap provided just the right protection. Baby is now 16 months old and it's still on his cot. Great product.
Good for peace of mind but not necessary
Reviewed on 30 July 2017
I bought the airwrap 4 sides cot bumper whilst pregnant as I saw them online and had others mention them to me. I thought they sounded like a great idea to prevent bubs arms or legs getting caught through the bars. However since using them, I've found the front one just annoying when raising and lowering the side rail as required to put bub in and out - it needs to be moved back to position each time. Not difficult but enough to annoy me. Some may not need to lower the rail if they are tall enough - I'm however only 5 foot. I think they would be good to keep pacifiers and bottles within the cot rather than falling through the bars. Personally I could have done without, but I can see their benefit for others and would recommend them if bub does put arms or legs out. They are also easy to wash and easy to put on the cot
A fantastic and safe bumper!
Reviewed on 30 June 2017
After my daughter got her arm caught between the bars on her cot we decided that it would be best to get her a cot bumper. I had a great fear of SIDS and being a light mesh this bumper really helped put my fears at ease while also protecting my little one from all the bumps and bruises that the bars of the cot offered. Despite going on with velcro I found they held tightly onto the cot. The velcro also makes them able to fit different cot sizes which is great. We got it in the pink star design which was very pretty and not at all obnoxious. It complimented her cot well.
Reviewed on 30 June 2017
While keepibg my mibd at ease that dd wouldnt suffocate if she rolled to facing the Wrap it also stopped flailing arms and legs from being caught between the bars. Also saved her dummy from making its way to the floor many times!
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