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Airwrap mesh sides lifestyle
Airwrap mesh sides lifestyle
Airwrap mesh sides
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Airwrap Mesh 4 Sides

Airwrap mesh is a safer cot bumper alternative for your child’s nursery.

Unique design means the Airwrap mesh fits most cots and maximises airflow and breathability for improved comfort, peace of mind and ultimately a better night sleep for you and your bub. Surround them with air!

Designed with breathable mesh fabric and adjustable four piece construction to fit your cot/crib. Airwrap mesh is also free from bumper ties and vented corners provide more airflow than other lightly padded cot liners.  Firm, slimline and non-pillowy with oodles of safety features.

Airwrap, safer than a bumper. Australia and the UK’s number one choice for traditional bumper alternative.
  • Vented corners for maximum airflow
  •  Adjustable 4 piece design to fit most cots
  • Breathable air permeable mesh fabric
  • Free from bumper ties. The use of fixed placement bumper ties prevent safe fitting on many cot types
  • Keeps arms, legs and pacifiers inside the cot
  • Protects against bumps and knocks
  • Provides a visual shield
  • Firm yet padded, slim-line and non-pillowy
  • Provides less leverage for climbing when fitted properly
  • Polyester mesh with cotton polyester trim
  • Machine washable
  • Tested for breathability, quality and hazardous elements in accordance with global standards. Free from Formaldehyde, Lead, Phthalates and AZO dyes
  • Lab tested and confirmed by world-renowned paediatric respiratory experts to have better Co2 airflow compared to other lightly padded cot liners

Pack Contains: 2 x Side Pieces and 2 x End Pieces
  • Airwrap mesh is a safer cot bumper alternative for your child’s nursery.
  • 4 Pack Contains: 2 x Side Pieces and 2 x End Pieces
  • Unique design means the Airwrap mesh fits most cots and maximises airflow and breathability for improved comfort, peace of mind and ultimately a better night sleep for you and your bub. Surround them with air!
  • Free from bumper ties. The use of fixed placement bumper ties prevent safe fitting on many cot types
  • Keeps arms, legs and pacifiers inside the cot
  • Protects against bumps and knocks
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A Non Negotiable!
Reviewed on 14 March 2019
Its so simple, yet so effective in keeping my little one from getting arms and legs stuck between the cot bars! Its breathable, its easy to keep clean, easy to use and i love that it helps promote longer sleeps. No bumps or sore arms in this household. Highly recommend.
Very adjustable but doesn’t stay put
Reviewed on 26 November 2018
I have been using this product on my son’s Childcare Bristol Cot for a few months. He was used to sleeping in a bassinet with mesh sides and found it very distracting being able to see out of his cot. The Airwrap was super easy to attach, simply wrap and use the Velcro to secure. Fit snuggly and easy to take off to wash if/when required. The only downside I found was that they tended to slip down the rails and bunch up at the mattress. This didn’t concern me too much as my son was almost one when we started using them but this could definitely be a safety issue for younger kids.
Peace of mind
Reviewed on 25 November 2018
I was recommended this product by a midwife. It suited and fitted the cot and gave me peace of mind for my bubs safety when he’s sleeping. I recommend this to all mums
Puts mind at ease!
Reviewed on 23 July 2018
When transitioning to cot I was worried because Bub liked to wiggle herself up so that her face was up against the side of the bassinet. I didn’t want to buy a bumper as I worried she would put her face against it and not be able to breath. After only a couple of nights in the cot little one wriggled to the side and I was woken up by her screaming after her leg got trapped between the bars. I bought the air mesh after it was recommended by a friend and it has saved my sleep and put my mind at ease. Little one still wriggles to the side but I can rest assured that no limbs are going to get caught between the bars but she can still breathe through the lightweight mesh.
Everything it says it is.
Reviewed on 18 May 2018
I have used this product for both my children and still in use for my youngest. It’s a product that definitely does what it says in the product info. I was reluctant to have anything in the cot, however I found my first sons arms would sometimes be hanging out of the cot and it would wake him or he would see me if I popped my head in to check on him! The mesh air wrap provides the safety aspect and a little screen so Bub doesn’t see out when lying flat. Very easy to remove and washes well.
A worthwhile investment
Reviewed on 30 March 2018
The airwrap mesh bumper most certainly lives up to expectations- it provides a safe solution for preventing an infant’s hands and feet from getting caught between the cot rails. The Velcro makes it incredibly easy to install on a cot & also makes the bumper suitable for a variety of different cots (we have used on our main cot at home and on a cot at the grandparents which is slightly different in design & found it could adapt perfectly to both). When we initially purchased the bumper over 3.5 years ago I was concerned about how well the fabric would last however it has surpassed my expectations- despite a number of rounds in the washing machine it still looks like new after 2 kids!
New Zealand
Reviewed on 06 February 2018
I bought this about 8mmths ago absoulety love it! First time I've bought one for baby number 7.... got the pink stars. Looks nice on the cots, doesn't slip down and keeps dummys in 😊
Absolutely love this product!
Reviewed on 12 December 2017
Bought this for my son when he was 5 months. He had started moving around in his cot and rolling over, so his arms and legs would go through the bars on the side and he couldn't roll himself back over. The mesh is breathable, so I don't need to worry if his face ends up against it. He's sleeping so much better and I don't worry about him hitting his head when he moves. And the dummy doesn't end up on the floor so I'm not in my hands and knees in the dark trying to find it! This product is a must!
Reviewed on 26 November 2017
I was going crazy with my daughter when she would manage to get her feet/arms stuck in her cot bars continuously and Call out for me to free her I purchased the air wraps for her cot and they are fantastic! No more Rescue missions and lots more sleep!
Excellent to keep hands and feet within cot
Reviewed on 24 November 2017
I bought this after my daughter kept getting stuck between the cot bars and crying out as she didn't know how to pull herself free. I did prefer a more padded bumper so she wouldn't hit her head so hard against the cot too but it isn't SIDS advised and i was petrified she'd suffocate herself so this was the best option. Also great with climbers, as she could not try to use it as a stepping stool to climb out of the cot. Washing it in the machine was a pain as the velcro would stick to the mesh bits ever so slightly but enough to pull at the threads, i hand washed.
Easy to use
Reviewed on 24 November 2017
I started using the air wrap when my baby started to roll in the cot, his arms and legs would get stuck sticking out of the bars causing disruption to his sleep. I love the airwrap mesh with the 4 sides because it still leaves a gap for the air to flow through and he's going to stay comfortable even with the weather heating up
love that they're breathable, but they dont stop the bumping
Reviewed on 22 November 2017
I've used these with two kids now as the only breathable cot surround available. They're good to stop smaller legs and arms from sliding out through the rails and getting stuck, but as the kids get bigger (>1yo), the bumpers aren't high enough any more to stop that happening. Also they don't work as an actual bumper. They are very thin (needed for breathing), so don't actually have any real cushioning effect as a bigger child rolls around. Still i'd continue to use them for younger babies as they are effective for those under a year old.
Reviewed on 29 October 2017
i had one yrs ago did amazing job
Best wrap ever!!
Reviewed on 25 October 2017
We have a 22 month old and 10 month old and both have air wraps on their cots! Keeps their legs and arms from being caught during the night and also a bit of a buffer for their heads knocking against the cot sides whilts rolling around in their cots. I woukd happily buy a third :-) or for friends.
I love this product!
Reviewed on 22 October 2017
I love this product! I needed something to stop my little wriggler from getting any arms or legs from getting stuck in her sleep but I was super scared of getting a normal bumper as I was worried she would put her face up against it in her sleep. With the air wrap I don’t have to worry about that at all! It put my mind at ease, I knew that if she did happen to put her face up against it she would still be able to breath! And it fixed my problem of having her legs or arms get stuck also! Love it
Great product
Reviewed on 18 October 2017
I bought the air wrap mesh 4 sides with hesitation, but it it an absolutely great product my little man was always crawling round his cot in his sleep and this prevented him from getting any limbs through the rails!!
Reviewed on 15 October 2017
i love this product, i purchased it 3 years ago for my first and it was great, was advised it was sids approved and with breathable mesh material was safe for my little man also stopped him being able to push his legs and arms through the bars and getting stuck! id recommend this product 100%
Reviewed on 12 October 2017
I purchased this for my first daughter almost 5 years ago after extensive research and chose it predominately as it was SIDS SAFE. It has stood the test of time and lasted, I am now using it for my 5mo baby boy. PRO's: - SIDS Safe - breathable, we have extremely hot summers so this way a huge selling point. - easy to remove and wash - durable, made to last - no more legs or arms getting stuck - provides a soft barrier if you have a squirmy baby that pushes themselves against edges - no more dummies lost through the cracks - strong Velcro, baby is going to be pulling it off and no need to worry about them breaking ties and choking - versatile fit for a variety of cots - my son has bad atopic eczema and I'm proud to report that this hasn't caused any flare ups!!! - reasonable price CON's - doesn't "spring" up like advertised, it does come back up but bubs seems to push the whole side down a bit so it can need readjusting - has to be readjusted at every sheet change because the mattress pushes it down - bugs get stuck in the little mesh holes which is annoying - bit fiddly pulling in tight the whole way around and sticking the Velcro so it will come back up if pushed down The pros definitely outweigh the cons which are picky things. I would recommend this product and purchased again if I needed to.
Great to stop little feet getting trapped
Reviewed on 09 October 2017
Our bubba is just starting to roll and our cot has many bars to stick her feet and arms through and a worry of mine is that she’ll get her legs trapped in them. I heard through reviews that the Airwrap bumper was the ideal way to solve this problem whilst also making sure to follow SIDS guidelines. It’s very easy to install and gives me the peace of mind that I need. The only downside I’ve found is the outer material can get pulls quite easy when it comes into contact with the Velcro strips ( when adjusting etc or taking off to hand wash) so you need to be careful but otherwise it’s been a lifesaver and something that can be put away for the next bubba once she’s outgrown the cot.
Reviewed on 01 October 2017
I find the airwrap mesh good as it puts my mind at ease that my little one won’t get his arms or legs stuck in the gaps but it is a little tricky getting it in between the mattress and then when you slide cot side up and down it moves with it but definitely better than any other cot bumpers as it’s easy for baby to breathe through if they lay right up against them.
Love the Airwrap Mesh
Reviewed on 13 August 2017
We bought this for our first bub when he started sitting up and getting his legs stuck between the bars of our cot. It was the perfect solution! Bub slept much better without getting stuck in the bars and we were happy that we had a SIDS-safe bumper to allow him to sleep through. WIll be using it for our third bub now - a must buy.
Great Product
Reviewed on 02 August 2017
I originally bought this as my older daughter was getting her limbs stuck between the cot bars and this definitely helped. My youngest moves around a lot at night and after she kept bumping her head on the bars we put the Airwrap back in to help soften the bumps. We also found it really useful to act as a visual barrier when she is going off to sleep. The Airwrap is light and breathable making it a good choice for our hot summers and washes up well. My only negative is that it can be a bit flimsy and sometimes in the morning it's been pushed down a bit by the blankets and my daughter's mattress.
Helps keep dummies in the cot!
Reviewed on 01 August 2017
We've had this on the cot for a few months now, it stops dummies being pushed out of the cot! It's not hard to put on, just a little fiddly. Each end of the material has Velcro and you just wrap it around the last bar or two on the cot pulling it quite tight so it doesn't sag, it looks quite neat when it's done. The material is very breathable, I was a little worried about it but I squashed my face into it and could still breath easily! It's easy to wash - the Velcro does stick to other bits of the material in the wash and pull it a little making it look a bit crummy fairly quickly, but otherwise it does wash well and dries quickly. Not an essential baby item, but a great dummy saver and much safer alternative to a cot bumper.
So far so good
Reviewed on 24 July 2017
We only installed this a few days ago, but I already have so much more peace of mind with this than the traditional bumper I had installed. As my baby is starting to get more mobile, I was concerned with her getting limbs stuck in the cot rails, but also suffocating on the bumper as she rolled over. So far this has instilled my confidence in her sleep. Our camera still works perfectly with it and she can move around the cot easily. Easy to install.
Not overly impressed
Reviewed on 03 July 2017
I bought this product to stop my 7 month old throwing her dummies out of the cot when waking. We currently have out camera baby monitor side facing the cot due to being in a rental and not being able to attach it to the wall. This presented an issue when putting the 4 sides of mesh on the cot as I couldn't see inside the cot any longer. I did remove the mesh on the side that was facing the monitor and left the remaining three sides. This managed to contain the dummies for a short period until my daughter realised that she could just throw them over the top or pull the sides down. Overall I wouldn't overly rate this product for the use of containing dummies.
Reviewed on 30 June 2017
I discovered Airwrap before my second child was born and it just made a whole lot of sense to me. Traditional cot bumpers keep baby's arms and feet from getting caught between rails and create a cozy sleep space in winter, but they can be stiflingly hot in our summers as well as create an additional foothold for a standing baby to use as a launchpad to escape (and quite possibly hurt themself) when they should be sleeping. Airwrap keeps legs and arms safely inside while allowing maximum air flow and the lightweight mesh fabric collapses if baby tries to climb out, ensuring a safe sleep space. Airwrap also machine washes perfectly in the delicate cycle and air dries quickly. I'm pregnant with baby #5 and the Airwrap I bought for baby #2 is still looking brand new, so it's extremely durable!
An essential for all cots!
Reviewed on 30 June 2017
I initially bought the Airwrap Mesh 4 sides a couple years ago for my son to stop his dummy from falling out the side of the cot. It became invaluable in terms of everyone's sleep as we didn't have to get up every time he lost his dummy. It soon proved to be even more useful as he became increasingly active, so without the Airwrap Mesh, limbs would continuously get stuck between the bars of the cot. It's now being used for my daughter for the same reasons, but also she often sleeps squashed up against the side of the cot, so the Airmesh Wrap makes for a soft, and more importantly, breathable barrier for her little face. I have recommend this to friends, as it's so easy to use and being divided into four separate pieces and secured with velcro, it fits any type of cot.
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