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72dpi F161 Npack
72dpi F161 Npack
72dpi F161 Fish Thermometer Hand Bath 0236 RGB

Dreambaby F161 Bath Thermometer


The Dreambaby® Bath Tub Thermometer takes the guesswork out of knowing if your baby’s bath is too hot or cold. Simply submerge the tail in the water and wait for the indicator to stop moving. When the indicator is in the green section, you will know the temperature is just right. Easy to use in a fun fish shape

  • Always check the water temperature before putting your child in the bath tub to prevent scalding
  • Simply submerge the tail in the water and wait for the indicator to stop moving
  • Easy-to-read indicator 
  • Non-toxic contents
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Everyone needs one!
Reviewed on 17 May 2018
I bought this thermometer when my daughter was a newborn. As a first time mum I was nervous about bath water temperature. I didn't know how to gauge the right temperature. I was so nervous that it'd be too hot for her skin, or too cool and she'd be uncomfortable as she was born in winter. This thermometer was that peace of mind that I needed to ensure the water was neither too hot nor too cold. Everyone needs one!
Great for peace of mind
Reviewed on 31 July 2017
I purchased this thermometer for my baby's bath as I don't trust myself to gauge the water temperature by hand and risk the water being too hot for my baby. Atleast I know every time I bath him I have the water in the safe temperature range for his sensitive and fragile skin.
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