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oricom diffuser
oricom diffuser
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Oricom AD100 Aroma Diffuser Night Light


The Oricom  AD100 Aroma Diffuser Night Light utilises modern ultrasonic technology and easy-to-use controls to create a soothing environment in the nursery for both parent and child. Simply add your favourite essential oil* and select your choice of softly coloured night light, and a peaceful and aromatic oasis awaits.

The unit itself uses cool mist ultrasonic tech to ensure there is no heat source in the nursery, and also switches off on low water level. 

*essential oil not included

age range: Suitable from Birth

operates: Mains operated

  • Ultrasonic cool mist (no heat source)
  • Multi colour night light
  • 400 ml water capacity
  • Adjustable mist (3 levels)
  • Timer function (1/2/3 hours)
  • Auto switch off on low water level
  • Mist and lamp controlled independantly
  • Can operate with no light
  • 12 month warranty
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Sleep saver
Reviewed on 28 November 2018
We purchased this diffuser not long after we were gifted the oricom baby monitor and it has been an absolute game changer for us and our sleep! A drop of lavender and a drop of frankincense and our little one started sleeping through the night and during the day sans the cat naps! It also works perfectly for those late night feeds with its soft night light. Cannot reccomend it enough!
Cool sleeping tool
Reviewed on 28 September 2018
I bought this two months ago to assist my daughter who was learning to sleep through the night. Both my husband and i were sleep deprived, we did what we can do in order to help our daughter sleep through the night. We decided to buy this and use essential oils to assist her sleeping. It has been almost 3 weeks now she sleeps through the night with the help of this product. Oricom ad100 has multiple soothing light my daughter love. She prefers the dark blue one. The vapour can be adjusted into 2 different speed. Quite machine and light can be turned off while diffuser is on. Auto switch off if water runs out. The instructions does not allow multiple essential oils mixed in the bowl. That’s probably the only downside for me. Price wise is reasonable and i got it from baby bunting when it was on 30% sale. Worth of purchase
Great product
Reviewed on 27 July 2018
Creates a really lovely calm environment in the nursery for baby. My daughter was a very light sleeper and would stir a lot in the night but since using this she has been much more settled and wakes much less in the night. I started using camomile essential oil but lavender was nice also. I have actually now stopped using the oils sometimes and it seems to do the same job as just a night light. Only downside is it doesn’t have white noise or other sound feature. This would make it the perfect nursery must have for newborns!
Safe and fabulous
Reviewed on 18 June 2018
Disclaimer: Gifted product in return for a review via The Baby Industry This product is amazing. Incredibly easy to set up and use. Very pretty, my son calls it his “magic egg”. Pros: - Easy set up and use - Easy to use interface - calming - stylish Cons: - doesn’t come with any essential oils, so make sure to purchase some seperately Sadly, my photos just don’t do it justice
Creates a peaceful sleeping oasis
Reviewed on 05 June 2018
Whilst this wasn’t the quick fix to sleeping like I hoped (I should know better) this is an item I absolutely love! The oricom diffuser & nightlight is the gateway to a peaceful sleeping oasis. The gentle light undoubtedly helped our 12 month old of a night time. Our little one has started sleeping better since introducing the night light. The diffuser helps create a peaceful environment. It has assisted us with creating sleep cues by turning on the diffuser and light. All in all it creates a calming & relaxing environment. It’s reassuring knowing that there is no heat involved. I would definitely recommend this product. For babies & children of any ages! The only missing beneficial thing would be white noise/music.
Top of the Range
Reviewed on 16 May 2018
I purchased the Oricom AD100 Night Light/diffuser and was extremely amazed by the features!! A calming night light that changes colours, a mist button to control the mist of your diffuser, of can be used just as a night light even whilst not diffusing! Oricom really outdid themselves with a great design. I love how it really brightens up our Nursery while calming the babies, having triplets theres no room for error with our bedtime routine ❤️ 10/10 would purchase again!
The Only Thing You'll Need at Bedtime!!
Reviewed on 28 March 2018
I've used oricom products with my kids since the beginning and its a brand i have come to love and trust! After recently purcashing this Oricom Aroma Diffuser/night I'm obsessed. The egg shaped night light shifts between beautiful colours, giving off a soft, comforting glow in the room. My kids watch is change colours as they calm down to go to sleep and name the colours with us. The aroma diffuser function has been what has impressed me the most. When you add water to the machine and a couple of drops of your favourite essential oils (I use lavender for bedtime), it puts a cool mist into the air. It's not the only product we use at bedtime, one of our absolute must haves!
Amazing sleep aid
Reviewed on 25 March 2018
I bought this for my son and used it since he was 12 weeks old and he is the most settled sleeper because of this sleep aid! As soon as he sees his light and smells the diffuser oils he is instantly Settled and ready for bed!
Sleep soother for your baby
Reviewed on 30 September 2017
The Oricom AD100 Aroma Diffuser Night Light is fantastic. We have been using it at night and during my child's day sleeps in the bedroom. It seems to sooth him (I use lavender or chamomile oils) and he is mesmerised by the changing lights and has been sleeping a lot better. You can use the Aroma Diffuser Night Light just as a light if you prefer. It can also be used with no light and just as a Diffuser or you can use as both a light and Diffuser at the same time. It is simple to use as you just plug the unit into a power point , add some water and then the essential oils of your choice. I love that it also has a timer function so you can set it for 1 hr, 2 hr or 3 hrs. The only downfall would be you need to make sure it is out of little ones reach as they can knock over easily! You also have to clean it after 5-6 uses with citric acid. Overall I have found the unit to be beneficial and highly recommend to jhelp create a soothing environment in your child's bedroom.
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