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Dreambaby Bath Tub Spout Cover


Dreambaby® Soft Bath Spout Covers inflate easily and slide over any standard spout. Provides a soft, safe cushion that helps keep your baby safe at bath time. There is no substitute for adult supervision in the bathroom but Dreambaby® bathroom safety products can help you avoid potentially dangerous accidents and give you greater peace of mind. Cute design that will complement any bathroom décor. A great addition to your bathroom baby-proofing checklist.

The inflated Soft Spout Cover cushions for any standard spout to help avoid accidental bumps
Provides a soft, safe cushion that helps keep your baby safe at bath time.
Water flows freely
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ok spout cover
Reviewed on 27 November 2017
i bought one of these a few years back i still have it so the quality is great but it doesnt stay on well if water is turned on it just pushes the cover straight off tap but has been good sheild when my son a fell in bath
Not great
Reviewed on 26 November 2017
It easily slips off and it actually didn't last long it popped and broke quickly. A waste of money
Not suitable for all taps
Reviewed on 22 November 2017
I purchased for my inquisitive little guy, but unfortunately this did not work for our taps It is quite long, and did not inflate enough to grip onto the metal. In the end we wrapped an elastic around it, to keep it in place- but as it is so long, we need to remove it every time we fill up the tub. Great in theory, when secured it prevents bumps to the head, but maybe different sizes are needed to suit all taps
Easy to inflate & deflate
Reviewed on 12 October 2017
Love this Dream baby Tub Spout Cover. So easy to inflate & deflate if you need to take with you for holidays or the grandparents house. Love how you can easily turn it around once the bath has been filled up & you don't need to worry that bub will hit their head or face on the spout. Very happy with this product.
Basically useless
Reviewed on 15 August 2017
I usually really like dreambaby products so I was quite disappointed that this was a bit of a fail, it seemed like such a good idea! It kept deflating which is pretty annoying, it falls off really easily particularly when running a bath, then the kids think it's a toy so they head over to that end of the bath and play with it, completely defeating the pourpose... great idea in theory as we've had a few bumps on the tap, but unfortunately this didn't work for us, it ended up at the opshop.
Great idea but design needs improvement.
Reviewed on 25 June 2017
I thought This was such a fantastic idea to stop those little heads from hitting the tap, For those little fingers to not get burnt, so I purchased one. However when in use I have found it to be more annoying then anything. I have found that with inquisitive children it tends to slide off the tap a lot, which defeats the purpose of it. I have also found that it constantly needs blowing up to secure it in place. It does however still do its job when it is fitted. It may work a lot better if your tap is quiet long however with standard bath ones the design needs a little improving.
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