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Dreambaby Premium Bath Seat


The Dreambaby® Premium Deluxe Bath Seat helps keep baby safe in the tub and makes bath time more fun for both parent and child. Features an extra-wide leg space to prevent squashing and the front opens with easy - simply flick the latches that make putting baby in and out of the seat fast and comfortable.

The Dreambaby® Premium Deluxe Bath Seat include a supportive backrest and contoured non-slip suction caps with easy release tabs. Frees your hands for washing baby and makes bath time a less backbreaking affair. Easy to assemble and folds down for easy storage. Easy to clean

Suitable for babies able to sit up unassisted (approximately 5 months of age). Never leave your child unattended in the bathroom. STOP using when baby begins pulling to a standing position (approximately 10 months of age)


age range: Suitable for ages from 6 months (sitting up)

  • Supportive back rest
  • Contoured non-skid seat
  • Generous leg space
  • Sturdy construction
  • Front opens to make it easier to seat baby
  • Extra large, strong suction cups with sizable easy release tabs
  • Suitable for ages from 6 months (sitting up)
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Easy to use & great features!
Reviewed on 03 May 2019
Love this seat... my son is six months old and has just stared to sit, the seat it’s self is sturdy and easy to use. With the front opening up it’s easy to get Bub in and out of. It’s soft, comfortable & roomy. The colour changing star for water temperature is a great extra safety feature. The seat did not sleep around in the bath because there are large suction caps holding it in place.
A great help
Reviewed on 25 November 2018
I received this from an Aunty at my baby shower and busted it out recently. My son has just started rolling around and standing up in the bath and starting to scare himself, so this seat has been great at keeping him grounded and safe whilst in the bath. It’s easy to use, sticks extremely well to the floor surface and is easy to move around. I also use mine in the shower whilst I’m in there and bring him in with me. He thinks it’s great fun and as a bonus, I have some toys that I can stick onto the belly bar to keep him entertained!
Bath time fun
Reviewed on 23 July 2018
I brought this for my son who adores bathtime and splashing about but was getting to big to lay down. The seat was easy to assemble and has a nice sleek design with strong suction caps at the bottom to hold the seat in place whilst submerged. The front “T section” opens and closes to easily place your baby inside and helps to hold baby in place, with two pull down clips which lock the T section in an upright position. Baby is then free to kick about and splash with their hands and play, safely whilst sitting up. It can be a little difficult to clean baby as you have to navigate through the holes in order to reach their behinds and privates. I also found the seat can be a little slippery and baby tends to end up pressed against the t section which did concern me a little having a little boy, but all things we can rectify and solve the more we use. Cleaning the seat itself can be a bit difficult but overall, it’s a great investment. My son loves it as he sits with the proudest smile on his face that he is a big boy now.
Reviewed on 29 March 2018
I bought this little seat when my daughter was too big to lay down on the flat bath seats but not fully confident in sitting in water. It was an absolute life saver for the period of time that we used it! The only down fall is that my daughter is quite chunky and the belly bar pressed into her tummy and legs. Once it was too tight we swapped to a non-slip bath mat that she was able to sit confidently on. It also has no offing so I would place a washer over it to just add a little extra. I would 100% recommend buying a bath seat!
Makes bathtime so much easier
Reviewed on 26 March 2018
We bought this seat when my little girl was about 4 months and started to get annoyed when lying down in the bath however was quite stable to sit. At 9 months this is still proudly in our bathroom and a staple in our bathtime routine. Our daughter also likes to put her rubber ducky on the bar that sits across her bath.
The Best Item we’ve bought for number 2
Reviewed on 25 November 2017
We bought this bath seat so we could bathe both boys together more easily. It was perfect-allowing me to have my hands free to bath, hold and play with my older child as well. The best investment we’ve made! I also liked the ease of placing our baby into the bath seat. It was so stable.
great bath seat
Reviewed on 30 October 2017
i bought this seat over 2.5 years ago as our bath was quiet deep to lean over to constantly hold my son, we were lucky he was quiet good at sitting up strong from early on, i found the seat to be very sturdy and with strong suction to bath the only thing i can fault is the grips for under babys bum dont grip well at all especially when wet babg bums slips everywhere. great product but still never leave baby/child unattended in this seat!
Very Handy!
Reviewed on 04 September 2017
I have used this for my first son and now my second. It is very handy to help baby sit up securely in the bath. I still keep one hand on Bub as sometimes if they move the wrong way they slide back and if they are a smaller Bub they can slide fair bit. This is great if you can get them to lean on the t bar so they can play with the water. Just make sure it's locked in position. Overall A great product. Just always stay close to Bub.
Good product, a little tricky to clean though
Reviewed on 02 August 2017
Feels quite sturdy and easy to use, open the t-bar at the front, sit baby in then lift the t-bar up and it clips in place on both sides, strong suction pads hold it down in the bath. I love that my baby can't fall/slide and he's always very happy to use it. I do find though that it's a big pain to clean, particularly underneath as it's hollowed out and also the t-bar fills with water so I'm sure it will be mouldy inside in no time. It's a great idea and bathtime would be much harder without it but I think a few little improvements to make it easier to keep clean would make it great.
Peace of mind
Reviewed on 24 July 2017
So currently my little one is a pro sitter, with the occasional fall. Hence she point blank refuses to lay down in the bath anymore, but I'm not confident in letting her sit up by herself in the bath with my support just yet. This product is fabulous for this! Only downside is it is obviously difficult to wash the thighs and bottom area in this seat. I do it quickly before I pop her in the seat.
Reviewed on 31 May 2017
These seats are fantastic. I have twins and we started using them from the moment they could sit up. It made bath time so much easier being able to bath them both at the same time.
Sturdy and Safe
Reviewed on 11 May 2017
Our little one rarely stays still and bath time is no different. The seat allowed her to sit up and still play with toys, but kept her from crawling away from us. Front opening bar makes for easy in and out with bub, and our little one loved pulling the bar into position herself once seated. Lots of room to still be able to clean bub properly and three suction cups on base means seat will stay put. As with all bath aids though, baby should be under supervision at all times.
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