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2050972 baby jogger city select black knit angle 1
2050972 baby jogger city select black knit angle 1
2050972 baby jogger city select black knit angle 2
Baby Jogger CitySelect black  pram
Baby Jogger CitySelect Black pram
Baby Jogger CitySelect Black pram2
Baby Jogger CitySelect Black pram3
Baby Jogger CitySelect Black pram4
Baby Jogger CitySelect Black pram5
Baby Jogger CitySelect Black pram6
Baby Jogger CitySelect Black pram7
Baby Jogger CitySelect charcoal pram
Baby Jogger CitySelect charcoal pram2
Baby Jogger CitySelect charcoal pram3
Baby Jogger CitySelect charcoal pram4
Baby Jogger CitySelect charcoal pram5
Baby Jogger CitySelect charcoal pram6
Baby Jogger CitySelect cobalt pram
Baby Jogger CitySelect cobalt pram1
Baby Jogger CitySelect cobalt pram2
Baby Jogger CitySelect cobalt pram3
Baby Jogger CitySelect cobalt pram4
Baby Jogger CitySelect cobalt pram5
BJ CitySelect wCapsule
BJ23410   City Select BF Single Black   Combinations

Baby Jogger City Select

$899.00 to $999.00
Whether you're looking for a travel system, a pram, a double stroller, a triple, or just a single, the Baby Jogger City Select could be the only stroller you'll ever need. The most versatile stroller on the market today, the Baby Jogger City Select was designed to keep your family rolling as it grows from one child to two, or even three.
  • Fold : Lift the sides and the City Select folds itself: simply and compactly, it really is as easy as it sounds. Snap the latch to lock the stroller for transportation or storage.
  • Seat: This seat was built for comfort. It offers multiple recline positions to make sure that your child is comfortable and safe. With a 20.5kgs weight capacity per seat and multi-position footwell, your kids can kick back and enjoy the ride.
  • Canopy: People love our SPF 50+ sun canopy because it really throws a lot of shade on a sunny day. It has a peek-a-boo window with magnetic closure so you can quietly check on your little one and it can be adjusted for differing head heights and multiple positions as you open or close it. 
  • Wheels: Set your lightweight front wheels to swivel for your daily obstacle course or lock for long distance strolling. The forever-air rear tires allow the City Select to cover all kinds of terrain.
  • Handle Bar & Brake: A telescoping handlebar adjusts to your height and a hand-operated parking brake keeps all the controls within reach.
  • Travel System: The Baby Jogger City Select can become a travel system in a heartbeat using the Car Seat Adapter (additional). Just choose the adapter compatible with your car seat and you've got a customised travel system for your infant. You can also add a Bassinet Kit to handle even the littlest of passengers. (Car Seat Adapter and Bassinet Kit sold separately). 
Special Limited Edition Anniversary Range
10 years ago, the city mini changed the way the world strolls. Help us celebrate with an all new, special limited edition anniversary range.

Discover everything you love about the standard Baby Jogger models with the addition of special edition fabrics inspired by fashion and lifestyle trends, soft cognac leatherette and a free removable belly bar as an anniversary gift!

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age range: Suitable from 6 months to 20.5kgs per seat (Use the bassinet from Birth - available separately)

weight : 12.5kg

features: Lift the sides and the City Select folds itself: simply and compactly. SPF 50+ sun canopy.

wheels, seat and handle type : Multiple recline positions. Lockable or Swivel wheels. Forever-air rear tires allow the City Select to cover all kinds of terrain. A telescoping handlebar adjusts to your height and a hand-operated parking brake keeps all the controls within reach.

dimensions assembled : 110cm x 65cm x 97cm

dimensions folded : 83cm x 65cm x 31cm

warranty: 12 months

  • The Baby Jogger City Select could be the only stroller you'll ever need.
  • Designed to keep your family rolling as it grows from one child to two, or even three.
  • With over 16 possible configurations you can make the Baby Jogger City Select work for your family.
  • Front facing, parent facing, sibling facing: whatever you need.
  • Add a Second Seat to make it a double. Throw in a Glider Board and you've got a triple. (Second Seat Kit and Glider Board sold separately)
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5 Years old and it’s still up for the challenge.
Reviewed on 25 July 2019
We have put this beauty to the test on so many different terrains... Its been challenged with: • the every day shopping that you have to compliment the amount of shopping you actually can fit in the under basket. • Weekend markets, fairs and the yearly shows that your faced with a variety of terrain surfaces... gravel, grass, dirt, mud, etc. • jogging - lock those front wheels in and its your new Saturday morning park run buddy. (note: one seater is more ideal for this but we have done with double seats — the challenge is more the extra weight you have to push not the pram) • Boardwalk and bush walking - it was only 2 weeks ago that we thought we were going on a board walk which turned out to be a 4.2km forrest path trail.. 100s of stairs, variety of forrest ground surfaces from rocks to tree roots... At 5 years old and it held up to the challenge. 5 years on, I cannot say I have had any issues with the folding mechanism, with the wheels, hand brake, or the reclining of the seats. It’s only now after lots of wear that the underbasket is due to be replaced. The city select has been by far one of our best investments we have purchased to keeping up with our everyday lives.
Great versatile pram but...
Reviewed on 06 March 2019
Just bought a second version of this in purple. Great pram all round, easy to fold and piece together. Smooth turning and great on uneven ground. My only gripe is that my 23 months old toddler sit facing the handlebar and can unlock the braking mechanism after sitting in pram for a few days... so not too safe if your toddlers are observant and hands-on. Otherwise much better than our last double pram which was too heavy and hard to turn.
Great Pram but already having issues
Reviewed on 24 July 2018
I think I have already reviewed this Pram, but I wanted to update my review. I have had this Pram since my baby was born, she has just turned 1 and I have just had to replace the folding mechanism. I am pretty disappointed as this was quite an expensive Pram, and then having to spend another $160 on a folding mechanism only 12 months on. I never hang anything from the handle bar, I don’t lean on it etc, but I do push on it to get the Pram up curbs. I was told that these are the reasons why the folding mechanisms break. I always use a ramp if there is a ramp, but being in country town, there isn’t always ramps. Other than having to replace the folding mechanism, this Pram has been great for what we need it for. My sister in law has the same Pram and has had it for almost 4 years, she hasn’t had any issues at all, that is why I bought the Pram. I am thinking it may have been faulty from the start. Anyone buying this Pram, register it for warranty online and you will get an extra 12 months warranty. I wasn’t aware of this so I didn’t do it and only got 12 months warranty. I was just out of warranty when the mechanism needed replacing.
Reliable and hardy
Reviewed on 14 May 2018
I bought this pram 2nd hand last year prior to the birth of my first bub. It was in very good condition despite having been used by another mum for a couple of years. As part of my purchase I got the 2nd seat, the bassinet attachment as well as some extra accessories. The reason that I went for this pram is because it pushes well over grass and stones, is very sturdy, can forward or rear face, and can convert to a double pram in the future. I find the steering quite nice and it has a good turning circle but sometimes a front wheel will flutter a bit when we go for a walk; all I need to do to stop this is slow down for a second and then continue on. I could possibly fix this if I locked the direction of the front wheel to forward. I also think that the underneath luggage compartment is fantastic and it is one of the largest I have seen on a pram. The luggage compartment is a little bit tricky to access with the bassinet attachment but it is easily accessible when using the seat attachment. On the downside, I sometimes have trouble folding the frame up because the latches can get stuck, but I have found this less of a problem with practice. It is also quite big folded and I always have to unclip the seat to put it in the car because if I don't it is too long. I have a medium sized SUV and it takes up a fair bit of my boot space. It is a bit heavy too but not unmanageable. The handbrake is very handy. I originally used the bassinet attachment and now we have changed to the seat (rear facing). I have not needed to use the second seat yet so I can't say what it would be like to use with two children on board. However I am pleased that I will not need to buy a different pram when we have another child. Baby jogger has heaps of accessories to buy for this pram should we need them. Overall, a reliable, hardy pram with a handy luggage compartment size but best for someone with a medium - large size car.
Good, but no comparison to a bugaboo!
Reviewed on 01 April 2018
I purchased a city select just before I was due to have my second baby. I originally had a bugaboo chameleon and decided I was in need of a second seat. After a lot of consideration between a bugaboo donkey and the city select, I went with the cheaper option.. the city select. Although there are many features I love about the city select like the easy fold, how compact it fits into my boot and how light it is I really do regret not spending a little more money to get the donkey. After owning both I can tell you that the steering of the bugaboo and the suspension of the bugaboo blows the city select out of the water. I find the city select hard to steer at times and difficult to manoeuvre especially when both children are strapped in. It makes it ver heavy. It is very long and although it has many positions they are hard to use, especially when Baby is laying down most of the time. If I was to make my decision again I would definitely be spending some more money to buy the bugaboo donkey. It certainly is an investment but the resale value will make you money back in the long term!
Perfect Pram for active Mummas
Reviewed on 31 March 2018
I purchased this Pram when I had my baby, I went with Baby jogger sort select as my sister in law had this Pram and I felt it would be perfect for us. Well it has been perfect, I will discuss both pros and cons. This Pram has large rubber wheels on it, so living on a farm, it has been perfect as we are walking on all surfaces. It has the option for 2 seats, so perfect for families with 2 young children and it can be forward or rear facing seats, so this Pram is really perfect for any situation, and the undercarriage is huge to fit all babies accessories in. From my babies Point of view I think she is quite happy in it as she usually falls asleep on long walks, so it must be comfortable. And with living on a farm in WA and everything ending up covered in red dust, it is easy to take apart and wash. I honestly do not know why it isn’t more popular. The cons: It is quite a large Pram, I am lucky o drove a large vehicle, but I think someone with a small car would struggle to fit it in the boot. It can also be hard to disassemble sometimes, sometimes the lifting points get stuck and I have to rest the handle on my hip to hold it up so the handle releases. I believe the frame comes with a lifetime warranty, so if I have anymore issues I will contact Baby jogger. As a single mum of a small build, I find it easy to load and unload the Pram from the car, I do not find it too heavy or awkward, so anyone who is worried about the weight of the Pram, I think it may be quite heavy compared to newer prams on the market, but it isn’t hard to move around. But all round it is a good Pram for the price and I am happy with it.
Great features, not compact
Reviewed on 27 March 2018
Brought in 2016 for my bub, is great has loads of features, interchangeable with different capsules with the adaptors. Different seat positions, option to add second seat which is great. The only thing I really don't like is that it doesn't fold to be compact. Have to either leave the seat on and it be bulky or take the seat out, which can be a bit annoying constantly removing the seat. Other than that it's amazing!
Amazing pram for the growing family
Reviewed on 26 March 2018
I bought a city select when I was pregnant with my 2nd Bub after much research on double prams as my toddler was still needing to be in the pram most of the time while out for long days, after looking at all the different types available we decided on the select due to the amount of configuration we could choose from, the fact our capsule was compatible and the fact my daughter wouldn’t be tucked away under the main seat taking up the basket space. I loved that it could go from single to double with a few clicks, the basket space even with both seats, the ease of use, the smoothness while manuvering even with 2 children in it. The only down side was the frame was a bit on the heavier side but that’s expected with a pram that can hold 21kg each seat, I highly recommend the city select to parents for single and double use as it’s just a well thought out pram with soo many options
Love this pram!
Reviewed on 25 March 2018
Totally recommend this pram for big/ growing families! I bought this pram for my first child in charcol and the material has stayed in great condition for over three years now (two messy toddlers) ! I didn’t even have to buy the second seat because the front basket is so big and the way the frame is designed, my eldest can sit on the front frame confortably! The top seat is great from birth as well. I just used a wedge and reclined the seat all the way back so our newborn could lay completely flat. So no need to purchase the bassinet! The basket is huge! Great for shopping and carrying my big things like bikes and skateboards when the kids legs get tired on a bike ride 😂 I love this pram 🙌🏽 Here’s a pic from this weekend with three kids at the Science Fest. We had one in the seat, one on the front bar and one walking, pram full of bags and snacks for the kids!
So versatile!! Easy to manouver.
Reviewed on 08 February 2018
This is a pram that grows with your family! I did so much research before buying this pram, and I have not been disappointed. It's so easy to steer, and because the seats detach in order to change whether bub faces towards you or away from you, the direction bub faces doesn't compromise your turning circle (unlike prams where the handle bar flips over). It's very easy and intuitive to remove seat fabric for washing, or changing over to the bassinet. It looks tidy and complete as a single pram, and as a double, the second seat ties in well. I appreciate that the second seat sits out the front of the pram, as most toddler seats sit underneath the handle bar, which I would kick my long legs on when walking. The pram is easy to pull apart and easy to fold. The only bad thing is that it's a little heavy, but that gives me confidence that it's sturdy and won't fall over. It's also taken me a while to get used to how long it is, and I often bump into things, but I think that's par for course when buying any pram that expands to a double. We bought ours second hand, and I'm super happy with it!
Great pram!
Reviewed on 06 February 2018
We bought this pram when we had our first child so that it could cater to our anticipated growing family. It has a large basket (the largest of them all at the time of purchase, the end of 2014), easy maneuverability and had many accessories you could purchase to suit your needs. It was always easy enough to fold though you had to stand right in front and pull the release levers straight up for it to fold itself up. For a relatively short person like myself, this had proven difficult as I could never hover directly above it to make the fold on the first try. But I got the hang of it eventually. Now with our second child and using a second seat, it is good to note that placing the heavier child closer to you makes it easier to maneuver around corners and make turns. But I always wanted my newborn closer to me so I just put up with it feeling front heavy, it’s still manageable. I find the combination of both children facing out cramps the top child’s legs a bit, I thought there’d be more space. Since he’s still a baby it’s no problem, but I can see issues later down the track. As a single pram it is the best pram and such a smooth ride and steer for parents, versatile and robust. As a double pram it’s still robust, but a bit heavy and tricky to maneuver around corners and makes it a long pram. The basket space or one child’s leg space has to be compromised to be used as a double pram (I have a 10mth old and 3yr old, both petite) So far it’s still worth it for them to be in line instead of side by side where you can’t fit down a lot of paths and aisles.
Very versatile!!
Reviewed on 05 February 2018
I have owned the baby jogger city select for the last six years as it is a very versatile pram. As a single or double it is easy to manoeuvre and slim enough to fit through aisles, there are many seating combinations to keep both parent and child/children happy and you can use with a capsule or bassinet for extra comfort for your child. When older, both children can face forward, and see, which is something many other double strollers dont offer unless they are a side by side. There are also many easy to use and great quality accessories that can be purchased for extra comfort and protection such as a zip on bug/uv cover, much better than a blanket for shielding child from sun. Has a large basket beneath the pram with plenty of room for a nappy bag, and mesh pockets at the back of each seat which are useful for keys or your phone. It can be a bit time consuming taking apart to put in the car but is easy to fold and in my opinion worth the time. Highly recommend this product you won't regret buying it!!
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