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ergobaby swaddler light pink
ergobaby swaddler light pink
ergobaby swaddler light pink1
ergobaby swaddler light pink2
ergobaby swaddler lightweight blue
ergobaby swaddler lightweight blue1
ergobaby swaddler lightweight blue2
ergobaby swaddler lightweight blue3
ergobaby swaddler lightweight blue4
ergobaby swaddler lightweight lilac
ergobaby swaddler lightweight sand
ergobaby swaddler lightweight lilac4
ergobaby swaddler lightweight lilac2
ergobaby swaddler lightweight lilac3
ergobaby swaddler lightweight sand4
ergobaby swaddler lightweight sand2
ergobaby swaddler lightweight sand3
ergobaby swaddler lightweight stone2
ergobaby swaddler lightweight stone

Ergobaby Original Swaddler Lightweight


The Ergobaby Lightweight Swaddler features soft, breathable mesh to ensure cool comfort for your baby during warmer weather. Like the Ergobaby Original Swaddler, it offers a simple and effective way to ensure your baby sleeps safely and soundly. The easy-to-use patented designs is recommended by mums and medical experts alike and is acknowledged by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute as a 'hip healthy' product.

By two years of age, a child will have spent more time asleep than awake. A healthy amount of sleep is essential for babies as it directly impacts their mental and physical development, as well as happiness. The practice of swaddling has been used for centuries in many different cultures as it recreates a womb-like environment and produces a calming and soothing effect. Research demonstrates that when swaddled correctly, babies are safer since they are more likely to stay asleep on their backs. Swaddling also keeps your little one in REM sleep (the most restorative, deepest sleep) for longer periods of time…so you can enjoy more sleep too!

The design features a unique ‘removable leg pouch’ which allows for quick and easy nappy changes and use with harness systems commonly found in swings and bouncers.

Ergobaby's Lightweight Swaddler is made from extra-airy mesh fabric, making it 33% lighter than the Original Swaddler. The breathable fabric is gentle on baby's skin and provides the flexibility to stretch with baby's movements for the ultimate in cool comfort.

Revolutionary design  in line with International Hip Dysplasia Institute recommendations
Physician recommended ergonomically correct ‘frog-leg’ position 
Easy-to-use ensures that baby is snug and safe in just a few simple steps 
Arm pockets secure baby’s arms and help to replicate the fetal position of ‘hands to heart’
Escape proof specially designed to prevent unravelling or shifting during sleep
Convenient leg pouch provides easy access to baby’s nappy and allows use with swings and bouncers
Soft and breathable 60% Cotton, 40% Polyester

Safety Tip
Swaddling with arms enclosed prevents startle reflex that may disturb sleep, but is not recommended once baby is able to roll as this may increase the risk of suffocation.

For Helpful Swaddling Hints Click Here   


size: One Size: 0-4 months

  • Acknowledged by the International Hip Dysplasia institute as a 'hip healthy' product
  • The 'arm pockets' prevent startle reflex by securing baby's hips in an ideal position for healthy development
  • The unique 'removable leg pouch' allows for quick and easy nappy changes and offers space for natural leg movement.
  • Easy-to-use ensures that baby is snug and safe in just a few simple steps 
  • Made from extra-airy mesh fabric, making it 33% lighter than the Original Swaddler.
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Houdini proof, light weight, 'hip safe'
Reviewed on 30 March 2018
Even after 3 babies I must admit I am no good at swaddling babies in blankets- I don't know what is wrong with me but I just can't get them firm enough to be 'Houdini proof' and yet safe for hips etc so I always opt for swaddlers to help my bub sleep- and sleep when you have a newborn... is GOLDEN!! After previously using the older style ergo swaddlers with the zips, I opted for the newer version with bub number 3 wanting some thing safer/healthier for his hips and still light for use during a hot Aussie Summer (bub was born in Victoria, in January and our house is not air conditioned). While the zip version is easier to master (I did end up watching a You Tube video in hospital as I found this easier to learn to use this swaddler than reading instructions or looking at diagrams) and gives freedom to transition into sleeping bags as you can undo the shoulders to let out either or both arms- this newer swaddler was hands down easier for nappy changes and piece of mind that I was keeping his hips in a much healthier position. Bub number 3 is also going through treatment for Talipes (called the ponsetti method) and had a high likelihood of needing hip bracing as well so we needed a swaddler that allow his hips and feet to be wide set so it could still be used with his braces or with his boots and bar. Its easy to wash and super fast to dry so we survived on having only two on hand- so we saved money in that respect in comparison to heavier swaddlers. I highly recommend this swaddler as a light weight easy to use alternative to muslin wraps and less 'hip healthy' alternatives with the added bonus that is also allows for continued use during some medical treatments for added flexbility as nobody plans these things.
A Sleep-Saver for Families Living in a Hot Climate
Reviewed on 26 March 2018
There are so many benefits to this great swaddle. Our baby was never able to get his arms out, it is easy to use and can be quickly thrown through the washing machine when needed. It is a beautiful soft, light fabric and the leg pouch can be left off, making it just perfect for hot summer days and nights. It wraps firmly and also keeps the hips in a healthy position. There are great videos on You-Tube and the Ergobaby website, showing how to put the swaddle on. However, while we loved the Ergobaby Swaddler, we actually used it very little. Our baby grew out of it extremely quickly. Even when he had not reached the maximum length guide, his legs were too long for the leg pouch to fully pull up and therefore, he was able to kick it down. Also, the weather was not consistently hot enough to use such a light swaddle. If your baby is born in the heat of summer, or you live in a consistently warm climate, then I think this would become a life saver, as it really does do a great job of keeping baby wrapped. Be aware that if you have a long baby, it may not fit for long!
Reviewed on 31 July 2017
This is great, baby can't wriggle their way out of this one. They are kept snug and you have the option to not cover their feet if you want.
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