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C3 black black grey photo 2 copy
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Bugaboo cam3 plus alu black

Bugaboo Cameleon³ plus

$1,199.00 to $1,299.00
The Bugaboo Cameleon³ plus is the original pram that has been a part of family journeys for more than 15 years. Offering a smooth stroll, it’s versatile, easy to use and adapts to different situations. Go anywhere, from the city to the bush, with the small or big wheels in front. It’s full of practical features but lightweight so you can carry it with ease.

The Bugaboo Cameleon³ Plus Pram with precision-stitched leather-look handlebar and carry handle is  light and compact, it’s also easy to lift and store. Suitable for a newborn or toddler, the multi-terrain Bugaboo Cameleon3 Plus can seamlessly adapt to your journey – whether that’s through the city, woods, sand or snow. In fact, it can take you everywhere you want to go.

The Bugaboo Cameleon3 Plus is available as a complete pram. Choose from:
  • Aluminium chassis with black fabrics and black canopy
  • Black chassis with black fabrics and grey Melange canopy.

And its premium materials and endless accessory combinations will ensure your child stays comfortable in all weather conditions: spring showers, hot summer days, breezy autumn afternoons and cold wintry mornings. The original and best just got even better.

The Bugaboo Cameleon³ Plus is adjustable to the parent, child and its environment. Whether infant or toddler, asleep or awake, city or beach, winter or summer, the Bugaboo Cameleon³ is ready to go. The modular setup lets you adjust the pram with particular needs at that moment. Choose a colour, easily convert from seat to carrycot and even adjust the handlebar to a preferred height. Bugaboo Cameleon³ Plus is made to go your way.
From infant to toddler ready to go from day one, everything you need is included in the box. Reversible seat allows you to choose whether your child faces you or explores the world. Reclining seat allows your child to be able to sight see, relax or lie flat and sleep. A dedicated carrycot and seat allows for the optimal comfort for every age. It is easy to fold, easy to go and store anywhere. Includes adjustable suspension. It handles the street’s obstacles with ease and comfort as your child grows. Includes a height adjustable handlebar pushing the pram comfortably no matter how short or tall you are. One piece handlebar  and easy one hand steering.
Customisable colours choose which colour combination fits your taste or mood.
3 positions for all terrains, in the city, small swivel wheels in front will help navigate through tight spaces with one hand and adjustable, suspension keeps you rolling smoothly. On rougher terrain, with big wheels forward, you’ll be ready for bumps that come your way. Easily converts into two-wheel position to pull through sand or snow.
Keep the small wheels forward in the city to easily take on all city challenges. The big wheels take on rough-terrain and help you move over larger bumps in your path. Use two wheels through sand and snow to glide over the snow and across the beach. The reversible handlebar allows you to switch easily to all different terrains.
light & compact
The Bugaboo Cameleon³ Plus is incredibly light & compact for such with great ease. And due to its modular setup, it can be even lighter and more compact when folded into two pieces.

What you get when you purchase a complete Bugaboo Cameleon3 Plus?
  • Chassis with wheels
  • Seat/ bassinet frame
  • Carry handle
  • Seat, bassinet fabric and apron
  • Canopy, clamps and wires
  • Underseat bag
  • Rain cover  

1. refreshed design
The design of the complete stroller is even more clean and sturdy. The streamlined rim design of the wheels matches the clean look of the Bugaboo Cameleon3 Plus and the central joint is even more rugged with the matte finish plastic.
2. easy unfolding
Unfolding has never been this easy. Just lift the handlebar with one hand and your chassis is ready to go.
3. rotating carry handle
Just rotate the carry handle to the side if you need more space to get your child in or out of the pram.
4. more durable chassis
The chassis is made even stronger; the new construction of the connecting plastic joints and the aluminium inner tube parts make the total pram more solid.
5. easy to release wheels
All Bugaboo Cameleon3 Plus wheels can easily be released by Bugaboo’s recognisable white buttons.
6. One hand release flatfold carrycot (with attached fillets)
Carrycot can be released by one hand from the chassis. Easily fold your carrycot fully flat for compact transportation and storage.
7. padded adjustable harness
The height-adjustable shoulder buckles securely for a safe fit for a growing child.
8. 6-step height adjustable handlebar
Height adjustable in 6 steps.
9. maximised underseat bag
The maximised underseat bag optimally uses the available space under the pram for storage of your goods and can be closed so your belongings don’t fall out when carrying the compact chassis. New under-seat basket design allowing parents easier access to their things when the pram is in both the bassinet and seat configuration


age range: Suitable from Birth- 17kg

weight : 9.6kg

features: Car seat compatible (capsule additional - fits Chicco, Maxi Cosi and Britax). It is easy to fold, easy to go and store anywhere. Includes adjustable suspension. Easy unfolding. Padded adjustable harness. Easy access to underseat bag.

wheels, seat and handle type : Precision-stitched leather-look handlebar and carry handle. 6-step height adjustable handlebar. Reversible Seat. Reclinable Seat. Rotating Carry Handle. Quick and easy manoeuvrability. Independent Seat and Bassinet A dedicated carrycot and seat allows for the optimal comfort for every age. Includes a height adjustable handlebar pushing the pram comfortably no matter how short or tall you are. One piece handlebar and easy one hand steering.

dimensions assembled : Assembled Dimensions: handle bar min: 100.5L x 85W x 60H cm Assembled Dimensions: handle bar max: 94.5L x 60W x 112.5H cm

dimensions folded : 90L x 50W x 31H cm

warranty: 2 + 1 years. Register your bugaboo product online, within 3 months of purchase and receive an extra year warranty.

  • Available in Black or Aluminium Frame
  • Great selection of colour options
  • From infant to toddler
  • Car seat compatible (capsule additional - fits Chicco, Maxi Cosi and Britax)
  • Adjustable Suspension
  • Precision-stitched leather-look handlebar and carry handle
  • Reversible Seat
  • Reclinable Seat
  • Rotating Carry Handle
  • Quick and easy manoeuvrability 
  • Independent Seat and Bassinet
  • Easy access to underneath basket whether in bassinet or seat mode
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A safe, practical and luxurious pram
Reviewed on 06 January 2019
This is a paid review of the Cam3 plus in black/aluminium with a ruby red hood/canopy as won through one of these amazing competitions on this great baby page. The cam3 plus has had a few aesthetic changes from the cam3 with changes to the underneath storage basket (the cam’s biggest downfall) and design/aesthetics of the seat frame. As I am a heavy researcher, I have read and looked at a lot of prams, and love the bugaboos for their versatility, their luxurious and interchangeable looks and their high quality design and feel. The cam3 plus comes in aluminium and black frame (retailing at $100 higher). Inside the box you get the pram chassis/wheels, seat frame, seat and bassinet fabrics, bassinet fabric apron and rain cover. This model is their most popular of the series being a versatile single pram but only 9.6kg. The light weight of this pram makes it an appealing choice after all the burden your back is already carrying with a child and the 58292 things that you must carry and take with you (and your child/children). Comes with a plain black bassinet apron, other models you’re required to buy a full tailored fabric set. The cam and fox fabrics (apron and hood) are interchangeable. The new hoods come in a new range of colours and are extendable to help shade your babe in the sun or when sleeping. They feel lighter and have more stretch than previous bugaboo hoods. The bugaboo is one of few prams that have this added level of personalisation where you can pick favourite colours, colours to ‘identify’ gender, and change them up to keep the pram for multiple children. Leather handle/ belly bar. Previous later cam3 models were foam in a small change from leather. Complaints meant a leather replacement kit could be purchased separately with other picking external companies to make leather pieces. There is a market online to have leather kits made for handles and belly bars in a variety of leather design, stitching and colour. The belly bar is fully removable from both sides, can be moved where needed or interchanged with the bugaboo snack tray for the older kids. Rear wheels can be removed to sit flat in the back of a car (for smaller boots, or when loading the boot up). Really easy to assemble and disassemble. Front wheels have a 4 level suspension suited for different baby weights (change at those weights for most appropriate suspension). The small wheels are a deterrent for some compared to the (now discontinued buff), however the Cam is poised as the most versatile of the lot. The pram can be used in reverse with the bigger wheels used at the front to assist in off road terrain or up hill. The pram can also be used in a 2 wheel configuration on the beach. I found I could push the pram in reverse mode forward along the beach. Would be easier pulling but possible to push (strength and sand dependent). Pram basket larger, to mimic the buff (esp since buff discontinued). Number one complaint from all cam users. On closer inspection during assembly, it’s not actually bigger, just a more open design appearing to be bigger, but probably just a bit more user friendly. more open looking but shallower. Pictures online appear to make the basket look bigger but I was a Little disappointed that it wasn’t as big as the hype in the redesign. However, it is more functional so that’s a win. Leather foam look around the top main pram seat frame, change from the foam on the older cam3. Previous models have this all the way around which provides great protection (against scratches and dents) given it’s a two piece fold and you’re always putting the seat on the ground to fold and get it in the car. Think I scratched it just about taking it out the box and again assembling the pram seat fabric to the seat chassis. Seems really pointless to be at the top and not the bottom. Website mentions for a more sophisticated look/ feel- I think weighed up against reducing scratches and padding for durability is a bit more important in 2 piece prams. More reading showed this is the same as the new fox and donkey2 variations, with this change being all across the new bugaboo pram ranges The seat has 3 recline positions, vertical, semi reclined and full horizontal. The seat can also be moved to face inwards or outwards, with the handle able to be moved either side to save moving the seat where required. Research has shown that in the early developmental stages, facing inwards towards the parent is best and avoids overstimulation to the outside world. When your babe is older, you can move the seat to face outwards to show your babe everything that life has to offer. The fully vertical position requires good postural support of your babe and the top shoulder straps. I have found with my toddler I still prefer the semi reclined position, facing inwards or outwards (depending on the adventure). The bassinet was not used during this review however I have used the bassinet attachment. The bassinet fabric Velcro’s onto the seat frame as easily as the seat fabric. The stability is created with a wooden board at the bottom, with side stabilising arms. The bassinet fabric is zipped on (or off) and is interchangeable of colours and designs. The bassinet attachment is rated safe to sleep (off the pram frame) with the use of the Bugaboo stand which provides stability and decreased the risk of falling. The belly bar is used when the bassinet is being used and provides support. You could use only the bassinet part of the pram during those younger years when out and about for dinner or at a friends etc. The chameleon pram can be used with maxi cosi, britex, chicco capsules, but are sold separately and do not come with the pram. This is also a feature that was not trialled out due to not having a capsule or adaptors. Capsules only serve a purpose for a small period of time given their height and weight restrictions. Same physical seat with a 5 point (button release) harness. Meets current safety standards after choice.com released that shoulder straps that connect to waist straps can cause a potential choke hazard. You can use lap on their own or all 5 together for shoulder support. The first edition of the chameleon prams came with a 3 point harness, which is still common across some Pram varieties. After looking at some Other prams, the seat is as it is, with other brands offering an inclusive seat liner (which is removable for cleaning etc). There is a large market to have pram liners made which not only add personalisation and comfort, but protect your pram from nasty spills and stains. The cameleon is the only version of the bugaboo where the pram handle can be rotated in either direction. This is to easily tailor your direction of travel across rough terrain such as sand, gravel, up hill etc. I found this feature most handy when you take the pram to a cafe/restaurant, and want to back the pram into a corner. Moving the handle out of the way can give you better access to the pram and your babe as well as making a little more space. Overall the cam is an amazing pram choice, and easy to see how it is the most popular pit of the bugaboo series. Simple, classic and aesthetically pleasing. People will always comment on how Gorgeous your pram looks and the quality of the pram is worth every dollar. There is a large online bugaboo community, plenty of bugaboo pram accessories to customise your pram, and multiple online companies offering pram liners, customised hoods, vinyl wrapping, Leatherette handles and much more. In short biggest pros: light weight; high functionality; customisable; looks amazing; high and safe reputation. Biggest cons: the basket is still one of the smaller in the pram market; two piece folds take up a lot of boot room; the aluminium frames will show scuffs more than the black.
Light in weigh and easy to move around.
Reviewed on 27 November 2018
I bought this pram for my first born and I loved it. So Easy to move around with light in weight, and easy to set up. Also really comfortable to my baby love the basinet I used it up to 4 months and than changed to the set and even then it’s so comfortable for such a small body.
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