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Britax safe n sound  Unity NEOS  BlackGrey Hero
Britax safe n sound  Unity NEOS  BlackGrey Hero
2286 Unity NEOS BlackGrey

Britax Safe-n-Sound Unity NEOS Baby Carrier

The Britax Safe-n-Sound Unity Neos Capsule  is Australia’s only infant carrier suitable for newborn up to 12 months (approx.) allowing for longer use and rear facing protection for longer. Integrated with CLICK & GO adaptors, this carrier becomes an invaluable travel companion allowing for you to transfer your sleeping baby from car to stroller or out and about. ™ (Integrated Britax CLICK & GO adaptors for compatibility with selected Britax, Steelcraft, and BOB travel system strollers when used with CLICK & GO stroller receiver).

Integrated stabilising bar ensures that the Infant Carrier does not rotate in the event of a crash.
Rotating carry handle and detachable carrier section enables easy transfer from car to stroller for use out and about.

The Britax Safe-n-Sound Unity Neos Capsule is Aircraft Compatible. The Carrier section (without base) is suitable for aircraft use.

With the addition of Thermo5 high performance fabric with bamboo, your child will travel in quality and comfort. Includes EPS foam and high side walls for maximum side impact protection.

Compact design for small cars and configuration with other seats. Large sun canopy for protection whilst out and about. Includes insert, shoulder pads and crotch pad for additional support and comfort. Thermo5 High Performance fabric with Bamboo delivers the premium comfort your baby deserves. Infant Carrier Base allows for levelling adjustment for better fitment in your vehicle.

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age range: Suitable from birth- 12 months

dimensions: Weight: 4.5kg (Approx.). Rear Facing: H430mm x W470mm x D545mm Maximum Shoulder Height Marker: Approx. 12 months - 340mmm

  • Australia’s only Infant Carrier suitable for newborn up to 12 months (approx.).
  • Compact design for small cars and configuration with other seats.
  • Aircraft Compatible
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The best capsule!
Reviewed on 26 November 2018
I brought this capsule and have been using it with my 3 week old. So easy to use and I love being able to go from car to pram or just being able to lift him out. I also have a 3 year old and it makes life so much easier.
Great age limit!
Reviewed on 23 July 2018
Capsule is amazing! Great heigh markers My tall 3yr old would try out her brothers and she was under the marker.
So convenient and easy to transfer
Reviewed on 27 May 2018
This capsule was the best purchase we made for our first born and will be using again for all our kids. It clicks in and out of the car super easy and into the pram so no need to disturb bub when running around doing errands. Some capsules we tried had these long straps that would drag when you took it out of the car but this one is no hassle. The straps are easy to adjust and the inserts are easy to wash and put back on. I also loved the fact baby ( depending on size of course) can stay in this capsule for up to 12 months which makes it really good value for money. It also is outstanding regarding safety. I highly recommend.
convenience, longevity and compatibility!
Reviewed on 30 March 2018
I needed a capsule that: - would fit with '3 seats across' in our SUV (Volvo XC90) - worked with adaptors on my pram (old bugaboo chameleon 1) so I didn't need to put a bulky bassinet attachment in my boot if I needed space. Bonus that I didn't need to buy a whole new Pram (for third bub this was very important) - had serviceability with the material in case bub chucked all over it - had suitable fabric for use in summer or at the humid indoor pool while my bigger kids were doing their lessons - wasn't too narrow in case we needed a hip brace for hip displacia - suitable for use for a child during Ponsetti method of treatment for Talipes This capsule ticked all the boxes for us. Although we have an isofix compatible car, we opted for the non-isofix version as we have 3 seats across and isofix doesn't allow for much wiggle room if it's tight. Cons: - like any capsule it's heavy and a little awkward to carry so using it right up until 12 months seems a little unlikely but at least if you have a big bub you can get your money's worth out of compared to other models on the market. - doesn't come in a range of colours - manufacturer does not endorse its use with hip displacia bracing although I was told by some parents it is possible- where as many other capsules had no chance of being used during this treatment as they are too narrow - problem with all capsules... if a car parks too close while you have been out with bub you can't get a capsule back into the car (especially with other two car seats blocking any other way of getting the capsule into the car). I have on occasion had to move my car to get the capsule back in which is stressful and dangerous- this occurrence has only happened once in the 2 months of use though. I never liked the idea of a capsule before my third bub- I preferred rear facing in a convertible seat as I had no problem picking up a sleeping bub and I liked the idea of using something for up to 4 years old (now you can buy car seats that can be used from newborn to 8 years old!) but this time it was more about convenience rather than longevity. Now with three kids managing kinder drops offs, swimming lessons, hospital visits and dancing lessons- (not all of which are pram friendly and its often too hot to wear bub in a carrier or to disturb his sleep) I decided a capsule was finally a necessity rather than a luxury. I hate the idea of handling my baby less but I needed to find a way to make things more convenient to handle all 3 kids on my own safely and comfortably. I chose this over the more popular maxi cosi mico as its more roomy for bigger bubs (can use it longer) and retails for a much more affordable price. It's also approved for use for bubs who have been born prematurely. I can't really fault it for my purposes and highly recommend it if you are wanting something to use long term and want the option of using it with your pram. Life is so much easier with this capsule and I certainly don't regret purchasing it.
Comfy and easy to transfer
Reviewed on 28 March 2018
This capsule has been great for our little one. Easy to transfer from the car- has a lever to take it off the base. The padding is comfy for our newborn and has sufficient neck support. The only downside is that I find that the isofix strap a bit troublesome to put on and off the capsule when the capsule is in the car. The strap fits into two small grooves behind the capsule and can be difficult to attach. Britax is a great brand and I love that it's up to 12 months. Lots of other capsules are only up to 6 months.
Reviewed on 26 March 2018
Brought this to use with our new baby, I loved that it could be used up until 12months and that it clipped into our pram (steelcraft agile elite) the fabric was great in summer as it didn't heat up and get hot like some others I've seen.
Good but heavy
Reviewed on 19 November 2017
I brought this capsule as it connected to my Snap ultra pram. It was so good to be able to get Bub in and out of the car easily and not have to wake her up if she was sleeping. But in the end I ended up having to use the capsule as a “car seat” and just leave it in the car as it was getting to heavy for me with my Bub only being 3 months. And she isn’t a big baby.
Loved this capsule, super handy!
Reviewed on 16 October 2017
Loved this capsule, baby was happy in it and so easy to click in and out of the car, into the pram or stand thats available. Its also rare to find a capsule thats a 0-12month size, our bub was in it until 8 months so although she did grow out of it a little early she is a very long baby so an average size bub would get even more use out of it. Easy to pull everything apart to throw covers in the washing machine if needed. Highly recommend if you are going to spend the extra money on a capsule then get this one as you will get way more use out of it then a 0-6month one.
Easy to use!!
Reviewed on 31 July 2017
FTM and I have this capsule installed in my car to use for about 6 months. I had mixed advice from friends but decided to proceed with a capsule to make my life easy and this has definitely done that!! Clicks in and out of the car with ease and the adaptor fits the 5 yr old Pram we were given so I can transfer straight to the pram for easy movement. This has meant no waking my LO when she has fallen asleep in the pram or the capsule! Love this product!!!
Love this capsule!
Reviewed on 16 May 2017
We decided on this capsule because we loved that we could use it up until 12 months. I was a little bit sceptical at first, however my big 8 month old still has heaps of room to grow! This seat has been worth every penny. It's simple to use, works great with my pram, looks fantastic and I get a great, solid install every time! I 100% trust this seat to protect my precious baby. I highly recommend this seat! :)
Great features and super long lasting
Reviewed on 15 May 2017
I was given this capsule for my second child, he is almost 12 months and STILL fits. It was an absolute lifesaver with 2 kids 2 and under, easy to manouver, near failproof installs and super quick to trnsfer between car and pram!
Awesome product! Love it
Reviewed on 03 May 2017
This product is great, easy to install, put in and out of the base, adaptors available for pretty much every pram and perfect for bigger babies, my 9kg 7 month old still sits comfortably and sleeps like a log in this capsule!!
Amazing capsule
Reviewed on 18 April 2017
This capsule is perfect! Easy to get in and out of the car, easy to install and was perfect for my bigger baby! Great that it takes babies up to 12 months and isn't bulky
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