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CS8313TO Kompressor 4 Treo Ebony Front
CS8313TO Kompressor 4 Treo Ebony Front
CS8313TO Kompressor 4 Treo Aqua Front
CS8313TO Kompressor 4 Treo Green Front
CS8313TO Kompressor 4 Treo Grey Front
CS8313TO Kompressor 4 Treo Purple Front

Infasecure Kompressor 4 Treo Convertible Car Seat


The Infasecure Kompressor 4 Convertible Car Seat is an upgraded and updated version of our popular Infasecure Kompressor Series 0 – 4 convertible car seat.

The Infasecure Kompressor 4 is an A4 Rearward Facing seat, allowing extended rearward facing to a large 30 month old, and then forward facing to a large 4 year old. Despite the upgrade, it’s still nice and compact at 44cm across the widest point. Thanks to a new, ultra-low-profile base, it’s also 3.5cm shorter than the Kompressor II.

Featuring our new Active Fabric in the vibrant Treo design, the Infasecure Kompressor 4 Treo is cooler, breathable and more comfortable than ever. Active Fabric utilises the same high performance polyester fibres and weave as athletic apparel and active wear.

Active Fabric is soft to the touch, keeps cool and helps draw moisture away from the child’s skin. It’s also the hardest wearing fabric we’ve ever used – essential for real parents with real (and often horrifically messy) children.

The press-stud attachment cover and comfort inserts have both been completely redesigned for style and comfort. Shoulder and crotch buckle pads and a seat protector are also included.


age range: Suitable from birth- 4 years

rearward facing: Extended Rearward Facing to Large 30 Month Old

forward facing: Forward facing with internal harness to large 4 year old (average 6 year old)

includes: Featuring Active Fabric. Shorter Backrest for better Rearward Facing Fit. Air Cocoon Technology integrated. Optional easy to use single seatbelt path installation. Easy to use harness adjuster. 10 recline positions (1 rearward facing, 9 forward facing). 5 shoulder slot heights. Built in anti-rebound design. SafeGrip Belt Clamp included.

dimensions: Width (Base) – 34cm. Width (Base when using . Width (Side Wings) – 44cm. Height (Top to Bottom) – 68cm. Depth (Forward Facing) – 50cm. Depth (Rearward Facing) – 64cm Approximate Shoulder Height Marker Locations: Lower Marker (Must Rearward Face Under Marker) – 34cm Middle Marker (Turn to Forward Facing) – 39cm Upper Marker (Stop Use) – 43.5cm

  • Extended Rearward Facing to Large 30 Month Old
  • Forward facing with internal harness to large 4 year old (average 6 year old)
  • Air Cocoon Technology integrated
  • Compact design, great for 3 across seatbelt installs
  • Optional easy to use single seatbelt path installation
  • Easy to use harness adjuster
  • 10 recline positions (1 rearward facing, 9 forward facing)
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Great second seat
Reviewed on 28 February 2019
We got this seat just over 12 months ago and its a great second seat. we use it when 4WD and its kept my little one safe and most importantly they seem comfy in it.
EXCELLENT for larger kids.
Reviewed on 25 November 2018
I bought this car seat 3 months ago due to my son being a large baby. He was forward facing in my other car seat and just didn’t appear comfortable so I did my research and this catered to extended rear facing. He’s now 14 months old and very comfortably rear facing. I love that there’s a number of recline options on this car seat, it’s easy to adjust the harnesses with Infasecure’s new twist and lift technology (honestly so easy)! It’s relatively slim and fits comfortably on any of the 3 seats on my backseat. This is definitely going to be his forever car seat, being convertible and so large it will last until 6-8 years old.
great seat
Reviewed on 29 March 2018
I bought this seat as a second seat and it's really good! Baby girl loves it! however because the headrest straps to the strap slots she has almost too long to be able to have the headrest and still has a ages to go until she is even at the turn markers and she is just 6 months. other than this, the seat is great
Perfect for smaller cars!
Reviewed on 22 November 2017
I brought this car seat for my my daughter when she outgrew her capsule at about 6 months. It has been nothing but AMAZING. Infasecure is the absolute best car seat manufacturer on the market IMO. My favorite thing about this car seat is the harnessed extended rear facing. I want my daughter to be safe while traveling in the car and rear facing is the best thing I can do for her. It’s not too bulky in RF mode for small cars like mine, and is a dream to install. Not to mention the padding is fantastic and nan added bonus is the pretty colours. LOVE LOVE LOVE would definitely purchase again.
Cut above the rest!
Reviewed on 05 September 2017
I am hands down, blown away with the quality of our Kompressor, my daughter is 31 months, still rear facing (as per the markers) the seat is generous with its width for little legs, yet it's narrow enough to fit a large capsule and an adult in the back seat of my Holden Cruz! The fabric - tick, the recline - tick, the padded head support - tick, the actual colour in the fabric h a s n o t f a d e d (big tick). Quality and versatility was huge in our decision to choose the Kompressor. I can foresee we will use this far longer than 0-4 years (as per our child's height) and it's in great condition to use for our other children as our family grows. Thank you infasecure.
Value for money
Reviewed on 25 August 2017
Overall, this is a great car seat. It is a reasonable price considering it can be used from birth and rear facing and then changed to forward facing so that the one car seat will last you 4 years. It feels sturdy and of good quality, with lots of nice padding to keep baby both secure and comfortable. It comes with a seat mat to protect the cars upholstery which I thought was a nice feature. I found that when in rear facing position it took up significant room and the seat in front had to be quite far forward to accommodate it and my car is a large 7 seater, so not a tiny car. I used this seat for the first 10 weeks with my daughter and it was a good seat for her however I was then given a capsule to try and the ease of being able to take the capsule in and out of the car and not having to unbuckle and remove a sleeping infant is hard to beat so while it can be used from birth, I wont be putting it back into the car until she outgrows the capsule.
Great for forward facing
Reviewed on 31 July 2017
Bought this due to its 0-4yr age span. Found it took up a lot of room lengthways when installed rear facing, forcing the front passenger seat to be pushed right forward, not leaving much legroom for a passenger. Forward facing however, it sat nicely and didn't take up much room across the back seat. Nice and comfy for baby with a good range of colours to choose from.
Easy Peasy!
Reviewed on 29 June 2017
We recently bought this car seat for my husbands ute as it was marketed as not taking up as much room in the back. Usually he is terrible at following directions, but installed it perfectly first go (I had it checked by a certified installer). Our baby is happy in the back seat, and there is so much padding to keep them comfy. It doesn't recline as far as other convertible seats do, which is a bonus for us.
Easy to install
Reviewed on 02 June 2017
I bought this car seat for my third child and has been the easiest to install and use as a rear facing car seat yet.
Just love it
Reviewed on 02 June 2017
Got this seat for my newborn and so happy with it. It is so comfortable and my boy just loves it! I am confident that he is safe and don't have to worry while travelling
Great seat
Reviewed on 02 June 2017
Bought this just before my 3rd baby was born she was 5 weeks prem and when we left the hospital when she was 5 days old she fit in it beautifully and is very comfortably rear facing with plenty of room to grow at 17 months
Easy to use
Reviewed on 31 May 2017
I brought this 10 months ago. We installed this in the car when my little one was 6 months she loves it.. Easy to get in and out Easy to adjust if need Easy to install.
Great car seat
Reviewed on 18 April 2017
Recently purchased one of these car seats for my son, easy install, absolutely love this seat, son loves it also.
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