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CS8113TO infasecure Quattro Treo green Front
CS8113TO infasecure Quattro Treo green Front
CS8113TO infasecure Quattro Treo Aqua Front
CS8113TO infasecure Quattro Treo ebony Front
CS8113TO infasecure Quattro Treo grey Front
CS8113TO infasecure Quattro Treo purple Front
CS8113TO infasecure Quattro Treo Aqua Front  Extended
CS8113TO infasecure Quattro Treo ebony Front  Extended
CS8113TO infasecure Quattro Treo green Front  Extended
CS8113TO infasecure Quattro Treo grey Front  Extended
CS8113TO infasecure Quattro Treo Purple Front Extended

Infasecure Quattro Treo Convertible Car Seat

Measuring an incredibly narrow 420mm across at its widest point in both rearward and forward facing modes, the The Infasecure Quattro Convertible Car Seat is the narrowest car seat with an in-built harness on the market today.
Measuring an incredibly narrow 420mm across at its widest point in both rearward and forward facing modes, The Infasecure Quattro Convertible Car Seat is the narrowest car seat with an in-built harness on the market today. Not only is it narrow across, but it also features an ultra compact rearward facing depth, which is great for smaller cars (or taller front seat travellers!). And the best part? We’ve kept the internal width the same as our Infasecure Kompressor series – so your child’s ride is still a supremely comfortable one!

Rearward facing is the safest way for babies and young children to travel in the car. The Infasecure Quattro Convertible Car Seat allows for extended rearward facing up to a large 30 month old and forward facing with a harness to a large 4 year old.

Secur-air works hand in hand with Air Cocoon Technology to dramatically reduce crash energy to the child’s head. The Infasecure Quattro Convertible Car Seat Quattro comes with ACT as a standard feature, which alone reduces crash energy to the child more than five times lower than the level required by the 2013 Australian Standard. With the addition of Secur-air, your seat gains a third layer of protection for your child’s head area, making it the safest seat to date we have ever produced.

The Infasecure Quattro Convertible Car Seat comes complete with Twist & Lift which allows one-handed adjustment of the headrest and harness from the front of the seat. No rethreading straps, no uninstalling – you can get the perfect fit in seconds, and it’s never been easier.
The Infasecure Quattro Convertible Car Seat features our new easy-care Active Fabric Treo covers which are hard wearing, cool and breathable. The machine-washable, press-stud covers can easily be removed for cleaning without having to uninstall the seat, as can the shoulder pads.

age range: Suitable from 0- 4 years

rearward facing: Extended Rearward Facing to Large 30 Month Old

forward facing: Forward Facing with Harness to Large 4 Year Old

includes: Secur-air Triple Layer Crash Protection. Air Cocoon Technology Integrated. Active Fabric – Hard wearing, cool and comfortable. Press-Stud attached cover – remove without uninstalling. Adjustable Crotch Buckle. Tether Strap Adjuster ‘Safety Zone’. Vehicle Seat protector included

dimensions: Width (Base) – 34cm. Width (Widest) – 42cm. Height (Headrest Down) – 62cm. Height (Headrest Up) – 76cm. Depth (Forward Facing) – 50cm. Depth (Rearward Facing) – 54cm. Approximate Shoulder Height Marker Locations: Lower Marker (Must Rearward Face Under Marker) – 34cm Middle Marker (Turn to Forward Facing) – 39cm Upper Marker (Stop Use) – 43.5cm

  • Extended Rearward Facing to Large 30 Month Old
  • Forward Facing with Harness to Large 4 Year Old
  • Ultra Compact Width – great for 3 across
  • Ultra Compact Rearward Facing Depth – great for small cars
  • Secur-air Triple Layer Crash Protection
  • Air Cocoon Technology Integrated
  • Twist & Lift One-Handed Headrest & Harness Adjustment
  • Twist Resistant shoulder straps
  • 9 Recline Positions
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Rolls Royce of Car seats
Reviewed on 24 July 2018
By far the best car seat we have had! So easy to install and change settings whilst keeping bubs safe and secure. Fantastic height markers so you can do extended rear facing with your little one, and again it is so easy to change from RF to FF. Best customer service from the infasecure team, always willing to help and give options. My son is by far much happier in this seat compared to his previous two seats.
Reviewed on 04 December 2017
First of all I would just like to say thank you to The Baby Industry for selecting me to be gifted the Infasecure Quattro to give my honest review. Well I have been blown away. I can’t fault this car seat, honestly! It is amazing. LOOK: I love the look of the car seat. It isn’t just a plain boring car seat, you can choose many different colours that are so amazing and so different to most car seat brands. INSTALL: Initally when my daughter was born I was hopeless at installing car seats and dreaded it. I would have someone else install it because I was scared I would do it wrong. Until I realised it was extremely import for me to be able to install it myself in case of emergencies. Anyway, this car seat is SO SIMPLE to install. The instructions are so though and clear, and the diagrams are so helpful. I got a perfect install on the first go! FEATURES: -My absolute favourite thing about the car seat is the ‘lift and twist’ feature. To adjust the harness all you need to is exactly that, lift and twist. There is no need to uninstall the car seat and spend time unthreading and rethreading straps, you can do it all while it’s still in the car! - Extended rear facing. So important to me in a car seat. You can rear face up to a large 4 year old which is amazing! - The slim design is amazing for someone like me who has a small hatch back or someone who needs 3 seats across making it super easy to fit in. - The ‘secur-air’ gives me peace of mind that god forbid we are in an accident I know my daughter will be safe in car seat. Also, the extra padding makes it extremely comfortable for my daughter to be sitting in. - Machine washable fabric!! You can easily unclip the car seat while it’s still installed (amazing right!?) and chuck it in the machine and clip it back on and your ready to go. The ONLY thing I would say is I found it difficult to tighten the straps whilst my daughter was in the seat but in saying that I am really quite weak so that could be a fault on my behalf. Overall I would rate this car seat a 10/10 and would recommend it to anyone who is looking at buying a car seat. Thank you so much for the opportunity TBI!
Reviewed on 28 November 2017
We bought this car seat for our daughter just before she turned 1 and we wish we had done it sooner! We originally had her in a capsule and every trip was torture. She hated the car capsule so much, it was rare to have a scream free car trip. Since changing to the Quattro she has been the happiest little girl. The car seat is so slimline you can easily fit three wide, even in a smaller car. Yet there is so much room in the seat for her to stretch and get comfortable. It was hard for us to find an extended rear facing car seat that would fit comfortably in the car for us and Bub as Hubby is a giant, but the driver and passenger seats can be moved back to their furthest point with room to spare. The head rest is easy to extend (or shorten) using only one hand with the twist and lift knob built in. It’s so easy to self install as well. There are so many colours to choose from and the seat is easy to clean. I would buy another one in a heart beat. Money well spent to ensure a safe and comfortable ride for your little ones.
It's true love!
Reviewed on 23 November 2017
My two girls have had their Quattros for almost 18 months and it's serious love! They're so fantastic to use, with lots of great features and a super quick and easy install. I honestly never thought I'd love a car seat so much!
Compact size
Reviewed on 22 November 2017
Love, love, love this seat! So compact, easy to use, simple to adjust, covers come off without removing the seat from the car - everything you could want in a seat
Best A4 seat money can buy!
Reviewed on 22 November 2017
I bought this seat because it is rated as one of the best and safest seats on the market to keep my baby rear facing for as long as possible. My son is kept cool and comfortable, and enjoys car trips. It’s nice and compact so it fits well In my small car, is able to be quickly moved between cars, and is easily adjustable. I recommend this seat to anyone buying for their baby as I believe it’s one of the best A4 type seats money can buy, and kids absolutely love them.
Love it!!
Reviewed on 22 November 2017
I bought one of these for my first daughter when she grew out of her capsule. It is super easy to operate and adjust while installed and looks and seems comfy for the kids. I love that it is extended rearward facing. My mum bought the same one for her car and i will have to buy 2 more now that we have #2!! They are easy to install in and out of cars, but as we have a ute with a bench seat in the back it makes it difficult with 2 babyseats to get them both tight so once they are in they are staying there! Highly recommend this carseat!!
Slim and recline
Reviewed on 22 November 2017
This is the perfect car seat if needing to fit three across. So slim fitting which also creates more room if needing to fit somebody in between the car seats. Also the option of the recline is perfect for a long car trip to limit the child’s head from flopping forward when asleep.
Fantastic Colours
Reviewed on 22 November 2017
I bought this seat for my son as the safety features where number one. But also loved the colours. Infasecure is the only brand I as a parent will use.
Reviewed on 22 November 2017
This car seat is amazing the twist and lift feature the colours you can choose from. But it gets better it was so dirty the other day. So I though I better pull it apart and wash it. Dreading it of course. But it buttons up ! No annoying fiddle buts. The actual seat itself is amazing. I would never turn back now I own one!
Safest brand and car seat on the market
Reviewed on 22 November 2017
I won this seat off infasecure a year ago, it has truly been terrific for my little boy who has autism, the feel and its so comfy with heaps of padding, he enjoys car rides in his car seat and loves the green colour, i would highly reccomend this for anyones kids but would also reccomend anyone with special needs kids as its truly a quieter car ride with this seat, not to mention how easy this car seat is with the twist and lift, no more taking car seats out to put straps up is truly amazing, thank you infasecure!
Reviewed on 19 November 2017
It truly is the best seat I have ever owned! It is so compact so it fits in my tiny car RF and FF. Bub looks soo comfy in it that I get jealous. It is really easy to install and adjust. The colours are amazing and It is very very sturdy. Safe. Comfortable. Easy. AMAZING!
The best seat out there!
Reviewed on 06 October 2017
We got this from our baby shower and am so happy with it. Hailed as the slimmest/narrowest seat on the market and it lives up to the hype. We have an older Mazda6 sedan and began using the seat when our girl was 6 months (we used a capsule before this). It's currently rear facing in the middle seat and there is still so much room for passengers on both sides. We can also fit a large car seat for our 5yo niece with no issues as well. Love the extended rearward facing and the specialised head support. I also love that it comes with a belt clamp which makes installation so much more secure. The only downside is that the seat is expensive but since it can be used from newborn to 4 years, it's a good investment. A really quality product from infasecure that I would happily recommend and purchase again.
Wouldn't buy anything else!
Reviewed on 28 August 2017
This seat is perfect! Extended rear facing, slimmest on the marker, compact. Easy adjust! Seriously I'd never buy any other 0-4 seat for my babies!
Great seat with great comfort
Reviewed on 13 August 2017
After lots of research and trying to find the right seat, I decided on the infasecure quattro - it is the smallest seat on the market width wise (can fit 3 across most back seats) and also in rear facing mode it takes up the least space (important for me). It is extended rear facing which was another of my requirements. My 16 month old still hasn't reached the height markers for forward facing but I'm hoping to rear face for another 16 months or so yet. I love the easy adjust twist and lift harness - no rethreading straps when baby grows etc. A great seat all round
Safest Option out there!
Reviewed on 31 July 2017
We did allot of research as we have 2 other children in car seats and needed all 3 seats to fit along the back of the seat. The Quattro was the slimiest to fit along the back all comfortably. It put my mind at rest knowing i can have her in the back reward facing as long as possible to make sure my now 9 month old is safe if i was to ever have an accident. It has the Secue-Air around you babies head that this reduced the impact around their head if something was to happen. She loves the seat and never has any problems falling asleep in there so i can only imagine its very comfy. Highly recommend this seat to new or existing parents they will last you forever!.
So comfy and safe we love it
Reviewed on 03 July 2017
We love our Quattro. I only have a small car so when I was looking for something safe, comfy and small I couldn't go past the Quattro. Being able to rear face in my small car I didn't think was possible but it fits perfectly. Great for piece of mind knowing she's the safest she can be and she loves it she's so comfortable in it and sleeps most trips we do. Best purchase we have made!
Excellent seat
Reviewed on 30 June 2017
This seat saved me from having to buy a new car. It is so compact that it fits rear facing in a Mitsubishi Mirage! I thought I was going to have to buy a new car when bub came along until I found this seat. That bub is now 2 years old, 90cm tall and still easily fits within the rear facing markers. Even though it is compact it hasn't compromised on safety or comfort for the child. It is plush and accommodates the chubbier of little ones easily. I can definitely vouch for how well the fabric washes, it comes out looking like new again even when covered in muck. It is also just so easy to remove and put back on. The twist and pull function to adjust the head rest height saves so much time, no more fiddling with straps getting them into higher holes, its all done one handed. Highly recommend this seat.
Great Seat!!!
Reviewed on 02 June 2017
We bought this seat as it has such a narrow base we can fit it happily in our Navara. The front passenger still has heaps of leg room (very important!!) Lots of adjustability and love the easy remove covers to wash and keep clean. Best feature is the extended height to allow for extended rear facing. Much safer for kids and much less worried mum!
Reviewed on 02 June 2017
I have this car seat for my son and LOVE it! My eldest is in the Emerge and I want to get the Graunder or Emerge for my baby next so he can stay in a 5p harness 😄 Slim car seats, fun personal colours and the active material is beautiful all year round
Best 0-4 seat available!
Reviewed on 16 May 2017
We did a heap of research before buying a seat for our son, and I really feel like we hit the jackpot with the Quattro! It is the slimmest seat on the market, at 42cm wide (so will fit 3 across the back seat easily), yet has heaps of room for our big boy. With extended rear-facing, and sturdy side bracing around the head, I'm confident that our son is as safe as he could be. The head rest and straps are super easy to adjust, and the seat was even easy to install! I couldn't be more impressed. =) Everything about the seat feels really high quality.
Excellent quality, safe and easy to use
Reviewed on 15 May 2017
I have had the Quattro for 8 month since birth. The install was simple and does not take up all of the passengers leg room in front. The narrow width is also great. Twist and lift has made it so easy to change belt height when needed. I still have the newborn padding in and my 9 kg 68cm son is still comfy and has so much room we cant even see the first height marker yet. He will reward face for ages at this rate. Love this seat and love infa
Durable Safe and Stylish
Reviewed on 03 May 2017
As first time parents, we researched a number of convertible car seats for our new bub. We were very comfortable selecting out Infasecure Quattro Treo and haven't looked back! The product is stylish, durable material great for easy washing (important as babies are grubby!) and the slim seat means I can comfortably have adults in the back with the car - and oneday a range of Infasecure seats when our family grows. Our bubba is 8 months and a chunky girl - she is very comfortable rearward facing and looks to be sitting that way (the safest way!) for some time longer.
Excellent seat
Reviewed on 03 May 2017
I had my first child 6 years ago. Back then, seats like the Quattro didn't exist. Fast forward to the present, and we have just had our third child. We needed a narrow seat, with excellent safety, extended rearward facing, and was easy to install/change height. This seat is literally everything you need. If I was having my first child now, I'd be getting the Grandier as it is the only seat you'll need, but if you have a tiny car, oralready have excellent 4-8 seats, this is the seat for you!!!
Perfect size
Reviewed on 03 May 2017
Great slim seat and perfect height for fitting in my car! Inspiring me to source one for hubby's car too! Love the twist and lift headrest feature and also the easy access harness sash, makes easy to get Bub in and out!
Fantastic all rounder!
Reviewed on 19 April 2017
This seat is the holy grail of seats! I can put my 6 month old in it then 10 mins later out my 3 year old in it without removing it from the car! With extended rear facing and the twist and lift function it's easy to use, extra safe and super comfy! It's the easiest car seat I've ever installed, the padding is super cushy and comfy and both my kids love the seat. Happy kids, safe kids, happy Mum! High recommend!
Safe and easy to use!
Reviewed on 16 April 2017
I've had this seat for close to a year and while it took a while to get used to, the positives far outweigh the negatives. So, the good: easy to install (if you read the manual, as it's very different to other brands), extended rear facing capabilities (plus no annoying rebound bar!), twist and lift harness and headrest adjustment is easy to use, tether adjuster that can go on either side and be used one handed, and it's compact, so plenty of room for passengers or other car seats. The not-so-good: the fabric has pilled a bit, which doesn't actually bother me, and the headrest is snug on my big headed child.
Great best practice seat
Reviewed on 16 April 2017
This seat is perfect for my dual cab as it has a short rear facing depth but still offers maximum rear facing options to keep bub safer for longer by rear facing up to a possible 3 years or more. Its easy to install and use and i love that you can take the covers off to wash without having to uninstall the whole seat.
Reviewed on 12 April 2017
The Quattro seat has been great in our little car, keeping Bub safe while having a smaller Rf depth to maintain comfort for the front passenger. Ability to take advantage of the slim line seat for adding more seats across the back in the future is definitely an advantage!
Excellent top of it's class seat!
Reviewed on 11 April 2017
I absolutely LOVE this seat. It is easy to install, has brilliant extended rear facing markers (which I believe all seats should have now) and the material is lovely. My daughter loves the Infasecure range in general for it's comfort (she is a small Torso 3.5yo) and this seat is no exception. The small RF length of the Quattro means it is one of the easiest fits in pretty much any car and the easy adjust harness is just as awesome. Infa have made a top of the range seat for a perhaps high price tag, but it is worth the spend for the usage benefits, especially if purchasing from birth.
Never felt safer!
Reviewed on 11 April 2017
I bought two of these seats. One right after the other! I couldn't believe how easy they are to adjust to suit a growing little person and with such a cosy head support I can trust that my kids are safe. Personally love that it is extended rearward facing for my little ones and my large 4 year old still fits snug in the seat forward facing. Highly recommend to anyone looking for a seat suitable from birth!
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