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CS9013TO infasecure Evolve  treo grey
CS9013TO infasecure Evolve  treo grey
CS9013TO infasecure Evolve  treo Aqua Front
CS9013TO infasecure Evolve  treo ebony
CS9013TO infasecure Evolve  treo green
CS9013TO infasecure Evolve  treo purple

Infasecure Evolve Treo Harnessed Car Seat

The Infasecure Evolve Treo Car Seat has an In-Built Harness from 6 months to Eight Years old.

The Infasecure Evolve’s Twist & Lift™ system allows one-handed adjustment of the headrest and harness from the front of the seat. No re-threading straps, no uninstalling – you can get the perfect fit in seconds, and it’s never been easier.

The Infasecure Evolve is the first child restraint in Australia to allow the use of a six-point-harness from approximately six months through to a large eight year old, offering superior protection to a wider range of children for longer. The adjustable height harness buckle can be adjusted without removing the restraint from the vehicle, and new twist-resistant straps make your day to day use a little less frustrating.

A.C.T. offers incredible protection to your child, offering increased protection across the entire surface area of the restraint. The Evolve features a Dual Layer A.C.T. headrest, and reduces crash energy to the child more than five times lower than the level required by the 2013 Australian Standard.

The Gradual Recline system is extremely easy to use, allowing unrestricted recline positions which can be changed without removing the restraint from the vehicle. With the addition of convenient pop-out cup holders your children are always comfortable, regardless of age.

Infasecure Evolve Car Seat is one of the easiest seats to use with a six-point-harness that fits a large eight year old, and dual layer A.C.T. The Infasecure Evolve is the most advanced child restraint we’ve ever created.

age range: Suitable from 6 months - 8 years

forward facing: Use of an inbuilt six-point-harness from approximately six months through to a large eight year old

includes: Features Active Fabric. Air Cocoon Technology integrated. Gradual Recline – unrestricted recline positions. Adjustable height harness buckle. Easy-Remove covers. Plush comfort inserts. Full-length seat protector. Two pop-out cup holders. Easy install belt path. SafeGrip Belt Clamp included

dimensions: Width (Base) – 43cm. Width (Headrest) – 49cm. Internal Width (Shoulder room) – 37cm. Height (Headrest Down) – 75cm. Height (Headrest Up) – 85cm. Depth (Backrest to front of seat base) – 50cm. Approximate Shoulder Height Marker Locations Lower Marker (Start Use) – 29cm. Upper Marker (Stop Use) – 51cm

In-built harness use from 6 months to large 8 year old
Twist & Lift™ one-handed harness adjustment
Twist resistant harness straps
Gradual Recline system
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Really great and functional
Reviewed on 27 November 2018
I purchased this car seat for my 2 year old a few months ago. The twist and lift feature allows me to adjust the height to allow the best protection for my son. It's quite easy to use. I would reccomend a car that has room or space for the chair to sit on a slant so that you can tilt the car seat to suit your baby's needs. I find this difficult in my car so he usually doesn't sleep because he is sitting too straight. Overall a really good car seat and not too expensive.
Amazing Car Seat
Reviewed on 23 November 2017
I brought this 6 months ago for my step daughter and absolutely love it! its was so easy to install and move car to car as well as to clean. The seat itself is padded and feels so comfy ! I feel like its not a chore putting her in the car seat with this and the easy adjustments of straps!
Twist and lift!!
Reviewed on 02 August 2017
The twist and life is a game changer for growing kids! It is so easy to adjust the harness level as they grow and harnesses up to 8 years, so we bought 2, 1 for each car!! The only problem we have had is the strap to tighten the harness began to frey in about 6 months but infasecure replaced it at my house without question.
First and best.
Reviewed on 02 August 2017
I bought this seat when it was first announced and have never looked back. My almost 8 year old still has plenty of growing room (as opposed to another leading brands type g seat which cost significantly more then this one) the recline function beats all the others and the install is so easy and fantastic. I love this seat.
Great features
Reviewed on 25 June 2017
My mum got this car seat for my son as a spare to take in her car but I now have it full time because I fell in love with it, it has great features , looks amazing and oh my gosh it saves so much space in the back seat, if you don't have a big car or need 3 car seats along the back this is the car seat you need , I was struggling to fit 3 car seats in at once but since having this they fit easily, highly recommended
Fantastic car seat
Reviewed on 09 June 2017
Perfect for my child. The fabric wicks away sweat so she is always cool. Easy to adjust without removing. Great harness system. Would recommend this product highly.
My favourite Seat!!
Reviewed on 03 June 2017
This is the best seat I have owned!! The twist and lift is the most ingenious design feature!! I baby sit my friends kids quite often, and as this seat is for my 6 year old, I just have to twist it and pull down to adjust it for the 2 year old! No pulling the whole car seat out and adjusting straps and reinstalling! I LOVE it!!
Perfect way to keep your kids safe!
Reviewed on 02 June 2017
I have had the older model of this seat for around 2yrs now and i absolutely love it, great for long trips, easy to clean and install all round exellent buy! Been looking at the granduer for my youngest next! :)
Comfy for long legs and car sleepers
Reviewed on 04 May 2017
I love the adjustable headrest and the very generous seat depth. Great seat for 3-9yr old that are forward facing. I love that my 6.5yr old can use this seat and can be easily adjusted for my 3.5yr old to jump in the seat when out and about running errands. Both find this seat super comfy with and without the additional insert and have no problem falling asleep while traveling in this seat.
Deep harnessed seat for big kids
Reviewed on 04 May 2017
The evolve is a good choice for big kids who need more leg support. Great choice for ages 3 to 9 or so.
Reviewed on 03 May 2017
I have now had this seat about a year and im as happy now as the day I bought it. I washed it for the first time the other week and it came up like new!! The design is fantastic, it reclines which was a big win for me as my toddler still falls asleep in the car. I will never buy another brand of seat again......
Fantastic Car Seat
Reviewed on 03 May 2017
I bought this car seat a few months ago and don't know how I lived without it! As a nanny this seat was ideal as it is so easily adjusted to suit children of all ages, I have used it mainly for an 11-month-old who hated being in the car but all of that changed as soon as she was in this car seat. She absolutely loves it and I love the support that it gives her!
Easy Harness Adjustment
Reviewed on 03 May 2017
This seat is amazing!!! Where to start purchased two of these seats and have used them on both a 6 month old and 23 month old. The easy Twist & Lift Harness & Headrest Adjustment on the seat is amazing. This ensures that the seat never has to be removed from the vehicle to adjust anything which in turn is greater for safety and no risk of re-installing the seat incorrectly. Another amazing feature is the reclining knob on the front panel at the bottom of the seat, this allows adjustment in recline postion. No head flop when sleeping which is AMAZING!!! Overall the carseat is amazingly safe, super easy to clean, easy to adjust, super comfy and so increadibly safe. The price point is also amazing and the longevity of the seat means its the only seat I will need to buy.
Great seat
Reviewed on 03 May 2017
I love this seat is is perfect for my tall 4yo and 6yo to keep them nice and safe and harnessed for longer
Amazing seat!
Reviewed on 03 May 2017
I've been using my seats for around a year now and they've been amazing! I originally bought one then bought another 2 as it was so good! I love the easy adjust harness/headrest. I have a special needs child & I love the extended 5 point harness to keep him in his seat plus it really gives me peace of mind that both of my children are safe. Also the fabric which keeps them cooler on hot days is an awesome feature too. I can't think of anything bad about this seat!
Excellent car seat!
Reviewed on 18 April 2017
We have only had this seat for 2 weeks, but so far it has been amazing! My 2.5 year old looks so comfortable in his evolve, and when he sleeps there is no headflop! The one handed adjusting is incredible, no need to uninstall and reinstall when the straps need to be moved! We love our evolve!
Wonderful seat!
Reviewed on 18 April 2017
I've had this seat since Christmas and love the easeability of use.easy height adjustment and nice spacious room for your child. My 7yo is miles away from the exit marker. Only downfall is the recline is dismal and resulting in headflop in younger kids.
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