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Joie i Gemm Baby Seat Capsule and in car base
Joie i Gemm Baby Seat Capsule and in car base
i Gemm 3 quarter View HR
Joie i Gemm HR
I Gemm Lifestyle HR

Joie i-Gemm™ ISOFIX Infant Car Seat


The ‘I’ IN Joie i-Gemm™ ISOFIX Infant Car Seat stands for IsoFix – the no-fuss securing system. Dual Fixing: Install your seat with either Iso-Fix or using regular seat belts.

Rich padded fabrics and a unique integrated adjustable headrest/harness system. No re-threading required. Extra large ventilated sun-hood. Space-saver base with angle adjustment. Maximum head protection and 3 way grow-with-me newborn insert. 

Suitable from Birth to 12 months+

The Joie i-Gemm™ ISOFIX Infant Car Seat is a safe haven designed and engineered to keep your infant cosy. The perfect partner to your favourite Joie™ stroller keeps you moving even when your child is sleeping. (stroller additional)

Side Impact Protection provides wrap-around coverage for the head and upper body. 5-Point Harness keeps baby’s hips and body positioned safely in the middle of the seat at all times

Pairs perfectly with all Joie strollers for a convenient travel system. Adapter-free attachment when pairing with Joie strollers. (stroller additional)

Uses solely top-of-the line components 100% manufactured in our state-of-the-art factory. Custom tested at our in-house, government-certified, advanced technology, crash test facility to ensure precision engineering.

age range: Suitable from birth to 12 months or according to the height markers

dimensions: Product Weight: 4.6kg Seat: 66L x 40W x 44Hcm

  • Installed using the included in-car base and either the ISO-FIX Connectors or the vehicle’s 3-point seat belt
  • Colour indicators confirm base is fitted correctly giving you peace of mind
  • Belt tensioner to ensure extra firm installation when using vehicle’s seat belt
  • Support leg provides ultimate stability, security and easily adjusts for the best fit.
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Love it!
Reviewed on 07 March 2019
We purchased the i-Gemm as we were having a big bubba and wanted it to last a bit longer! We love it! So easy to use and get in and out. I particularly like that the strap remains in the car and not attached to the seat like baby other seats.
A great product!
Reviewed on 01 March 2019
This car seat seems a very comfortable, safe and user friendly. It's also super stylish!
Excellent capsule!
Reviewed on 28 November 2018
After lots of research we settled on the i-GEMM capsule for our little boy & are so glad we did! Such a great product, quite easy to install & very easy to adjust. The extra large sun canopy has been excellent at protecting bub from the sun (& the rain when needed getting in & out of the car). We did quite a few long trips when bub was still quite small & he slept very soundly in this capsule. Also love that this capsule is suitable for up to 12 months!
Reviewed on 24 July 2018
I got Joie i-Gemm™ ISOFIX Infant Car Seat few weeks ago & am absolutely exctatic with it! It is so easy to install & even easier to use. When i got it out of the box I spent few minutes looking for where the straps were threaded so that I could adjust them to fit my 4.5 month old daughter, only to realise that there is no need to. The headrest moves up & down with one hand motion & the straps come up or down with it. How easy is that! No more threading & rethreading. Hooray! The head protecting cushioning is very secure & supportive. The rest of the seat which includes 5 point harness is soft, roomy & protective. The infant insert makes things even more comfortable whikst bub is very little. The IsoFix feature makes it very easy to install in cars that allow IsoFix & for those that don’t the seat installs easily with the seatbelt. The sun protection canopy is ventilated & doesn’t come away from the seat as easily as it did on my old seat. Whats more it folds down over the seat for full protection. One of the best features of this seat, besides the headrest/straps ease of movement, is the way it can be used with a Joie stroller with or without adapters. I am loving this seat & cannot stop raving about it!
Love everything about this car seat.
Reviewed on 22 July 2018
I purchased this car seat for my baby nephew about 6 months ago. I'm so happy with it. It's easy to put in the car and easy to take out. Comes in handy when bub is sleeping and we are going to feed the ducks or we are playing at the park. It's very affordable and very comfortable for your little ones. We love it! It's perfect.
Love it!!
Reviewed on 03 July 2018
I bought this for our second son and man I wish I had this for my first son as well!! It’s honestly been the best capsule and I highly recommend it to anyone needing to purchase one. Apart from its sleek and modern look the I-Gemm is functional and extremely easy to use. It also caters to bubs up to 12 months or so, is isofix compatible and is also able to click onto some prams with the use of adapters. A must for any new Mum!
The perfect fit
Reviewed on 18 May 2018
I purchased the Joie I-Gemm whilst pregnant after reading mixed reviews on it, I knew I wanted a capsule that catered to fit unto 12 months and also wanted Isofix for ease of installation and a more secure fit in my car. It is quite difficult to install but once installed is an absolute dream to use. My daughter was born quite small and the infant insert was the perfect fit. It is light, easy to click in and out after each use and the tether strap is so simple to connect. If you're looking for a 0-12m capsule look no further. Pricey compared to other capsules but truly worth every cent.
Top of the line!
Reviewed on 28 March 2018
We purchased the Joie Capsule for our baby and had no hesitations in making the investment after I had nanny-ed for a family who had one. The introduction of the i-Gemm to our family was a god send with the sleek design and easy to install instructions. Not having to wake baby and the super easy to attach adaptor for pram frames so helpful for quick trips, dad was so happy baby was sun safe with the expandable hood which covers baby almost completely. An added bonus is that the base of the capsule is curved so our baby can be rocked to sleep while we enjoy a chat an a coffee when out.
Looks nice!
Reviewed on 22 November 2017
We looked into capsules as friends have mentioned that they are good for newborns and little babies for getting in and out of the car without waking them. So glad people advised us about this because we had no clue! This is a very aesthetically pleasing capsule, probably the nicest looking one in the market. If you love denim / canvas type material, this car seat is worth checking out. The installation was easy enough to do, I was able to manage without calling my husband for help. You can buy an extra base if you need it for another car which we considered for a while but didn't end up doing. The sun hood extends very far forward which is great on a sunny day or when the baby is asleep. It's good that the infant insert converts into a seat liner when you no longer need the head support. They do take up a bit of room but I have no other capsules to compare with so I'm just going with how much room I have in the middle when our car is full. The harness is difficult to click and for two occasions I thought I had clicked them successfully so I was quite distressed to find my baby unstrapped when I was about to take her out. I lost the padding that covers where the harness locks which was not a big deal since this part made securing the harness fiddly anyway. We use the i-Gemm with two prams using Maxi Cosi adaptors. It seems a little unstable on the iCandy Peach but fine on the Bugaboo bee 5. In conclusion, I like that it's a headturner but functionally, I think it is on par with other capsules.
Reviewed on 24 August 2017
The Joie I-GEMM infant car seat is stylish and modern. The fabric of the car seat is a great colour and very stylish, I got alot of compliments on looks. The car seat was fitted into two different cars, a 4WD and a Hyundai I20. The seat took up a lot of room length ways, and the passenger seats needed to be moved forward in both cars. The capsule was easy to remove and lift in and out of both cars, as well as an easy installation. What was annoying was that the padding over the belt buckle kept slipping off, so when putting Bub into the seat next, I had to play around and put the padding back on which was a bit of a pain. The belt tensioner was a bit difficult in the 4WD due to the positioning on the seats being more upright. The belt kept slipping out before being able to lock down. The leveller was very handy and gave peace of mind when installing the seat. The tether strap is not nearly long enough and needed an extension for both cars. In terms of safety the harness was very good. Easy to tighten and loosen. The hood was also very good and blocked out the sun in the car! The adjustable headrest is genius and was easy to set the correct height for my Bub. The headrest is also very padded and supported my bubs head very well. The seat comes with a newborn insert which looks great and I only wish I had got the seat earlier, but unfortunately my Bub is a bit big for it. Overall I think the Joie infant car seat is a great seat was easy to use, install and carry. Great safety and support features for bubs!
I'd recommend one for every mum!
Reviewed on 22 August 2017
We've been using the Joie i-Gemm ISOFIX infant car seat (capsule) since my 6 month old son was born! A quality product that we can trust will keep our son safe and secure. The extendable sun hood, with a ventilation panel, is also great to protect our son from the sun in the car and the sun, rain and wind when it's attached to our pram. We use this car seat (capsule) with our (Joolz) pram using the adapters. An absolute lifesaver when he falls asleep in the car and we are out and about. We don't have to wake him to transfer him into his pram. Priceless! Also handy for when we get home and he's asleep, we can just click the seat out and carry him inside without waking him. Best investment!
Value for money
Reviewed on 21 August 2017
The baby capsule was easy to install with a car with ISOFIX but we found it harder with the seatbelt only installation as the belt kept sliding down from belt position. Which made it hard to secure the seat correctly. Baby is very secure and snug in the capsule and it is easy to remove and reconnect in car. Sunshade was great when out and about saved having to put a cloth or sheet over capsule. I would recommend this capsule to any parents with a newborn.
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