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F1212 PACK RGB72dpi
F1212 PACK RGB72dpi
1212 Car Mirror 14 C inuse RGB 72dpi
F1212 Car Mirror 21 RGB72dpi

Dreambaby F1212 EZY-View Baby Mirror

Dreambaby® EZY-View Baby Mirror makes it easier to check on little ones in the back seat. Designed to work on both front-facing or rear-facing child seats.

The Dreambaby® EZY-View Baby Mirror is adjustable, and easy-to-remove. 
  • Suctions onto window
  • Install to drivers window or rear window 
  • Very easy to install using a lever closing suction cup.
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Easy to use
Reviewed on 16 August 2018
Great to be able to check on your little one in the back however it took a bit to fiddle with to get the correct position and the suction did keep loosing grip while adjusting it.
Very handy and clever gadget!
Reviewed on 30 June 2018
I like the idea of being able to see my baby that sits behind me. It was a bit fiddly to adjust, I was worried about breaking it, but I worked out the perfect angle eventually. Suction cap was better than I expected, but I suspect if you keep removing it and putting it back on it may lose suction. The mirror is actually quite clear. It’s a great product and good design.
Great idea
Reviewed on 13 June 2018
Great idea and practical so you can always have one eye on the baby! Works great for me I have twins so I have adjusted one to look at one baby and my actual mirror in my car to look at the other! Very easy to put up and adjust
Reviewed on 13 May 2018
This baby view mirror is easy to use but the suction aint that great. I can see baby perfectly in the back seat and it's very handy. I wish the suction cap was abit better. But overall it great
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