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ergoCocoon Winter Swaddle and Sleep Bag 2.5 tog

$59.95 to $64.95
The award winning ergoCocoon swaddle to sleep bag is designed to be easy to use and difficult to escape from! The simple zip up design will keep baby snug and securely swaddled without the need for complicated wrapping. The 2.5 TOG ergoCocoon Swaddle Sleep Bag is designed for Winter temperatures and is made from an Organic Cotton jersey outer layer and is filled with 100% organic cotton for warmth. It is breathable, skin friendly and eco friendly. Keeps baby warm without the need for blankets. It includes a Two way zipper for easy nappy change
  • 0-4 months swaddled with arms in to contain natural startle reflex
  • 3-12 months transition from swaddle to sleep bag (arms out) with armhole poppers: Poppers in the armholes to help you transition your baby to arms free 2-way zipper for easy nappy diaper change
Best for sleeping in 17c-23c room temperature. Snug for Winter.
Outer: 95% Organic Cotton/ 5% Elastane. Inner: 95% Bamboo Viscose/ 5% Elastane. Filling: 100% Cotton
0-3 Months - fits up to 6kgs - Length of swaddle - 58cm
3-12 Months - fits 6 -10kgs - Length of swaddle -78cm
  • Designed to be easy to use and difficult to escape from!
  • Designed for Winter temperatures
  • Made from an Organic Cotton jersey outer layer and is filled with 100% organic cotton for warmth.
  • 0-4 months swaddled with arms in to contain natural startle reflex
  • 3-12 months transition from swaddle to sleep bag (arms out) with armhole poppers
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A must have!
Reviewed on 28 May 2018
We first bought these two years ago when our first son was born. They gave us great peace of mind knowing he’d be warm through the night. We then transitioned him to arms out using the simple press buttons on the arms. We are now using tge again for our new little one and could not recommend them highly enough!
I love this
Reviewed on 27 May 2018
We originally had thf 1 tog one when my daughter was a newborn and we seriously love it so much. We had to upgrade to a warmer one for winter and its one of the best products ive spent
Houdini proof!
Reviewed on 29 August 2017
This swaddle bag is a great way to keep your baby's arms contained. If you have a baby that can bust out of the traditional wrap swaddle I highly recommend this. I also love that you can transition bun out one arm at a time.
Lifesaver swaddle!
Reviewed on 17 August 2017
I was handed down a cocoon in the 2.5tog and had kept it in the drawer to try. My baby girl was happily swaddled in the Love to Dream swaddles with her arms up until the dreaded four month sleep regression started. She was sleeping so poorly and easily startled, and being able to move her arms about so much meant that she was rubbing her face with her hands and waking herself up. After a week of no sleep, we were desperate to try anything and decided to put her in the cocoon, which meant swaddling her arms down. This made such a big difference that we went out and bought a second one! My baby girl is now 6 months and she has slept in this every night since. The design of this swaddle means bubs arms are either down by her side or up near her chest, but both ways seem to help her sleep better. They definitely helped her manage her startle reflex. Having a baby girl with eczema means she scratches her face a lot but this swaddle meant she couldn't do that in her sleep! Now that she can roll and is getting stronger, I must sadly accept that it's time to let her arms out and stop swaddling her. I love that I can do this with the same product and can transition one arm out at a time, just by unbuttoning some buttons. Now my swaddle is a lovely sleeping bag and it's amazing how well it fits with her arms out. The size 3-12m seemed odd to me at first but I can see now that it's actually a good indication of how much use you can get out of this bag size. The designs and colours are also really stylish and I love that it's made with organic cotton. There is also a handy two way zip for nappy changes and as others have said, these machine wash really well (though they do take longer to dry). Overall such a high quality product, beautifully made and well designed. Love it!
Toasty warm for Tassie winters
Reviewed on 03 August 2017
I purchased this a month ago & we've used it every night (except for when it was in the wash!). It is nice and warm for winter & is so much easier than swaddling. It gives the same secure feeling as being swaddled & has the bonus of arm holes once our baby loses her startle reflex. The only downside was that it takes a while to dry as the fabric & lining is quite thick. But that's what makes it so warm, so it's easy to deal with! Just buy 2!
So convenient!
Reviewed on 02 August 2017
We absolutely love our ergoCocoon! We used it as a swaddle when our boy was first born up until he started to want his arms out. We tried traditional swaddling but he always managed to get those arms out! It was great being able to unclip the armholes and use it as a sleeping bag without having to purchase a separate product. We use the 2.5 tog and it keeps him toasty warm on a cold winters night. It's also super easy to change his nappy in the middle of the night with the two-way zip. The only negative comment I have about them is they do take a long time to dry after washing, so it is handy to have 2 or 3 sleeping bags that you can rotate when required.
Great winter sleep bag
Reviewed on 30 July 2017
I purchased this for my baby before he was born as I loved the fact he could have he is arms in or out and luckily I did as we tried other swaddles but he hates having his arms in so this one was great as I could unclip and have his arms out. It's beautiful and thick/warm for baby. I love the double zip it makes life so much easier especially when having to change his nappy during the night or if he was a little warm I could just unzip the bottom a little to let some fresh air in. The only negative was it didn't last the first 3 months as my baby was big so grew out of it quicker then expected.
Nice and cosy
Reviewed on 25 July 2017
We have two of these sleeping bags for my son. They are pricey, but the size ranges are very generous and have lasted us two winters (my son is currently 16 months), so are actually very economical. They are lovely and thick, but not too heavy, and machine wash really well.
Would definitely recommend
Reviewed on 03 July 2017
I bought this product a month ago for my daughter. I love the two way zip which makes night time nappy changes much easier. I also like that the band around the neckline stops the sleeping bag from slipping over baby's head in the night. It is a tighter upper body fit than some of my other sleeping bags which does make it a little snug to get on and off my baby however I'm sure that it also creates a sense of security for baby too. I would recommend.
Baby loves it
Reviewed on 26 June 2017
This pouch has been really good for my little one. Even for during the day to keep her warm since she is really active and always moving her legs. :) Would definitely recommend it!
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