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ergoPouch SleepSuitBag Dandelion life
ergoPouch SleepSuitBag Dandelion life
ERGOPOUCH SleepSuitBag BluDot
ERGOPOUCH SleepSuitBag BluDot2
ergoPouch SleepSuitBag BlueDot4 life
ergoPouch SleepSuitBag BlueDot4 life2
ergoPouch SleepSuitBag BlueDot4 life3
ERGOPOUCH SleepSuitBag Dandelion
ERGOPOUCH SleepSuitBag Dandelion2
ergoPouch SleepSuitBag Dandelion&Cross 2 life
ergoPouch SleepSuitBag Dandelion&Cross life
ERGOPOUCH SleepSuitBag navyCross
ERGOPOUCH SleepSuitBag navyCross2
ERGOPOUCH SleepSuitBag navyCross3
ERGOPOUCH SleepSuitBag navyCross4
ergopouch sleepsuit mint 3.5tog front2
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ergopouch sleepsuit mint 3.5tog front4

ergoPouch Winter Sleep Suit Bag 3.5 tog

$84.95 to $89.95
The ergoPouch Sleep Suit is a safe way to keep baby warm without the need for extra blankets. You can use the Sleep Suit in the cot as a sleeping bag, then convert into legs using the zippers, making the transition from cot to pram or car an easy one. Perfect for little walkers. The 3.5 TOG Sleep Suit is designed for Winter temperatures and is made with an Organic Cotton sheeting outer layer and 100% cotton filling. It also has long cotton fleece sleeves and fold over mitts for warmth.
Stretch inserts in top and side panels allow babies to move freely and sleep in comfort. Pure organic cotton fleece sleeves with fold down mitts, which are the equivalent weight of the 1.0 TOG ergoCocoon.  Easy access for nappy changes.
Fits easily into a pram or baby carrier. Simple to convert from Sleep Bag to SleepSuit using zippers. Grip pads on the feet for little walkers. Breathable fibres keep body temperature constant and comfortable. Best for sleeping in 14c-21c room temperature. Snug for Winter.
Body Outer: 100% Organic Cotton. Side Panels: 95% Cotton/ 5% Elastane. Filling: 100% Cotton
2-12 Months - Length  80cm
8-24 Months - Length 90cm
2-4 Years - Length 105cm
4-6 Years - Length 125cm
  • Stretch inserts in top and side panels allow babies to move freely and sleep in comfort.
  • Easy access for nappy changes.
  • Fits easily into a pram or baby carrier. Simple to convert from Sleep Bag to SleepSuit using zippers.
  • Grip pads on the feet for little walkers.
  • Breathable fibres keep body temperature constant and comfortable.
  • Best for sleeping in 14c-21c room temperature. Snug for Winter.
  • Winter Weight
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So warm.
Reviewed on 30 November 2018
Our 80+ year old QLDer house is freezing in winter, and this was a lifesaver. So warm and so easy to use. I wished that the sleeves were also quilted, but you can buy separate ergo arms. I also found that the zippers tended to pop off their zip tracks (or whatever they are called) during nappy changes so I'd have to line them up and insert them again, not an easy feat in very dim lighting, but apart from those quibbles I'll definitely buy one for next winter. I recommend going a size up as our baby outgrew it lengthwise far too quickly.
Sleeps like a baby
Reviewed on 26 July 2018
We live in a very cold part of NE Victoria (-2 nights) and so a warm but still comfortable sleeping bag is a must. As a newborn and infant we used the Love to Dream swaddle bags so these seemed a good option to move to for our Toddler. From the first night, it was like he was in a familiar place and doesn’t toss and turn like he did when not in a sleeping bag (ie summer). The 3.5 tog accomodates his needs throughout the entire night regardless of the change in room temperature from bedtime to morning. The bottom zips also allow for a quick and easy nappy change during the night, if required. They have washed really well and dry relatively quickly but recommend purchasing two. Whilst not the cheapest on market, I feel the quality sleep we are ALL getting is worth every cent!
Saved our sleep!
Reviewed on 23 July 2018
I was very dubious about sleeping suits as we had already tried sleeping bags before and my son Mr 22months HATED them. He also wouldn’t sleep in his own cot and cosleeping with him and his new 4 month old sister was becoming a nightmare. Nobody was getting any sleep! So I decided to try the sleep suit as they had the split leg option so he could still move around and not feel so restricted. Now He moves A LOT in the night and he was waking constantly freezing because he would wriggle out the covers. So this seemed the best option for us. First night we tried him in it I also put him into his own cot to see if he would be more comfortable in his own space and he slept the whole night! I could not believe it. Fluke I thought ...but He’s now been a month in his own cot and wears his sleep suit every night. When I check on him through the night he’s always snug, cosy and sound asleep thanks to his ergopouch. I can’t recommend them enough!
Cute, comfy and not restrictive!
Reviewed on 14 December 2017
I love love love these sleep suits and wish they were available for adults! I live in rural qld and it gets freezing in winter and my bub was too old to be swaddled when winter hit and I didn't want to have blankets in the cot so this was a perfect alternative. I have them in 2 colours and they are so so cute. In the middle of winter I layered by bub in a singlet, long sleeved zip up suit and this 3.5tog sleep suit and he was cosy even when we got to below 0 temperatures. By this age he was crawling and I was able to leave him in the sleep suit for the first few hours of the day until the temp warmed up a little and he was still able to play and crawl and move around normally. When he started cruising the furniture the grip pads on the feet area stopped him from sliding on our tiles. It was also easy to change his nappy without undressing his top half and making him cold as it has the ability to unzip from the bottom. I could also choose if I wanted to have it zipped as a traditional sleep bag or if I wanted to have it zipped into legs. I don't know how mums kept their bubs warm safely in cold climates before this became available. I've since purchased the next size up for next year.
3.5 tog winter sleep suit
Reviewed on 22 November 2017
Now this was the best money ever spent. It took me a bit to buy one as I was hesitant to spend that much incase it was t good. I wish I'd bought one sooner. My son wriggled so much in bed he never stayed under covers. I got this and took his blankets out all together. This kept him warm enough all night and he rolled around and didn't wake up cold. Even took it camping in winter and he was toasty warm. Amazing!!! And it can zip into a suit with legs, or into a sleeping bag with arms!
A winter essential for our kids
Reviewed on 02 October 2017
I've now been using these sleep suits for my oldest daughter for five years. She still uses hers despite being in a normal bed! They are perfect over pyjamas in winter in Tasmania. We particularly like the zip up legs, as it allows us to put our kids down to sleep away from home and pop them in the car when it's time to head home without waking them or letting them get cold. We have used them in every size, and can't imagine winter without them.
Warm, cosy and cute
Reviewed on 01 October 2017
I bought this pouch for winter in rural qld. We frequently reach below 0 temps so I needed something really warm. I absolutely love these pouches as they are cute, very warm, make for easy nappy changes without stripping bub down at the chest, and I can leave him in it for a few hours in the morning until it warms up a bit cos it has legs and he can still crawl. Was also great to use on an overnight plane trip! Haven't found any other product like it and I love it so much I've already bought bigger sizes for next year. Definitely worth the investment!
So versatile!
Reviewed on 29 August 2017
I bought an ergoPouch sleep suit on a bit of a whim, but I'm so glad I did. It is the ultimate handy item, especially as I now have to take my baby to school drop off/pick up. I'm able to put my baby to sleep at night in a sleeping bag, and then in the morning I can pick him up straight out of bed, convert the bag to separate 'legs' and straight in the car seat or pram to travel to school. He stays warm the entire time!
A winter must have!
Reviewed on 24 August 2017
We have been using the ErgoPouch sleeping bags on our 8 month old since he stopped being swaddled and absolutely love them. No worrying about covers moving during the night, or coving his face, but still know he can be kept toasty warm all night long. We weren't sure how much use we would get out of our 3.5 Tog bag, but our place has needed it a lot - even for some day sleeps. We have only been using as a sleeping bag, but as our guy gets more mobile I know that being able to convert to "legs" will come in very handy. A fantastic product!
Love it
Reviewed on 13 August 2017
We use these for our 18 month old and are amazing keep her toasty warm all winter and no need to worry about her wiggling from or under blankets. Worth every cent. Only one thing is the toz zip could go down a tiny bit more.
Buy one of these!
Reviewed on 10 August 2017
These sleep suits are so cosy, you can use them with the feet zipped in a bag or in two legs. I love the arm sleeves which keep the warmth in. My little one has slept so well since we transitioned to this sleeping bag, and we won't be looking back. Our nursery can get quite cold at 16-18 degrees. My only negative comment would be for the colours to be a little more unisex! You will not regret this purchase.
A Cosy Sleep Suit for Cold Winter Nights
Reviewed on 31 July 2017
I love that I don’t need to add any blankets to the cot when my little one is wearing this. The long sleeves are so soft and comfortable and the cuff at the wrist means that even though they are slightly long for her arms, they never end up annoying her by hanging over her hands. The only downside is that the zip, which converts it into two separate legs rather than a bag, is at an unusual length. We haven’t used it with the legs separated because her legs are too short to reach the feet and she would end up tangled. Our little one, who has always been a fantastic sleeper, started waking from the cold at the start of this winter, leaving us all exhausted. Since she went into this sleep suit, she hasn’t woken from the cold again. It was definitely worth the expense and is a saving for our heating bills.
Best winter sleepsuit
Reviewed on 03 July 2017
I looked for ages for a winter sleep suit that was warm enough and could convert to legs rather than a sleeping bag. Daughter loves it and sleeps well in it, with a layer or two underneath on the colder nights.
Toasty warm and multi-use
Reviewed on 26 June 2017
My 5mo loves his 3.5yo ErgoPouch sleep suit bag. We have the legs unzipped when our in the pram (so he is toasty warm in the Tassie winter) and simply zip it up for him to go to sleep in the cot. The arms are lined with fleece to make it even warmer and it is snug enough that he still feels 'swaddled' around the tummy to go To sleep. We love it so much I've just bought 2more (so I have spares when they need washing)!
Wonderful for a walking baby
Reviewed on 26 June 2017
My little girl loves the ergoPouch sleep suits. We have just put her in a 3.5 tog one for winter and I'm resting easy knowing it is keeping her toasty warm. She loves having the legs separated so she can move easily and walk around. The only issue is that the sizing seems a little funny. She is still in the 2-12 month size, although just outgrown her size 0 onesies. You end up having to feed her legs in carefully and then her torso, while other bags you can just lie bub down and zip up. The bigger size is swimming on her - no chance she will fit it for some time! Still worth it for the comfort and movement aspect however!
Takes the guesswork out of sleeping layers!
Reviewed on 26 June 2017
We bought our first 3.5 tog Ergopouch sleepsuit just over 12 months ago and have been nothing short of amazed! As first time parents we weren't sure how or what to dress our baby in at bedtime to help her sleep comfortably and not wake cold! Enter Ergopouch! Not only does each sleepsuit and bag come with a handy room thermometer, there is a go to guide on the rear to help select clothing. The bags are made of natural materials on the outer layer and have a natural bamboo filling so that we know there won't be any sweating. The ability to convert to a suit with legs and back to a bag makes it handy for sleeps in the car or the pram as well as the cot! Hands down one of the best products we've bought!
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