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12065 SCF282 Microwave Steriliser Empty
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Philips Avent Microwave Steriliser

The Philips AVENT microwave steriliser’s compact design makes it ideal for travel. It sterilises your Philips AVENT bottles in as little as 2 minutes*. Contents remain sterile for up to 24 hours if lid is unopened.

Despite its small size, it is the only microwave sterilizer that is designed to fit 6 Philips Avent bottles. Whereas most microwave sterilisers will only fit 4 bottles, the Philips Avent Microwave Steriliser allows you to sterilise a full day's worth of bottles in one go. It is also suitable for sterilising breast pumps

The Philips Avent Microwave Steriliser has been designed to fit most microwaves in the market. Its small size makes it convenient for travel, ensuring that you always have a sterile bottle when you are going on a short overnight trip or on a longer holiday abroad. Also ideal as an extra sterilizer for the grandparents' house.

The microwave steriliser has clips on the side for extra safety. The clips close the lid securely so hot water cannot easily escape when you take the sterilizer out of the microwave. The side grips have also been designed to stay cooler to help you handle the sterilizer safely.

Dimensions: 166 (H), 280 (W), 280 (L) mm.
  • It sterilises your Philips AVENT bottles in as little as 2 minutes
  • Contents remain sterile for up to 24 hours if lid is unopened.
  • Designed to fit 6 Philips Avent bottles.
  • It is also suitable for sterilising breast pumps
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Great for home and while away.
Reviewed on 20 March 2019
Easy to use!
Reviewed on 26 November 2018
So straight forward, easy to use and reliable. Also handy being portable I could take it with me when visiting family and keep sterilized bottles in the sterilizer until I needed one. One of the most used items of my son's 1st 12 months!
Great product
Reviewed on 18 May 2018
LOve this product.. can easily store away so there’s no clutter. Can easily pack when you go on holidays . No need for two products this is the perfect steriliser. We love ours
So easy to use!
Reviewed on 28 March 2018
Am so happy I purchased this product. Just makes cleaning bottles that bit easier & I know the bottles will be like new once they’ve gone through their sterilisation process with this product. Highly recommend!
Great baby shower gift
Reviewed on 28 January 2018
This was not on our baby shower wish list but someone gifted it to us and we are so glad! It's time efficient, fits in our small(ish) microwave, it's durable (still using the same one for almost 8 months) and it's portable. We have taken this on a few road trips, most accommodations have microwave now so sterilising our baby's bottles and my pump parts was always possible even on the go. When I was little I remember my parents used the boiling type sterilisers and they were very impressed with this when they saw it.
Best steriliser !
Reviewed on 22 November 2017
I was so grateful that a friend of mine gave this as a gift on my baby shower! Its so easy to use ! All you need to do is place water at the bottom, pop it in the microwave and just wait and your bottles are sterilised ! Did I also mention its lightweight ? I will definitely be bringing this on our vacation!
Best Steriliser
Reviewed on 22 November 2017
I was so grateful that a friend of mine gave this as a present on my baby shower. It was the best, easiest steriliser I've used ! Its so easy to use, (all that is needed is water and pop it in the microwave and just wait for it to finish!) and very lightweight ! I will definitely be bringing this steriliser on our vacation !
Works with other brand bottles!
Reviewed on 24 October 2017
This is super easy and quick, basically fool proof since you just pour water and stick in the microwave for a few minutes. The best part is we use it with our Dr Brown and Medela bottles.
Great Steriliser
Reviewed on 09 October 2017
Really good because you can sterilise bottles and a breast pump all in one go. It has great pictures in the instruction manual which shows you the different layouts to fit the most in there. It isn’t as big and bulky as the electirc ones, so it csn easily be put away in a cupboard while not in use.
Fantastic steriliser
Reviewed on 05 October 2017
We were hesitant to spend an exorbitant amount on an electric steriliser so thought we would give this one a try and we are so glad we did! It is fantastic. Cannot fault it. Easy to use, easy to clean and more importantly, very quick to sterilise - just two minutes in the microwave! We also travel a lot and have found this is easy to bring along and use on-the-go wherever we are staying. Plus it does 4 bottles at a time. We would definitely recommend this product.
Great invention!
Reviewed on 02 October 2017
We discovered this when we went on holidays and it was the best invention ever! It was so quick and Easy. Wash the bottle, fill it with water and mircowave it to the suitable time and that's in you are done! I have used this for all my girls and planning to use it for my next. Def recommend it for everyone. Great for travelling too
Used 1 for all 3 of my babes
Reviewed on 17 September 2017
I've used this exact steriliser for all 3 of my babes, my eldest is now 4yo. If your not wanting to spend $100+ on an electric steriliser the Phillips avent microwave steriliser comes in at $49.95-$69.95 depending where you purchase it from making it affordable for anyone. It kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria in just 2 minutes and fits most wide neck brand bottles, also used mine for sippy cups, dummy's and breast pump parts! It does fit MOST microwaves but if you have a really small microwave you might have issues as I do find it a little on the bulky side which is it's only downfall
Love it!
Reviewed on 22 August 2017
I love this sterilizer as it is so easy to use! Just put in 200ml of water and microwave with bottles and dummies for 5 minutes. I find it holds both my Medela and Pigeon bottles and Medela pump parts. I love that the inside detatches so bottles can dry easily on top of a tea towel. I found this to be handy when travelling as I can put bottles in it and clip it closed; pop it in my bag and go. It is easy to clip closed as well. The only down side to the product would be it's quite large to store, but that's why it can fit a good amount in it. Perhaps if it was collapsible that would make it perfect!
Simple and Easy
Reviewed on 22 August 2017
This was very simple and easy to use. Does a great job for bottles and sippy cups! I prefer this to the electric one.
Squeaky sterilised
Reviewed on 13 August 2017
I remember when I had my first daughter (13 years ago) an I was forever measuring An using Milton. It added up buying so much of it throughout the whole time my daughter was using bottles. Now (I could say this day an age) with a little one this microwave steriliser was a great invention its made sterilising bottles quick, easily An satisfied all my baby bottles are sterilised without it spending so many hours soaking in Milton before I could use a bottle. And now I can spend more time doing other things around the house when all it is, is washing, rinsing, putting bottles/teats inside the steriliser An placing it in the microwave. I wasn't disappointed An really is a well used item that is needed when having a baby that bottle feeds
Perfect for quick sterilising
Reviewed on 31 July 2017
This was a great option for quick sterilising in the microwave, used alongside my electric steriliser as I was pumping and topping up feeds, lots of bottles all the time
Does the job
Reviewed on 27 July 2017
I had the Phillips Avent microwave sterilizer before I upgraded to my eletric one. It is a good basic steriliser. Easy to assemble and to clean. The tray allowed for me to sterilise my manual breast pump pieces and bottles at the same time as it has a lot of room. It does what it was meant to. Quick and easy. I like that you can mix and match bottles/teats in the tray because grooves are only very slight.
love love love
Reviewed on 29 June 2017
I had one of these with my first child, tried the electric one with my second but definitely prefer the microwave steriliser its super easy to use and clean which is exactly what you want when you have a baby and need to get things done makes life so much easier!!! would highly recommend.
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