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11650 SCF258 Thermopads
11650 SCF258 Thermopads
11650 SCF258 Thermopads FOP

Philips Avent Thermopads 2pk

Soothe tender breasts with these comforting thermal pads, making breastfeeding easier for you and your baby. Includes soft sleeves for greater comfort on skin.

To sooth sore or engorged breasts. Keep in fridge or freezer. 

To stimulate milk flow before breast feeding. Lightly dampen the sleeves, as moist heat gives an extra comfortable feel and helps stimulation. Heat the pad in hot water for 10 minutes
  • Soothe tender breasts with these comforting thermal pads
  • Keep in fridge or freezer
  • 2pk

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Soothing and instant relief
Reviewed on 28 March 2018
I used this when I first started breastfeeding my baby. It helped to sooth my nipples and provided instant relief which helped me continue breastfeeding. Would highly recommend using it if you're experiencing any tenderness while feeding.
Absolute relief
Reviewed on 27 March 2018
I bought these while breastfeeding my second child because I had the worst cracking, bruised and swollen nipples. I am not sure I could have continued without the help of these. The perfectly fitted cover made them super comfy while the cooling after freezing offered much needed relief. I used them after every feed while my nipples healed and made the experience much better.
Reviewed on 05 February 2018
these were a life saver after my second child!!! I used wet Avent breast pads and froze them with my first, when I came across these while I was pregnant with my 2nd I had to buy them and they seriously worked magic they helped relieve my breast better then I expected I will definitely be using them again when I have my next!!
Life saver
Reviewed on 01 November 2017
I’ve used these for both my girls and they helped every time! My boobs fill up very quickly and if my baby is sleeping longer then usual I end up quite engored, but I’ve figured out if I have a really hot shower and massage my breasts, then hop out and use my breast pads from the freezer and massage again it helps to unblock the ducts. These have been such a life saver as now I know the signs to look out for for mastitis. Highly recommend these if your going to breastfeed
Must have
Reviewed on 30 July 2017
If you intend to breastfeed, buy these in advance. Those first few days of your milk coming in can be painful and hot! These are amazzzzing! My hubby went to 3 different chemists to find these bad boys after I was in a heap of pain!! Buy them while you're still pregnant!
Great product
Reviewed on 05 April 2017
These were incredibly helpful while I was feeding. I would suggest buying 2 sets so you can have one set in the freezer at all times. lived that you could also heat these up. These were a lifesaver when I had mastitis.
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