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248080 TT CTN Transition Cup Green Product
248080 TT CTN Transition Cup Green Product
248080 TT CTN Transition Cup Green
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248080 TT CTN Transition Cup Pink

Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Transition Cup 150ml

The Closer to Nature® Transition Cup from Tommee Tippee is ideal for teaching your baby to learn to drink from 4 months onwards.

It has a soft spout and it needs only a gentle sucking action making it really easy to drink from. This clever cup has all the benefits of a freeflow cup. The spout feels great in babies little mouths and small handles makes holding this cup easy.

ith 150ml capacity (using the base of the 150ml Closer to Nature® Bottle) and clear graduations so you can measure feeds and volume of fluid consumed, its a must buy – recommended by mums and loved by babies.

Includes a silicone soft spout protects gums, Hygiene Cap, BPA free, Interchangeable handles with Closer to Nature® bottle base. Try it for yourself and see how easy it truly is.

Removable soft handles designed to help toddler hold the cup BPA free and top shelf dishwasher safe.

age range: Suitable from 4m+

volume: 150ml

  • The transition from breast or bottle feeding to sippy cup drinking
  • Includes soft, silicone bottle teat and offset soft spout for multiple drinking options
  • Removable, easy-grip handles designed for tiny hands
  • Steriliser, dishwasher & microwave Safe
  • All Tommee Tippee cups are BPA free
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Great transition cup
Reviewed on 31 August 2019
I used this with my son who had never had any success bottle feeding. He was able to latch onto this after a short while and then I was able to get him to bottle feed with no worries.
A brilliant training cup
Reviewed on 24 July 2018
This has been a brilliant training cup for my daughter. My son took ages to take to a soppy cup but my daughter got the knack of holding the cup (with and without the handle) in a matter of days. The cup comes with two teats - a traditional ‘nipple’ teat and a sippy cup like teat so you can gradually transition. The cup is durable having been flung from the high chair. It’s easy to clean with no fiddly filters to dismantle. Absolutely 5 stars.
Great as a first cup but don't like the transition test
Reviewed on 28 May 2018
I bought this tommee tippee transition cup as my sons very first drinking cup. I loved it. It is small, light weight and easy for bubs to hold. I didn't find it to leak with the first test but once we swapped to the transition free flow spout it can leak as the teat is free flow. The transition test frustrated me as it is very hard to line the lid up with the handles. Would definitely use again for infants requiring the normal bottle teat
Average sippy cup
Reviewed on 30 March 2018
This was the very first transition cup I bought, & whilst we do still use it, it's not my favourite. I do like the cup, and the stage 2 teat is great to use as a sippy cup. The lid is quite temperamental to screw on, if it's not on properly it leaks. It's hard to line the lid and the handles up and they're often in weird positions making it difficult to drink from. The stage 2 teat is free flow so it leaks everywhere. My little one alsobfinds it difficult to angle it properly to get fluid and is often just sucking air.
Good transition cup
Reviewed on 29 March 2018
This is a good sippy cup for transitioning baby to something other than a bottle. However, that’s all- for transitioning. Once baby is older they can enjoy pushed the top, which can cause leaks. We only got about a month of use before we stopped using it, but it was an important month! We tried unsuccessfully with other cups and this one worked.
Leaky Product
Reviewed on 05 February 2018
i recently purchased this transition sippy cup and i found the handles great for training my little one to hold the cup but the lid never stayed on and it leaked water everywhere i tried both teats and it still leaked, not very impressed
Easy to clean
Reviewed on 01 February 2018
This is my son's first cup and I found the transition cup a perfect first cup for my baby. He is able to grab the handles and put it towards his mouth and is able to suck it like his bottle. I am in the middle of transitioning him to the other free flow spout and found that using a cup that he has associated as his is a plus. Please be aware that the free flow spout means water dripping out of the cup if it's held upside down or is shaken vigorously. I would recommend this as a first cup for bubs everywhere.
Finally a sippy cup that he will use!
Reviewed on 15 October 2017
After buying a number of sippy cups, we finally have one that he will use. The teat is easy for him to suck out water and the flow isn't too strong. You can put the regular bottle teat on too. Only downside is it will leak slightly when they throw it around. Love the soft silicone.
Great size and easy to use
Reviewed on 04 October 2017
I bought this for a friend as my baby hasn't started food and drink yet as she is just 4 months now. So I've asked my friend to review this product with me! We think it is a great transition cup and the teat for transition is so soft and natural for baby. The cup is dishwasher safe so very easy to clean. We love that the cup parts are interchangable with other Tommee Tippee non-spill cups! The cup has little stars that line up so it's easy to put the lid on which is a handy feature. The cup is so light and small enough for baby to hold easily but a good size to hold a decent amount of liquid. I will definitely be getting one of these for myself for my baby when she starts solids and other drinks after breastfeeding soon. I just wish the cup came with a little brush to clean the teat but it seems fine to put in the dishwasher; just not as easy to wash thoroughly by hand. Highly recommended!
These are amazing
Reviewed on 31 July 2017
Great for training bubs. Really good for trying to teach them to drink water as well.
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