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Steelcraft Messina DLX Hi Lo Highchair

The Steelcraft Messina DLX Hi Lo High Chair features a 6 position height adjustable seat, allowing you to feed your baby either at the dining table or from the comfort of your own chair!
Not only is the tray removable and adjustable but this snap-on tray is quick and easy to clean.The Steelcraft Messina DLX Hi Lo High Chair features non-slip swivel castor wheels which ensure that the high chair remains in place.

A three position reclinable seat supports a young baby to 1) to sit forward, 2) to reach for food and 3) for an older toddler to sit unaided.

It comes complete with a three position adjustable leg rest providing maximum comfort for a younger child as well as a safety crotch bar for added security.

Other great additions include: 
  • Press button fold for storage and transport.
  • 5-point safety harness comfortably restrains your child.
  • Padded insert, head snuggler and shoulder pads for added comfort.
  • Padded seat can be wiped and removed for easy cleaning.
  • Storage basket for bibs, cutlery and bottles.

age range: Suitable from a young age to 15kg (approx)

height & recline positions: Three position adjustable backrest. Six position adjustable height

tray features : Removable and adjustable tray with snap-on easy clean second tray

features: Padded insert, head snuggler and shoulder pads. The padded seat can be wiped and removed for easy cleaning. Five-point safety harness comfortably restrains your child

  • Six position adjustable height
  • Three position adjustable backrest
  • For added support use the removable safety crotch bar
  • Lockable brakes with non-slip swivel castor wheels
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So many features!
Reviewed on 27 March 2018
I love this high chair ! We have been able to use it since. Y son was born with the recline feature! It can go to different heights so you can adjust the chair to where ever you are sitting and it has a comfy insert ! I also love the two table trays so when one gets dirty you take it off for a clean table ! I also love the drink holder on the side for the adults ! Keeps the baby from knocking it over!
Reviewed on 26 March 2018
I just brought one of these for my LO about a month or two ago and I love it the fact the I can move her up and down while her still being in it! And that it has the 3 persion recline so I have leave her in it if she falls asleep, and being able to wheel her around makes for easy house work and dinner making as I can wheel her around so she can see what I'm doing.
A great highchair for bubs!
Reviewed on 21 November 2017
This is a fantastic highchair! It has a lot of padding so bubs is very comfy and enjoys sitting in his chair. I have the cream colour which is relatively easy to wipe down, however I very quickly took out the dditional fabric padding which is white because it gets so dirty and stained when he eats (a darker colour than white, even a cream colour would be better for hiding stains). It is however very easy to wash - stains are very easy to remove). The double tray is excellent as the top tray can quickly be removed when it gets too messy revealing a clean tray. The reclining seat has been very handy, especially when bubs was younger and just used it as a seat so that he sat with us at the table while we ate dinner (and I didn't have to hold him while trying to use my knife and fork. I love that the seat height can be adjusted so easily, which helps me feed my son with ease regardless of which seat I'm on. My sister in law has used this same seat for two children over 6 years and her's is still going strong. A great highchair! I'm so glad we bought it!
Very useful
Reviewed on 14 August 2017
This was given to us as a gift and it's great. We can use for our 4 month old as the padded insert makes it more comfortable. The three positions help as sometimes Bub falls asleep and you can simple tilt the seat back. The removable tray makes cleaning up so easy too. I would recommend this to anyone. Very happy with it!
So handy and comfy
Reviewed on 04 May 2017
Since it lays back and has the head support in it, I have been able to use this high chair since my daughter was just under 1 month old. It's been so handy as she likes to be with us while we eat our dinner. While I cook I lift the height so she can see what I'm doing, she has even fell asleep in it plenty of times, it is quite padded so it must be comfy. Its also got a basket underneath that I can store her bibs in. It is a bulky chair though if you don't have much space.
A Wonderful Highchair!
Reviewed on 27 April 2017
I bought a Steelcraft Messina Hi Lo Highchair for my first child when she was a newborn as I was suffering from lower back pain and wanted to be able to wheel her around the house without having to hurt my back carrying her all the time. This highchair was invaluable as I was able to recline the seat all the way back, raise the leg rest and use the newborn padded insert so bub was comfortable. Once bub started solids it was a wonderful highchair to use for mealtimes, although with all the straps and crevices it did mean tidying up took quite a bit of time and my husband had to unscrew everything every few weeks to give the whole chair a good clean. The plastic around the bottom central strap ripped as it only had stitching around the edges but Steelcraft was easy to deal with and sent out a replacement seat cover at no charge. I also found the tray height a bit high for my bub when solids were introduced at 6 months so used a foam square for her to sit on until she was tall enough. The double tray means you can quickly clip off the top tray during mealtimes and offer something else if bub has made a huge mess. It was great to be able to wheel my daughter around to the kitchen while I was preparing dinner so she was kept happy and then have her sit with us at the table for meals. I also sometimes wheeled her to the bathroom just so I could get a shower in! Being able to adjust the chair lower meant once our daughter was older we could set it at the right height for our table with the arms underneath so we didn't need the tray and our toddler could feel more included at the table. Because the wheels lock it meant she couldn't push the chair out so was very safe to use. When my daughter showed interest in sitting on the dining chairs I switched to a booster seat rather than continuing to use the highchair, although it easily fits an older toddler. The storage bag underneath is super handy for keep bibs and washers. The highchair was easily stored in my garage in the folded position until I needed it again. I now have my second child and already started using the high chair again when she was only one month old. It is so handy to be able to put her in it while we are making dinner or trying to eat as she is much happier looking at us. It has a lock on the wheels so my eldest daughter is deterred from pushing her around everywhere so that is not an issue. I put it out a few weeks before I was going to start using it with my baby so the novelty wore off for my eldest daughter. While clean-up is not always the quickest, this highchair is a wonderful option for someone looking for more than just a simple highchair. The ease of moving it around the house, changing the reclining position to suit a child's age, being able to use it without the tray at the dining table and having storage beneath are all positives that for me outweighed the extra few minutes required at clean up.
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