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toosh cossh booster seat red2
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Toosh Coosh BIG Kids Booster Seat


The Toosh Coosh BIG Kids Booster seat is designed for kids aged 3yrs + . This comfortable and soft booster seat give kids the height and comfort they need to sit up at the dinner table just like an adult so now everyone is happy!

Your children will get to learn from the family by eating with them; and you get to keep your sanity - well at mealtimes, anyway!

Toosh Coosh Mealtimes Solutions making meal times good clean fun!  

The Toosh Coosh Big Kids’ Booster is the kid-friendly, parent-friendly, restaurant- friendly solution.  When a highchair is too small, the booster seat too babyish and your child refuses to be strapped in you need a Toosh Coosh booster seat!

Toosh Coosh keeps kids happy with these added benefits:

  • Reduces wiggling – no more kneeling on chairs
  • No need for Straps – stays put with the weight of a child
  • Practical – small and lightweight
  • Portable – handy grip hold and carry bag
  • Hygienic – easy to wipe clean
  • Ergonomic - promotes good seated posture
  • Safe – circular pattern on base for added grip to chair
  • Versatile – Perfect for craft and homework projects

The Toosh Coosh Mealtime Solution range is designed by mealtimes expert Jo Turner, author of the book ‘Mealtimes without Mayhem’. 

age range: Suitable from 3 years+

height & recline positions: Height: 10cm Width: 37cm Depth: 37cm Boost: 3-4cm (it’s just right)

tray features : no

features: Reduces wiggling. No more kneeling on chairs. No need for Straps. Stays put with the weight of a child. Practical, small and lightweight. Portable, handy grip hold and carry bag. Hygienic and easy to wipe clean. Ergonomic - promotes good seated posture. Safe and circular pattern on base for added grip to chair.

  • Designed for kids aged 3yrs + .
  • Give kids the height and comfort they need to sit up at the dinner table
  • Kid-friendly, parent-friendly, restaurant- friendly solution.
  • Reduces wiggling – no more kneeling on chairs
  • No need for Straps – stays put with the weight of a child
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Great next step from high chair to keep family eating together
Reviewed on 17 October 2017
We have found this an excellent addition to our dining experience. When my son grew out of the high chair it was sad to have him sitting at his kids table down away from us. He tried sitting on cushions which was slip or sitting on his knees (which as a physio, i hated seeing). The toosh coosh has solved these problems in a simple practical and comfortable way. I now take it from our house to dinners out and love seeing my son sit comfortably at the table. No negatives so far other than sometimes its hard for him to get on and off by himself.
Making mealtimes a breeze
Reviewed on 17 October 2017
The Toosh Coosh is truly our best discovery when it comes to meal times! My toddler used to throw tantrums sitting in his high chair, but now that he can comfortably sit at “the big table” with us, meals have become so easy!! My toddler is at the perfect height when sitting on it, and best of all it is so easy to wipe down after he eats! I don’t know how I survived without it! An absolute must-have mealtime item!
Best Addition for Meal Time
Reviewed on 17 October 2017
This has been one of the best products we have purchased for our toddler. He is too small to sit directly on an adult chair and to big for a high chair and also he hates sitting in his high chair. He likes feeling like a 'grown up' sitting at the adult table. The Toosh Coosh Booster is easy to move from one chair to another, easy to hide when we have guests and easy to wipe down due to any mishaps. Its comfy for him and he will not eat meals when at home without it. Also great as we can eat meals as a family. Would highly recommend!
Great but...
Reviewed on 10 October 2017
I really love this booster and its simplicity. I use it for my 4 year old at the dinner table and it makes a great travel companion for restaurant. Pros: simple, light weight, portable (it comes with a travel bag), easy to clean. Cons: no straps to make more secure onto chair, it does have grip on the bottom but it won't work with my cushion chair. Price wise I think is a little to steep for such a simple booster seat.
Great booster seat
Reviewed on 06 October 2017
I was lucky enough to try this product for my toddler, she was so excited to sit at the dinning table and made her feel like a big girl. The product itself is comfortable, sturdy easy to clean and easy to move around. The convenience of the booster seat is that we can take the seat with us to family and friends houses for dinner. My daughter even uses the seat to watch tv on the floor and also to use the computer at the table. The only con (not really a con) is that my behind is too big so i cant use it. I can see this toosh coosh seat lasting until my next daughter is old enough to use it.
I love this!
Reviewed on 06 October 2017
I bought this for our toddler years ago. It was a fantastic purchase that we use from 3-5 years of age. It's a hard plastic but soft enough for a comfortable seat. Easy to clean and helps give your child just enough of a boost to sit at the table and join in. We would easily take to other family's homes and store out of the way. Highly recommend!
No more fidgeting at the table
Reviewed on 01 October 2017
OMG this booster seat has been a lifesaver for us! My four year old had been kneeling on the chairs at the kitchen table or standing up to eat as she couldn't comfortably sit until we got the Toosh Cush Big Kids booster. She used to fuss and fidget all through meal times. Now she is sitting comfortably and we are able to eat as a family without all the fussing.
Great product
Reviewed on 01 August 2017
I got this when my child was 2 and she still uses this and she is now 9. Convenient and easy to use. Fits on all chairs and it's super soft and comfy. Easy to clean when food scraps and spills are on it. I think it's worth purchasing for any household.
Toosh coosh
Reviewed on 30 June 2017
Love this booster seat not to high and nice and comfy for master 4. It is so east to clean and fits any chair and comes in a range of colours. This is not fastened in any way so if you have a wriggler child this might be an issue but we never have had a problem.
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