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12650 SCF170 Trans 0 6m Blue+Green FOP
12650 SCF170 Trans 0 6m Blue+Green FOP
12650 SCF170 Trans 0 6m Clear FOP
12650 SCF170 Trans 0 6m Pink+Yellow FOP
12642 SCF170 Trans 6 18m Blue+Green FOP
12642 SCF170 Trans 6 18m Clear FOP
12642 SCF170 Trans 6 18m Red+Purple FOP

Philips Avent Soother Translucent 2pk

All babies are unique and different and that is why we offer a wide range of soother sizes, shapes and colours that are suitable for various stages in your baby’s development. The Philips Avent orthodontic teat is symmetrically shaped and respects the natural development of your baby’s palate and teeth, even if the soother ends up upside down in the mouth. Philips AVENT soothers are available in sizes: 0-6 months, 6-18 months and 18m+
  • The Philips Avent orthodontic teat is symmetrically shaped and respects the natural development of your baby’s palate and teeth
  • Available In: 0-6 months, 6-18 months and 18m+
  • 2pk
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Dummy of choice and orthodontically reommended
Reviewed on 29 November 2018
The one reason I prefer this particular type of avent dummy, not only because they are orthodontically recommended, but because of their plain and simple design. Easily taken by my babe once teething was established, and a night time favourite, I fnid the patterns and designs are too crowded for their little faces.
My baby prefers a different soother
Reviewed on 28 January 2018
My friends included this in a pre-baby care package they kindly put together for us. They wanted to include an orthodontic soother knowing I work in an orthodontic practice. The idea of this dummy is excellent unfortunately, my baby won't take to it as her soother, she prefers a different kind. In saying that, these are good for making dummy pops this summer. I put either breastmilk or boiled water in ice cube trays, put the dummy over it, freeze and voila!, you have a little summer pop for your baby who is teething or feeling hot.
Reviewed on 22 November 2017
I love these dummies and I have about 10. They are super discreet and you can still see your darlings little face underneath them. I have never had any issues with this product and would highly recommend
Simple soother
Reviewed on 18 October 2017
Phillips Avent is the brand I trust for bottles, so of course the first soother I purchased. Colour and design is simple and appealing, shape is good. My biggest issue with these are the protection covers which I find very difficult to get on and off. Overall, a good dummy for home, but not for being on the go
Great soother
Reviewed on 15 October 2017
I gave my son this soother at 9days old it was great he loved it straight away calmed him down we haven’t used any other brand of soother his 9months and still has an avent soother
Too Hard
Reviewed on 25 September 2017
We brought these dummies for my newborn in the early days but found the dummy too hard for her and she would just spit it out. We brought a different brand which was made from cherry laytex which she took to a lot quicker.
Fluid gets into the dummy
Reviewed on 31 July 2017
My baby took this soother from 2 days old and we were going great with it but after a couple of weeks he went off it. I noticed that when I sterilize it fluid gets caught in the dummy and stays in there so I'm not sure if this is what has put him off it or not.
We Loved!
Reviewed on 31 July 2017
As someone who doesn’t really like soothers, being able to give my child a clear one is the next best thing to not having one! Both my girls have used these dummies with no hassle, from newborn until about 1.5 years old, when they weaned off them. I love that being translucent meant that the soother never clashed with their clothing. The only downside is that in the dark cot at night, a translucent dummy is hard to find!
The Perfect Dummy
Reviewed on 09 June 2017
When shopping for dummies, little did I know that finding the right one would make such a massive difference to my babies ability to settle (and my sanity......). After buying about 4 different types (and throwing money away when those brands didn't work..) I finally found the Avent dummies. The first night we had these dummies, I remember getting a solid 4 hours sleep- the longest stretch I had since my baby was born! These dummies just seemed to fit in his mouth so much better than others so he was able to keep them in his mouth for longer. Philips Avent dummies are now the only brand of dummy I use. They have definitely given me (and my son!) a lot more sleep! (and saved my sanity...!) Highly recommend this product!
Best Soother
Reviewed on 03 June 2017
After trying so many different soothers finally found this one and never looked back!! This is the only one my bub would take. Love the case to keep the soothers, it make it easy to carry around in the bag and keep it clean.
Baby took these straight away!
Reviewed on 16 May 2017
My bub took these with no issues. They're a simple design that are easy to clean. I love that each soother comes with a hard plastic case to keep them clean when not in use. Would never buy any other brand!
Love them
Reviewed on 20 April 2017
Flat tipped , comes with a case to place over when not in use . Easy to clean An simply place I. The steralizer. Not to big around the mouth area. Have brought multiple times as they always disappear.
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