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pigeon calming soother apple
pigeon calming soother apple
pigeon calming soother ball
pigeon calming soother bicycle
pigeon calming soother helicopter
pigeon calming soother carror
pigeon calming soother dream fairy
pigeon calming soother horse
pigeon calming soother teddy bear
pigeon calming soother train
pigeon calming soother racing car
pigeon calming soother love fairy
pigeon calming soother wish fairy
pigeon calming soother racing car and horse
pigeon calming soother dream fairy and bear
pigeon calming soother wish fairy and carrot
pigeon calming soother apple and bicycle
pigeon calming soother helicopter and train
Twin Pack   Dream Fairy Bear copy
pigeon calming soother teddy bear and lovefairy

Pigeon Calming Soothers

$7.99 to $13.48
With a scientifically designed teat shape that has been re-engineered to perfectly fit a baby’s mouth, Pigeon's range of soothers will calm any bub. Made from the softest class of silicone, it not only reduces the burden on the areas where teeth grow but is also conveniently available in 3 x sizes that develop with your baby.

Small – (0+months) : From newborn, the sucking action is important to both baby’s emotional and oral development. Resembling the shape of a mothers nipple, it supports baby’s natural sucking action. It also helps develop baby’s facial and jaw muscles.

Medium – (3+months): For when solids have been introduced. This step enables baby to open and close their mouth (similar to when they eat/chew/swallow). This step encourages a smooth weaning process.

Large – (6+months) : For when baby starts to teethe. As baby starts to wean and speak, they tend to breathe through their mouths – this step encourages baby to develop the habit of breathing through their nose, thus preventing throat dryness and inhalation of dust

  • Softest class silicone
  • Reduced effect on teeth growth and alignment
  • Has a psychologically stabilising and calming effect on baby
  • Available in single pack or twin pack
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Best soother we found
Reviewed on 25 September 2018
Our little babe tried a number of dummies from newborn to 18mths of age and we found the pigeon soothers the most favourable. Our daughter refused every other brand except for these! Very happy with this brand!
Soft silicone. Cute designs.
Reviewed on 05 October 2017
My baby girl is currently 5 weeks old. I tried a few different soothers but the Pigeon Calming Soother is the one she liked the most. She was born weighing 6lb 12oz so on the smaller side but this dummy seems to fit her little mouth just right. It certainly calms her down and she is content and happy again in no time. I also love the colours/cute designs. Can match them to her outfits with ease.
Pros and cons of great product
Reviewed on 16 August 2017
We've been trialing the medium sized soothers and we've found them to be pretty great. Overall the concept of a medium soother to help transition to the bigger one and help with the transition to solids is fantastic. It took our lil guy a while to get used to the unique shape but once he figured it out it's probably one of his preferable soothers throught the day. They're also really great to clean/sterilise because the water gets into the teet and can drain out but it is easier to get all of the water out because there is only one hole and the teet itself is flatter. There were only a few downsides Because the tweet is flatter,sometimes our little one spins it with his tongue and it slips out of his mouth. (He had a tongue tie when he was born so he sucks a bit sideways) It would be nice if the body part of the dummy was a bit flatter and smaller. Since our little one has discovered his hands he flings it out really easily when he whacks his face. It would be nice if there were 2 cases instead of one big one And lastly it would be nice if there were some more neutral designs. I suppose every baby is different so even though these were issues for us they were small issues. Overall we would buy them again.
My Daughter loves her Pigeon calming soother
Reviewed on 12 August 2017
At first I thought my daughter wouldn't liked the teet because other brands i have bought with the flat type of teet she has refused she prefers the full rounded ones. But to my surprise she loves her Pigeon dummy The silicone is very soft and I'm very happy with these dummy's.
My new favourite
Reviewed on 07 August 2017
My son always attempted and wanted a dummy but the fit of other brands always made him gag after a while . A couple of months ago I tried these Pigeon soothers and was very impressed. These stood out because of the emphasise on the design with teeth growth in mind. I used 6 month + I loved the slimmer design and my son just took to it. It was a much better fit for his little mouth.
Awesome dummies
Reviewed on 07 August 2017
I have a lot of trouble finding dummies my son will take but pigeon dummies work every time! They are the only ones he doesn't spit out! Love the designs too!
Best dummy
Reviewed on 06 August 2017
My daughter has a strong gag reflex and doesn't like other brands of dummies. She will only use the pigeon soother. She is able to suck it and fall asleep with it. Definitely a great brand of dummy.
My baby wouldn't take it
Reviewed on 03 August 2017
I seem to have a very picky baby. He would not take this dummy at all. When i put it in his mouth he just screwed his face up and spit it out. He seems to be very picky when it comes to his dummy tho. I have only found one brand out of 7 that he seems to like. So I don't think this is necessarily that this isn't a good product it just didn't work for us. I love the handy little storage case it comes in. Great to chuck in the nappy bag and also keep the dummy clean.
Good value
Reviewed on 31 July 2017
My son has always loved his dummies and took to these really well! I love the colours and patterns they come in as my son likes to point to the train and helicopter on them :)
Great slimmer soothers
Reviewed on 30 July 2017
I decided to try the pigeon soothers as we use the pigeon bottles with great success. I love that these soothers are smaller and slim to fit in his tiny mouth. I also like the bright colours as they're easy to find in my bottomless nappy bag
Fantastic soothers
Reviewed on 29 July 2017
The first thing I noticed about these are the container they come in, such a fantastic idea and easy to go out knowing you have two soothers in their own container. The soothers themselves are great, my son usually doesn't take new soothers but he loves these. He's been using them for sleep time and has no issues falling asleep. I 100% recommend this product
Not in love with the revamp
Reviewed on 25 July 2017
I have had the pigeon pacifier range from birth up to now at 10 months. I really like the concept for oral development as they are not thick to push up into the hard palate. I do not like this new version as much for the following reasons. The 2 pack comes in a 2 dummy protective carrier, which is a bit annoying if you only want to take one in bag or frequently in my jeans pocket. The designs of stage 3 are a bit 'ugly' ,fairy is cute enough, if you like fairies but the carrot design is really strange, I think I'll be covering it with a name label. They are are light, soft and durable and the baby has taken to it considering it's quite different to the predecessor. I'll put the two in a photo to see the difference, the pink is old style. You'll probably really like it if your not needing a thick or cherry type
Excellent product!!
Reviewed on 10 July 2017
I absolutely love these dummies and will continue to buy them 😊
It really soothes!
Reviewed on 09 July 2017
I was recommended the pigeon bottle by a lactation consultant so I bought the pigeon soother. My 3 month old daughter has a strong gag reflex so spits out most things. She took this soother well and uses it to settle to sleep by herself. We recently lost her soother and I tried 3 chemists that didn't have them so I bought a different brand which my daughter hated. We eventually found the pigeon soother and it was a life saver.
My son is enjoying them
Reviewed on 28 June 2017
I have had these soothers for 2 weeks and my son is really loving them. I love the slimmer design of these dummies as my son has trouble with gagging on other style dummies. Winner!!!
Does the job!
Reviewed on 25 June 2017
We purchased the Pigeon soothers when our daughter was 10 weeks old - she was refusing the bottle and any soother we tried. We used these soothers in conjunction with the Pigeon bottles and our daughter took to them with no issues. We use the soother as a sleep cue and she is no longer fed to sleep. The only criticism is that some fluff gets caught under the teet so you have to thoroughly clean and dry - water does get under the teet as well so watch out in case of mould (we haven't encountered any yet).
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