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goodbaby Pockit capri blue
goodbaby Pockit capri blue
goodbaby Pockit capri blue front
goodbaby Pockit capri blue side
goodbaby Pockit capri blue side no canopy
goodbaby Pockit capri blue (Folded Standing)
goodbaby Pockit capri blue (Folded Ultra Compact)
goodbaby Pockit monument Black front
goodbaby Pockit monument Black
goodbaby Pockit monument Blackside
goodbaby Pockit monument Black (Folded Ultra Compact)
goodbaby Pockit Posh Pink front
goodbaby Pockit Posh Pink
goodbaby Pockit Posh Pink (Folded Ultra Compact)
goodbaby Pockit Posh Pink side
goodbaby Pockit seaport Blue front
goodbaby Pockit seaport Blue
goodbaby Pockit seaport Blue side
goodbaby Pockit seaport Blue (Folded Ultra Compact)

gb Pockit Stroller

With its exceptional design innovation, the GB Pockit is the 2014 Guinness World Records most compact stroller. When folded the GB Pockit is the smallest and most compact buggy currently available on the market -  300 x 180 x 350 mm to be precise.

You can see why we call it the Pockit! The cleverly designed, compact fold uses the 2 x 2 D technique. This means that in only two steps the buggy becomes a compact and featherlight handbag shaped package, great for when you are on the move and practical and easy to stow away when you’re not. For parent with a passion for city travel and exploring, the GB Pockit is the quintessential choice. With the ability to switch from pushing to carrying within seconds, the GB Pockit is ideal for trips by train, plane or simply visiting your favourite cafes.
The world’s smallest folded stroller.  It only weighs only 4.3kg. It has convenient pushing and steering and an adjustable harness system with shoulder pads.
Folds in seconds into a handbag shaped package. Front Swivel Wheels Can be locked for stability on uneven surfaces.
Cleverly designed to stand alone when folded with manual folding lock
Built using durable materials and expertly designed. Forward facing only. Fixed footrest. 1 seat position. Sun shade only.
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age range: 6months - 17kg

weight : 4.3kg

features: In only two steps the buggy becomes a compact and featherlight handbag shaped package, great for when you are on the move and practical and easy to stow away when you’re not

wheels, seat and handle type : Forward facing only. Fixed footrest. 1 seat position. Front Swivel Wheels Can be locked for stability on uneven surfaces.

dimensions assembled : 72L x 43W x 99H cm

dimensions folded : 30L x 18W x 35H cm

warranty: 12 months

  • 2014 Guinness World Records most compact stroller
  • 30cm x 18cm x 35cm in size
  • Ideal for trips by train, plane or simply visiting your favourite cafes
  • Forward facing only. Fixed footrest. 1 seat position. Sun shade only.
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Reasonably affordable, super compact, sturdy, great 'emergency stroller' to have on hand without sacrificing you r whole boot
Reviewed on 30 March 2018
Ever want a stroller you can keep in the car when you are at the awkward stage between being stroller free and needing one for unpredictably tired legs? And you don't want to sacrifice your whole boot for something you might not use all the time. That is why I bought this stroller. I needed a compact stroller that didn't break the bank (like the bugaboo bee or the baby zen yoyo) but I also wanted something sturdy, that represented good quality (unlike the cheap umbrella strollers you can buy for under $100 that are no good on anything but perfectly flat surfaces and even then manoeuvrability is fairly poor with a heavy child). Once you get the hang of folding it (like most prams) its fantastic and if you can master the 'one flick' assembly like the sales people do, you will impress all your pram crazy friends. Pros: -super compact- fits in a tiny car (my VW polo hatch) and I can still fit shopping, nappy bag etc without feeling like it dominates the boot. - can be brought on a plane and put in over head storage which is so much easier than checking it into over size luggage and you can use it right up until you board the plan. - its super light and easy to carry. - for a compact stroller its surprisingly easy to manoeuvre on less than ideal terrain like grass and gravel although still tricky on soft sand. - still has a storage basket for shopping -handles well even with my 20kg 4 year old in it so is great for long walking trips like the zoo or museum Cons: - the sun shade is almost pointless and can't be replaced by a better functioning one (although I have heard of people buying ones off Etsy, but aren't made by the manufacturer) - can only use it from approx 6 month old on wards and does not come with a bassinet attachment - handles are lower than some other compact prams (such as the babyzen yoyo) so super tall people like my hubby who is 6ft3, find they need to stoop to push the pram, he can push it but not for long periods- I'm 5ft7 and I find for my height its perfectly fine for me -handle height is not adjustable so best to make sure its a comfortable height for you before you purchase - seat is not super high so kids with long legs will look a little cramped - the most compact fold is a little more involved to set up and pack up if you want to store it in its tiniest form- if you use it regularly you probably won't fold it up super small, but I never found this to be an issue for the car- more so when using on a plane or fitting into a suitcase - no variety of accessories like rain cover, sun shade, travel bag, cup holders, seat covers etc so there isn't much opportunity for customisation or improved functionality. This pram suits someone with bub older than 6 months, who maybe wants the flexibility of having a pram on hand without losing their boot space for a pram they don't use regularly especially if your child is getting older and wants to walk more, or prefers a carrier over the pram, or you need a pram to travel with and don't want to hire. Be mindful if the user is tall (say over 6ft) as the handle height may be an issue or if you like to customise or buy accessories for your pram to suit your individual needs. The major drawback for me is the sunshade but for my purposes being the 'emergency pram' (especially for a tired toddler/preschooler who is cranky because they fell asleep in the car and haven't quite woken up properly yet for you shopping trip) I find it was a reasonable compromise over paying more than twice the price for other comparable prams on the market for something I don't plan on using every day- I'll keep it on hand for when I babysit nieces and nephews as well down the track. So if you want something that is compact and a cut above a cheap umbrella strollers, or need something to travel with this is great, but if you are super tall and/or want to use with a newborn or buy accessories then its probably worth looking at the likes of a bugaboo bee or babyzen yoyo but these are a little less compact and much much more pricey.
Pockit +
Reviewed on 08 September 2017
We bought the newer model online (not yet available from Australian retailers but available in Europe). Of course, this means the product doesn't have red brakes which is required for Australian standards. It is a few hundred grams heavier (negligible) but does have added features of being able to recline - not flat but enough for a nap. You can also get adaptors for a Cybex capsule as well would make it suitable for newborns if you were to get the capsule or had one already. As mentioned in other reviews, it is still has the flimsy feel and isn't suitable for rough terrain, but all in all is a great stroller for quick trips to the shops or around a shopping centre. The biggest downside for us is the canopy which is very small but can be remedied if you buy a generic extension, bearing in mind the canopy extension may affect the fold.
The most compact stroller in the world!
Reviewed on 17 August 2017
In May, we travelled to Hawaii with my 6 month old baby and decided to invest in a stroller to take with us. I was looking for something that wasn’t too expensive but still did not want to sacrifice quality for price. The GB Pockit stroller is the most compact stroller in the world which makes it extremely handy for travel when you’re juggling a a million other things for your baby, which is why I ultimately chose to purchase it. Here’s what I love about it: Folds down to the size of a handbag and fits neatly under a plane seat. This meant that it could be taken as carry-on luggage and I was therefore able to have my baby in it all the way until we reached the gate before boarding. It was also very convenient for when we went to restaurants. I would take baby out and fold the stroller and place it under my seat, instead of having to park it at the door, obstructing the exit. It weighs only 4.8 kg! It is so light and so easy to carry, that even I, with a small frame, could carry it with my 6 month old still in it, even up and down stairs! This saved me from always having to find a lift! Its very easy to fold and you can do it with one hand. This was handy for when I had my baby in the other hand. Just make sure you practice at home first so you’re not fiddling around with it when you’re in a hurry. It has decent, sturdy wheels. I was always confident during the trip that the wheels would hold up, even for very long, rocky walks. Has a storage compartment. The storage compartment isn’t very big but it is decent. ‎ What I didn’t like: You have to buy the carry bag separately. Other Brands that we looked at (eg. baby jogger city tour) came with the bag. Having said that, we bought a cheap carry bag for it which did just fine. You can only use it from 6 months. This was not such a problem for us as our baby was already 6 months, but if your baby is younger, this stroller would not be suitable. It has very minimal recline which meant my baby wasn’t able to really nap in it. She also seemed to get irritable quicker than usual because she wasn’t able to lay back. The portability does come at a price. It’s quite an investment, but well worth it if you travel a lot.
Lightweight and Compact
Reviewed on 27 July 2017
After my 2nd child my hands were full doing the day care run alone so I purchased this for a numbers of reasons. 1. I can use one hand to open it and flick it out 2. Lightweight as I have severe back issues requiring surgery therefore this is light enough to pull out of the car 3. Value for money The only downside I wish I could use it effectively on a rough surface or along grass but it's best for tar seal or concrete paths. Overall this Pram beats my Bugaboo any day other than not being all terrain
Fantastic but flimsy
Reviewed on 18 April 2017
Obviously for a super compact lightweight stroller you're going to get flimsy feeling. I love this pram for the footwell of my car on shopping days. Holds my 2yo or 4yo fantastically and folds up small enough and easily enough to fit in the front of a trolley. Would pick this any day over a unberalla stroller.
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