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WGASPM2290 SP TwinklePink 3
WGASPM2290 SP TwinklePink 3
WGASPM2290 SP TwinklePink full web
WGASPM2290 SP TwinklePink life web
WGASPM2306 SP TwinkleBlue 3
WGASPM2306 SP TwinkleBlue full web
WGASPM2306 SP TwinkleBlue life web
WGASPM2320 SP Zoo 3
WGASPM2320 SP Zoo full web
WGASPM2320 SP zoo L1 web
WGASPM2337 SP TriFun 3
WGASPM2337 SP TriFunPas L2 web
WGASPM2337 SP TriFunPastel full web
WGASPM2344 SP HerringboneTeal 1
WGASPM2344 SP HerringboneTeal 3
WGASPM2313 SP Miami 3
WGASPM2313 SP Miami full web.
WGASPM2351 SP HerringboneMustard 1
WGASPM2351 SP HerringboneMustard 3
WGASPM2368 SP TriFunBrights full web
WGASPM2368 SP TriFunBrights S1 web WG
WGASPM7905 SP SnowyMountain close web
WGASPM7905 SP SnowyMountain web
WGASPM7912 SP Great&Small close web
WGASPM7912 SP Great&Small web
WGASPM7929 SP Geology close web
WGASPM7929 SP Geology web
WGASPM7929 SPM Geology 2 web
WGASPM7936 SP Floaura&Fauna web
WGASPM7936 SP Flora&Fauna close web
WGASPM7943 SP Flowerbomb close web
WGASPM7943 SP Flowerbomb web
WGASPM9275 SP Floralmetric 3
WGASPM9275 SP Floralmetric full web
WGASPM9275 SP Floralmetric L5 web
WGASPM9244 SP TummyTime 3
WGASPM9244 SP TummyTime full web
WGASPM9329 SP Bicycles 3
WGASPM9329 SP bicycles full web
WGASPM9336 SP Letters 3
WGASPM9336 SP Letters full web
WGASPM2290 SP TwinklePink 1
WGASPM9336 SP Letters 1
WGASPM9275 SP Floralmetric 1
WGASPM9329 SP Bicycles 1
WGASPM9244 SP TummyTime 1
WGASPM7943 Cotton Flowerbomb web
WGASPM7936 Cotton flora&fauna web
WGASPM7929 Cotton Geology web
WGASPM7912 Cotton Great&Small web
WGASPM7905 Cotton SnowyMountains web
WGASPM2368 SP TriFunBrights Hang
WGASPM2351 SP HerringboneMustard full web
WGASPM2320 SP Zoo 1
WGASPM2344 SP HerringboneTeal full web.jpg
WGASPM2337 SP TriFun 1
WGASPM2313 SP Miami 1
WGASPM2306 SP TwinkleBlue 1

Weegoamigo Printed Baby Muslin 1pk

Weegoamigo's premium quality baby muslin is a do-all nursery product, which has made them an essential companion for Australian babies for over forty years.
Soft and cosy to touch, our 100% natural cotton muslin blankets are an open weave providing great breathability and textural grip-ability when using as a swaddle. Its oodles of uses include floortime play rug, stroller cover, nursing shield, lightweight blanket, change mat, burp cloth and much more.
Features open weave enhances grip-ability when baby swaddling and a super bias/diagonal stretch

size: 120cm x 120cm

  • Open weave enhances grip-ability when baby swaddling
  • Super bias/diagonal stretch
  • Shabby-chic design, so no ironing required (yay!)
  • Oodley useful
  • 100% natural cotton
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