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love to dream  Lite grey swaddle
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Love To Dream Swaddle UP™ Lite


The Love to Dream Swaddle UP Summer Lite is ultra sheer & cool to keep your baby sleeping comfortably on warm days & nights. It uses only a single layer of highly-breathable fabric so it is much cooler for your baby than wrapping with a muslin wrap- & a lot more convenient for you too.  The Love to Dream Swaddle UP Summer Lite's unique arms UP design allows your baby access to their hands for self-soothing. The only zip-up swaddle that allows your baby to sleep in a more natural position with arms UP.   Medical research suggests that babies sleep better, & for longer, if they are able to self-soothe. This means more more sleep for the whole family.

Why arms UP?

It is your baby’s natural sleep position that allows your baby access to their hands for self-soothing. Babies often use their hands to settle themselves to sleep, by sucking on their fingers or gently rubbing their cheeks. Medical research suggests that babies sleep better, & for longer, if they are able to self-soothe. So self-soothing = more sleep for the whole family.

The Swaddle UP™ is the only zip-up swaddle available that allows your baby sleep in the arms UP position. The Swaddle UP™ requires no complicated wrapping, so everyone can swaddle right every time.  97% cotton, 3% elastane

Need more sleep? Swaddle UP!

  • Snug fit makes your baby feel secure & helps to calm their natural startle reflex
  • Eliminates excess loose fabric in the cot
  • Wings prevent face-scratching
  • May reduce the risk of your baby accidentally rolling onto their tummy
  • Genius twin-zipper for easy nappy changes
  • Hip-healthy design allows the recommended flexion for hips & legs
  • A breakthrough swaddling solution to help your new baby settle quickly and establish a peaceful sleep routine.
  • The only zip-up swaddle that allows your baby to sleep in a more natural position with arms UP. 
  • Love to Dream Swaddle UP's unique arms UP design allows your baby access to their hands for self-soothing.
  • Medical research suggests that babies sleep better, & for longer, if they are able to self-soothe. 
  • The Love to Dream Swaddle UP Summer Lite is ultra sheer & coo
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Affordable peace of mind year round
Reviewed on 13 December 2017
Before I found these swaddles I was waking up more often than my baby just to make sure she hadn't pulled a blanket over her face. Knowing that she can't when she's wearing these swaddles helped me to truly sleep when she was sleeping. It gave me complete peace of mind. In summer she wears a singlet and a nappy underneath and in winter a onesie that covers her feet. I love the two way zip so you can change the nappy without taking the whole thing off in the cold making the midnight nappy changes quick and simple. There's also a pocket on the back so you can check the nappy without taking the swaddle off in the cold. But one of my favourite features of the suit is that my baby can't scratch her face in her sleep anymore! Some of those scratches looked painful.
Sleep saver!
Reviewed on 23 November 2017
I bought the love to dream swaddle for my son after 4 months of sleep deprivation, it in every way shape and form saved my sanity! It is breathable material so perfect for summer but also useable in winter with a winter outfit on underneath. It is easy to wash, easy to use and one of the best purchases I have made so far.
Love to dream swaddle lite
Reviewed on 22 November 2017
This thing saved my sanity!!! Both my kids hated being wrapped with arms down by 3-4 weeks old. Then I found this and it changed everything. They were easy to put to sleep and happy sleeping longer without waking up. I could kiss the person who created this swaddle! This is the lite one for hotter weather. Also allows baby to suck on their hands to self sooth and comfort themselves.
Tight belly
Reviewed on 20 November 2017
My baby likes yo be wrapped to sleep. This product provides that ability to wrap quickly in the middle of the night when sleep deprived. However, I found I had to use a larger size as the belly area was very tight making her reflux worse and a bigger size was too long/loose around the arm area where it was needed.
Reviewed on 20 November 2017
Wish we found out about LTD earlier, it would have saved us so much stress from trying to get our newborn to sleep. My baby slept better after using LTD swaddles as she hated traditional swaddling. Would absolutely recommend to all new parents.
Best sleepsuit I own!
Reviewed on 03 November 2017
We absolutely love this sleep suit! Our little girl loves having her hands up to sleep, so we find a noticeable difference between using this and other suits to sleep in. She actually gets to sleep quicker and wakes up less during the night in it. We have found other suits to be too restrictive of her movements, and therefore can find it harder to settle her. I feel like this is better for her safety too, now that she is starting to slightly roll.
Can't live without!
Reviewed on 20 October 2017
They say it is hard to create routine for very new newborns but I really believe the swaddle up has enabled me to create a little routine with my 4 week old. He knows that when he gets swaddled up along with white noise and a slightly dim room that it's time to be calm and sleep. I have 3 swaddle ups and they're so well made and love the different fabric designs. The lite version has been fantastic in the QLD heat. I can still keep baby swaddled without him over heating. So so so well worth the money!
Life saver
Reviewed on 17 October 2017
I was given 2 of these by my cousin they were a god send, Bella in hosi loved being wrapped up tight in a blanket as did she the first couple nights at home. After the first few nights at home she would scream when i wraped her up. ( Bella was and still is a very calm baby and only crys when somethings wrong) So i tried the swaddle and like magic she was calm 😳😴 best thing i was ever given. 🙂 If i had the money i would buy more of them and now that you can get them with legs and zip off arms makes them even more versitial 😊
Love my magic bag
Reviewed on 11 October 2017
I've used this love to dream for both my girls and swear by them. Both my girls are sweaters and with the lite they don't sweat in it so it's perfect for babies that sweat a lot. Now living in QLD it's just perfect for my baby. She suckles her hand and instantly goes to sleep and has been sleeping for 8 hrs straight at three months old! Should be called the magic bag 🙊
Daisy W S
Reviewed on 09 October 2017
I used this since baby was born and I love it. I think it keeps baby warm and in a position they feel safe. Makes naby sleep better and feels like in the womb. Lite and great soft fabric and easy zip up
Life saver for Queensland weather!!
Reviewed on 09 October 2017
I have the original love to dream swaddle bags in the white and grey and they were perfect for the winter months for my baby. It's now October and I live in Queensland and I had noticed more and more my baby was getting sweaty while sleeping- I decided to buy light version and it's perfect! It's so breathable. I love the arms up design- it really does go a long way in helping your newborn too sleep. I cannot recommend this brand enough and if you live in a warm climate it's even harder to get your baby too sleep- but this product! Good luck mummy's xxx
Couldn't imagine not having them!
Reviewed on 27 September 2017
My sister put me onto the love to dream swaddles when I had my first baby and now I've had my second baby I can't imagine not using them. They make swaddling so easy and quick and both of my babies have always been comfortable and happy in them. Having their arms up means they can suck their hands through the swaddle which seemed to soothe my babies. I would definitely recommend these swaddles.
Excellent little lifesaver for newborn in summer
Reviewed on 28 August 2017
Cannot rave enough about these little swaddles! I had my baby in Dec and it was pretty hot but you can put them in a nappy and singlet and zip them into one of these and no probs at all. Great quality and awesome design.. if your baby loves their hands up, it's definitely a winner
Good for summer months
Reviewed on 16 August 2017
I was given these as a baby shower gift & while I love the thinner fabric for my hot baby, it just doesn't hold up as well as the original suit, I find it really stretched out around the arms and hands which really defeats the purpose of the suit. Pros: lightweight fabric for summer no fiddling with muslin cloth wraps cons: fabric doesn't retain its shape/quickly stops doing it's job of being a cocoon for bub.
best swaddle
Reviewed on 15 August 2017
I used this on my newborn till now he is 6 months. It's great they feel secure and keeps them warm. Easy to change their nappy in them too. They feel like they ate in the womb
A new mums lifesaver!
Reviewed on 03 August 2017
As a new mum, I naively thought I could old school wrap my summer baby...not realising the little houdinis they are. I borrowed a friends Love to Dream Swaddle Up and sleep was now a possibility in my household. My baby no longer spent time trying to pry her arms free from the confinement of a swaddle, I didn't look into the bassinet to find wrap sprawled everywhere. Pros: Easy to get bubs in and out, nappy changes are a breeze, light weight for summer baby/warm house, bubs now slept longer spans through the night, bubs went to sleep faster when placed in Love to Dream Cons: need to wash frequently due to bubs trying to self sooth (putting hands in her mouth), little bit pricey This was such a big success in my household, bubs now 6 months and arms free still sleeps with her arms up in the exact Love to Dream position
Cool and easy
Reviewed on 01 August 2017
The Love To Dream Swaddle UP Summer Lite is an absolute must have for summer born babies! I used this for my December baby right through until March. The Summer Lite has all of the amazing positives of the regular Swaddle UP. It is very easy to use, is hip healthy with lots of room for wiggly legs. Let's not forget that it keeps baby feeling safe and secure, meaning I got more sleep! The Lite version is a lot thinner than the original and Love To Dream also provide a handy guide for dressing according to room temperatures, these things combined helped me relax and not lay awake all night wondering if baby was too hot. As the fabric is beautifully light, I found that this meant it was not quite as tight against baby as the regular and he slept better in that. However, he still slept well for a newborn in the Summer Lite. I reccomend it to all of my friends who are expecting summer babies, the simplicity and breathablity will save your sanity.
Best idea!!
Reviewed on 31 July 2017
We used the summer lite swaddle on our daughter and it was brilliant. We were very happy with this product such an innovative idea. She was always so comfortable in the swaddles. I have included a picture, lol couldn't resist!!
Love this so much!!
Reviewed on 17 July 2017
I have tried different ways to wrap my son. Muslin and velcro wraps didn't work as his arms kept escaping the wraps. We bought love to dream and it worked. My son gets excited when we put the swaddle and when we remove it. I am so happy with this product and I highly recommend this! Great sleep for my baby = happy mumma.
Reviewed on 03 July 2017
I bought this product after having my daughter and discovering that she hated having her hands restrained by swaddling. I cannot rate this product highly enough. It kept my daughter nice and snug making her feel secure whilst allowing her to naturally sooth herself by sucking on her hands. The wide hip area allowed her hip and legs to fall into a natural position ensuring that her mild hip dysplasia was not made worse. The dual zip made night time nappy changes a breeze. Love, love, love the Love to Dream Swaddle Up Summer Lite!
Saved my sleep!
Reviewed on 30 June 2017
I owe my good nights sleep all to Love to Dream swaddles. They helped my daughter sleep through the night, she honestly wouldn't unless she was swaddled up, all cosy in her love to dreams. I think the greatest thing about these swaddles is that they still allow baby to suck on their hands which my daughter took a lot of comfort in. They are looser around the leg area so baby can have their legs however they are most comfortable. This summer version is fantastic for babies that tend to be little furnaces like my daughter.
Nice quality not useful for my unswaddled bub
Reviewed on 09 June 2017
I bought this after reading lots of positive reviews as I was worried bubs hands would get cold in winter - so perfect solution. Unfortunately my bub hates being swaddled and not being able to suck his hands. So- no good for us, but I can appreciate for the right bub it'd be great.
Loved by bubs
Reviewed on 05 May 2017
I bought this when bubs was a about 3 weeks old as he was like a little Houdini getting his arms out every time we swaddled him and woke himself up. From the first time we put him in he settled so much easier and was not able to get his arms out, meaning he stayed asleep for 2-3 hours at a time! Fast forward to 4 months old and he still wears it for every sleep and we have even graduated to the next size and I don't think we will stop until he grows out of all their products!
A Must Have!
Reviewed on 05 May 2017
As a first time mum I was worried when my newborn kept breaking free of her swaddles when we came home from hospital - she likes to sleep with her arms up! We tried the Love to Dream Swaddle Up after a friend recommended it and we haven't looked back! It is enough to keep her arms contained enough so as not to wake herself up with flailing arms but also allows her to sleep comfortably anf safely - at 10 weeks she is now sleeping through the night. We use the Summer lite as we live in QLD.
Great swaddle for a baby who doesn't like being swaddled
Reviewed on 03 May 2017
My son hates being swaddled but he loves this swaddle. Falls asleep almost instantly when I put it on him. He loves his arms being up above his head. Also it is not too hot for him.
Beat summer sleeptime invention
Reviewed on 17 April 2017
When my Bub was a newborn she couldn't stand having her arms swaddled down as the hospital instructed. She would fight to get her arms out in her sleep no matter what we did. I noticed she slept with her arms above her head in the daytime. I then saw these swaddles and thought I should give them a go. I haven't turned back since then! I now have multiple L2D swaddles.
Great Summer Swaddle!
Reviewed on 12 April 2017
I loved the Summer Lite Swaddle with both our children! During those hot Summer nights you don't want something overheating your baby at bed time. We try not to use the air con overnight but bubs wants to feel comforted and secure in a swaddle that's light & breathable. I highly recommend!
Perfect for summer or sweaty babies
Reviewed on 12 April 2017
Fantastic for babies who like to be swaddled but prefer hands up, my 3rd son was the only one out of 4 babies who wanted to sleep this way but wouldn't settled with arms out. I tried everything and it wasn't until I came across the love to dream that we finally got him sleeping well. Hip friendly and nice a cool swaddle. Only con is they are quite expensive.
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