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transition bag warm 2 5 tog white flay
transition bag warm 2 5 tog white flay
transition bag warm 2 5 tog white life 1
transition bag warm 2 5 tog white pak L
transition bag warm 2 5 tog lilac flay
transition bag warm 2 5 tog lilac life 1
transition bag warm 2 5 tog lilac life 2
transition bag warm 2 5 tog lilac pak L

Love To Dream Swaddle UP™ Transition Bag Warm 2.5 Tog


The Love To Dream SWADDLE UP™ TRANSITION BAG WARM 2.5 TOG is the easiest & gentlest way to help your baby graduate from swaddling. It enables you to zip off one wing at a time, allowing your baby to slowly adjust to ‘arms-free’ sleep. A genius solution that will help you preserve your peaceful sleep routine.

With a 2.5 TOG viscose from bamboo built-in quilted blanket, the Love To Dream SWADDLE UP™ TRANSITION BAG WARM provides superior warmth and comfort in cool temperatures.

Proudly supporting First Candle & SIDS research
Easy care: Machine washable & tumble dryer friendly

Fabric Content: Outer & Lining: 93% Cotton 7% Elastane, Fill: 100% Viscose (from Bamboo)

  • 2.5 TOG viscose from bamboo built-in quilted blanket for superior warmth & comfort is ideal for cool climates
  • Ideal for room temperatures between 16°C and 20°C
  • Naturally temperature regulating
  • Gentler way to help your baby graduate from swaddling
  • Patented zip-off wings
  • Converts to a snug sleeping bag, maintaining the secure feeling of being swaddled
  • Certified ‘hip-healthy’ design allows the recommended flexion for hips & legs
  • Twin zipper for easy nappy changes
  • No loose layers to kick off during sleep
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An absolute baby essential
Reviewed on 29 November 2018
This is my number one essential newborn/baby must have. Hands down (or hands up in this case, haha). Designed to a high safety standard with high quality materials, a winter warm sleeping suit which provides security and safety for your babe to assist them in sleeping soundly. If you haven’t been practicing swaddling a cat, or your child has active boxing arms like Jeff Horn, then the L2D swaddle will take all the complications out of it. The winter warmth tog of 2.5 layers perfectly over winter undergarments, providing a SIDS approved warmth to your babe in the cooler months, without the need to use blankets. Dress baby, zip into suit, place in bassinet/cot- done!!! As they Are length dependant, upsizing or skipping sizing can happen. By the time we were rolling and due to transition to a 50:50 (arms out) we went from small to medium and was rolling before hitting large. These suits are only recommended until your babe is rolling, out of the safety of being able to use their arms for leverage in their sleep. Buying one of these as a baby shower gift will make you an absolute favourite, not just because they are a bit pricey (worth it), but because they are amazing. Recommend to buy at least 2, to have one on rotation for spews and poos. The 2.5tog can take a little longer to line dry, so a second will come in handy during washing days.
Easy transition
Reviewed on 28 November 2018
I brought this when LO started to roll through the night - We had the other LTD swaddle where his arms were zipped in, but he was waking up through the night as he was trying to roll. We went cold turkey a few nights be he didn’t have a good night sleep as he still liked the feeling of being swaddled. The first night of having the wings unzipped he slept perfect. We didn’t use this one for long as bubs now sleeps with out a swaddle but I’ll definitely be using for any future babes. I love the idea of the 2.5tog as I know they stay warm through the night.
Didn't love it
Reviewed on 25 September 2018
We'd used the 1tog bag and moved to this when bub started to roll to transition her. The zips were in a werid spot for her arms and she wasn't very happy in it. The top of it is also stretchy and not quilted or as warm, so I felt like her top half wasn't very warm.
Great for the transition to arms free sleeping
Reviewed on 19 October 2017
My son was a really fussy sleeper, when he was almost rolling we decided to transition to arms free sleeping. I had a lot of anxiety about the change to his routine. After a week in the 50/50 swaddle we unzipped an arm, a week later the other one... it was so smooth! All my worrying for nothing! The very first night he was a little unsure about having a little chubby arm to wave around, but the adjustment was quite easy and I think it was because of the zip off sleeves kept everything as familiar as possible. The thickness of this one worked really well too, it eliminates the possibility of him waking from being cold, it reminds me of a patchwork quilt thickness. We used it afterwards (once he could sleep arms free) as a sleeping bag and got plenty of use out of it, making spending the money worthwhile :)
Not for us
Reviewed on 18 October 2017
While I’m sure this is a good product but it did not work well for my little one. The positioning of the arms when inside the wings seemed to worry him but once remove do he was happier. With it without the wings it seemed to small over his back and shoulders so I returned it after noticing a rubbing on the back of his neck. That being said multiple other people in my mothers group use this product and have not had this issue.
Reviewed on 16 October 2017
I bought this for my daughter this winter and it was amazing, I knew she was safe when she slept. as well as warm. I highly recommend
Snug as a bug
Reviewed on 18 September 2017
When Bub started to roll this was great to keep her comfy and with her arms out (which was a struggle at first for a Bub who loved her swaddle suits) she hates blankets too so at least I knew she was warm in this.
The swaddle genius for teething and drooling babies
Reviewed on 08 September 2017
If you're like my partner or I, first time user long time listener, swaddling is an art form... in which we lack the creativity. We also happened to birth the Houdini of a child who hated being swaddles with her arms in. This product was one all my newer mum friends told us we MUST get, so into the hospital bag it popped. The winter warmer was warm enough in the QLD winter that often a blanket is not needed on the top (layering underneath the swaddle). This is online with safe sleeping standards by SIDS. The suit gives the right amount of security to keep a minimal restriction over the startling/morro reflex which often wakes a child, as well as enough leg and hip room as recommended by the hip displasia organisation. Perfect for young babies in the winter!!! Do your self a favour and stop wrapping your baby in origami. This swaddle is suited to those parents with babies that are starting to drool that bit more and wanting to place their first in their mouth, as well as teething bubbas. Zip of the hands in the morning, give them a wash and they're good to go for night time. Saves washing the whole thing and keeps it clean.
Reviewed on 29 August 2017
I bought this for my son at the start of winter when he was around 4-5 months old and starting to roll in his sleep, it was fine using it with the wings on but instead of doing the transition with one arm out for a couple nights as suggested we just went straight for both arms out so the zippers and wings weren't really needed and I should of just bought the love to dream sleep bag or suit. But I still love the brand
Not as good as the original
Reviewed on 31 July 2017
I bought this product at the start of winter for my son who is now 5 months old. I thought he would be transitioning from having his arms enclosed to out from around this age so bought the removal arms love to dream swaddle. Unfortunately it is not as good as the original love to dream product, the zippers are super scratchy and come partially undone. The design of the suit also means his arms often move into a awkward position and he appears uncomfortable. My son sleeps better in the original love to dream swaddles, which are fantastic!
Reviewed on 10 July 2017
I bought one of these and I love it. It's winter time here and really helps keep my baby warm
Great for winter!
Reviewed on 27 June 2017
Brought this a couple of months ago for my second child and it has been a life saver! She loves to sleep in it and it's very good for cold nights bvause it's thicker than the normal ones. The only thing I would say is the zip should maybe be buttons or something else as the zipper is right there next to her face and it's not something I want rubbing on her cheek if she's moving around!
Simple and effective
Reviewed on 26 June 2017
We liked using this swaddle to keep bub nice and warm in winter. It's easy to use, the wings are easy to zip on and off, it washes well and bub can suck fingers and self soothe.
Amazing! Life Saver!
Reviewed on 09 June 2017
This product is amazing! this made it so easy for us to transition my son to sleeping un-swaddled. Admittedly we did leave it a bit later than we should have to transition him and i was really worried that we would have a lot of sleepless nights with him constantly waking, but it worked amazingly! I was worried about transitioning in winter with his arms being cold but the warmth of the sleeping bag is incredible and he is always lovely and warm. So if you think you have left it too late like us, don't worry at all! this product will work wonders!
Must have!
Reviewed on 15 May 2017
We started our daughter in an XS love to dream swaddle and have worked up to this now she is four months old. Unfortunately this product works so well she won't sleep in anything else. Winter warm is super cozy. I just wish they came in a 3.5 tog as I think this won't be warm enough for really cold winter nights. Would highly recommend.
Great designs
Reviewed on 15 May 2017
My sister got this for me and its great my 5 month old loves it
These are a must have.
Reviewed on 12 May 2017
We have used Love to Dream swaddles since my daughter was born. She has been such a great sleeper. I bought this winter warm swaddle just as the weather was getting cooler. It keeps my daughter so warm and allows for her to transition to arms out. I only bought one originally to see how she liked it, she loved it so I bought another one. I recommend these 100%.
Reviewed on 12 April 2017
Perfect way to transition Bub to arms out. These were the best Swaddle option for my thumb sucking escape artist! They didn't bunch around her face like other brand Swaddle bags and allowed her to suck her hands. Fantastic product!
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