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love to dream 5050 Wings
love to dream 5050 Wings
love to dream 50 50 grey swaddle sleeping

Love To Dream Transition Bag Wings


A spare pair of detachable Love to Dream Transition wings for your Swaddle UP Transition (swaddle Up additional)



  • A spare pair of detachable Love to Dream Transition wings for your Swaddle UP Transition (swaddle Up additional)
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Reviewed on 27 March 2018
I brought this product and it was a lifesaver!!! As soon as I used it my daughter slept all night!! Easy to use esp if you are changing a nappy in the middle of the night wash and wear!! So handy from home or on holiday the baby is comfortable and the material breathes making a wonderful nights sleep highly recommend this product
Peace of mind!
Reviewed on 21 November 2017
I started my baby's journey with the love to swaddle wings and she had the most peaceful sleeps. When she began to roll I was worried that meant no more wings. I tried for a few nights without the swaddle, but she was so restless and just kept on playing with her hands. I went in search of a different alternative and then I found the love to dream 50/50 I was able to remove one of the wings to gently ease her in to eventually sleeping without wings. I found on the first two nights she was quite surprised to have her arm out and she would occasionally suck on her thumb, but after that she got used to it being out and now when she rolls I'm not worried about her smothering herself and not being able to roll onto her back. It really is great peace of mind. The tenperature guide on the packet was important to me too because I always worry if the room is too hot or cold. I know that she is fine if the temperature is between 20 to 24 degrees! The price of 50 dollars was a bit daunting because they grow so fast, but I am really glad I invested in this product.
Reviewed on 19 November 2017
These are absolutely great for transition as bubs loves wings and I can take them off when he wants his for comforting. A must need
Easy to use, fits perfectly
Reviewed on 18 October 2017
We have been using love to dream products from the start, when my baby started rolling this was the perfect swaddle for transitioning , there was little disruption to his sleep through the transition. My baby has slept well in all love to dream products so far and will definitely continue to use them for this baby and the next one! Also love to dream products have always had a good fit around the neck so I never had to worry any material would cover his face no matter how much he moved, which was the main reason I started using love to dream in the first place when he was a newborn!
Very useful
Reviewed on 18 October 2017
These extra wings are super useful especially for babies who suck their hands as it saves you washing the whole suit every time. They are easy to zip on and off too.
Reviewed on 21 August 2017
I love all love to dream products especially this one. My son found the transition from swaddle to arms out very difficult but with this product I could introduce it slowly with my arm out at a time . Highly recommend
Awesome idea!
Reviewed on 11 August 2017
These little wings were an absolute lifesaver for us. Our little one had always been a great sleeper, however when we went to transition them into a sleeveless sleeping bag, our great little sleeper disappeared! These wings attached to a love to dream 50/50 swaddle, so we could experiment with one arm in/one arm out. Unfortunately, most babies love to suck on the wings, meaning that they get fairly stretched/stained quite quickly, having access to buy the wings only mean that we will be able to use the 50/50 swaddle for another baby!
Great for transitioning!
Reviewed on 01 August 2017
The love to dream 50/50 swaddle was a life saving product for my self and baby. He loved to sleep with his arms facing up, so naturally , this swaddle was most comfortable for him. It was a bonus that the arms were able to unzip and come off. My baby started rolling so this was Perfect for transitioning him to sleep without his arms swaddled. It only took less then a week for our baby to be comfortable to sleep with arms Out. Great product
Great item to be available as a spare
Reviewed on 30 July 2017
I was so pleased to find that love to dream 50/50 wings are available to buy individually as spares. My son has slept in love to dream swaddles since birth, but when he started to roll over, I removed the wings. After about a month I noticed he started waking himself often and he slept much better with the wings. However, one of the wings had been misplaced. Instead of buying a whole new swaddle, I was able to buy the wings and save our sleep :-) we love all the love to dream range
Great product
Reviewed on 24 July 2017
My daughter loved her love to dream swaddle ups so we were quite worried about transitioning to arms out. The removable wings made it so much easier for everyone. My daughter sucks on her hands through the swaddle so no matter what I try to clean them with the hand part is stained yellow and the material has worn. Being able to replace the wings is such a great idea. It means I don't need to replace the whole swaddle when we have another baby and the swaddle will still look and feel brand new even though It just has new wings.
Baby loved this swaddle!
Reviewed on 29 June 2017
I bought this for my baby transitioning out of a swaddle and she loved it! My baby always managed to break free from her traditional swaddle so the Love to dream swaddle up was perfect for her. She slept much longer and much better in it. Cons of the product: the hand parts where baby sucks to self soothe would get dirty very quickly and stained. It was very hard to remove the stains.
Helpful to mummas
Reviewed on 25 June 2017
I bought this a couple of months ago when it was warmer, and it was just so easy to transition my baby from being swaddles with arms to without arms. I started off unzipping one arm out for a couple nights and then both. He transitioned very well. Great product
Reviewed on 02 June 2017
Great product that slowly introduces arms out sleeping to your bub. Our bub loved having her arms in and wouldn't settle with both arms straight out. Using the 50/50 swaddle we could switch arms nightly until she was able to settle with both arms out.
Fantastic to Transition to Sleeping bag
Reviewed on 08 May 2017
Love to dream swaddles are perfect for bubs who dont like to be conventionally swaddled but prefer to be able to run their faces albeit with protection from their little nails.. I found the 50/50 perfect for transitioning my little boy into a sleeping bag ready for summer :)
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