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newbeginnings everyday maternity bra black
newbeginnings everyday maternity bra black
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newbeginnings everyday maternity bra black2
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New Beginnings Everyday Maternity Bra

The technology behind the  New Beginnings Everyday Maternity Bra will gently mould to your body, feeling like a comfortable second skin, providing ultimate support with uGrow™ Technology. Breathable double layer fabric for the perfect fit. 

The Everyday Maternity Bra is quite literally, your ‘everyday’ must have!

With a wire free frame, super supportive cups, removable padding and breathable double fabric, comfort is undeniable. The drop down clasps also allow for easy one handed use while maintaining support as you breastfeed. No underwire, clips, buttons or straps.

As a new mum, you will always need at least 3 bras on hand. One to wear, one in the wash, and one in the cupboard for the next day.

use: Ideal for breastfeeding

  • UGrow™ technology
  • Super supportive cups
  • Elastane blend for optimum comfort
  • Removable padding 
  • Breathable double fabric
  • Ideal for breastfeeding
  • No underwire, clips, buttons or straps
  • Steady and gentle support
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so comfortable!
Reviewed on 26 November 2018
I brought so many bras & this is hands down the best it’s so comfortable & easy to use quickly especially if you have a hungry bubba that can’t wait !
Very comfortable bra.
Reviewed on 05 February 2018
I brought this bra when I was pregnant with my son. I used this bra from about 6 months into my pregnancy it was just so comfortable better then a bra with a wire. After my son was born I didn’t breastfeed so this bra was so helpful it was comfortable when I was in discomfort and thankgod I rarely leaked. Sorry ladies for the details just informing other mums. I highly recommend this bra I only gave 3 stars cause of the price I do wish it was a little cheaper so I can buy plenty more.
Best maternity bra around
Reviewed on 26 October 2017
This is my absolute favourite maternity bra and sure to be breast feeding bra (after this baby is born I'm sure of it!) I love the fit and feel of this bra, it is so comfortable and has the perfect amount of support that you know your wearing a bra but also comfortable enough to sleep in without knowing your wearing a bra especially for after baby is born. This is my third pregnancy and my chest had increased two sizes already by 20weeks. I had started wearing my old maternity bras but when I came across this one I have literally thrown out the rest and bought 2 of these! I love that it fits like a crop top but goes on like a normal bra with the back enclosure. The width of the straps is perfect and not to small that you get marks in your shoulder but not to large that it's obvious a feeding bra like others I have used in the past. The width combined with softness of the fabric and stretch is absolutly perfect around the sides of your chest and limits back rolls. I like the fit of the crop top at the front and have no overhang of breast at the top like others. The removable cups are great for when your milk in coming in and that they can be removed is also very handy. I feel that this bra will be my favourite once the baby arrives as I feel the clip is quite easy to undo one handed for feeding. I highly recommend this maternity bra for pregnancy and breast feeding and so glad I found it even If it is third time around!
Soft and accommodating for breastfeeding mums
Reviewed on 25 October 2017
I was very excited to try this Maternity Bra and it did not disappoint. I found that it moulded to my breast shape dependant on if my breath were full of milk or post feed. There was no sagging in the cups post feed it just simply moulded to my changing breast sizes. It is so comfortable I wear it to bed and because it has no wire it does not dig in under the breast. It's easy to manipulate the clasps with one hand which makes life a lot easier. It's great for the warm climate I live in as the fabric is breathable. It is also durable as I wash it daily in a garment bag and still looks new wash after wash.
Comfortable and Supportive
Reviewed on 22 October 2017
I received this bra and have been really happy with it. A lot of Bra’s I have worn during pregnancy have not been this comfortable. It is soft and stretchy yet gives decent support with the adjustable straps and with these and the stretch and the adjustable back, I’m sure it will adjust to size as my boobs do when feeding. It also gives a good shape with the option to have the padding in or out. I have not had to use the clip yet but it’s seems to have a smooth Clip on and off whilst needed for breastfeeding.
Super comfy and flexible
Reviewed on 20 October 2017
I mainly tried out this bra as I am in need of one that will stretch and change as I do (as we all know your boobs go crazy in pregnancy!) this bra is very stretchy which makes it super comfy! It feels more like a crop top than a bra but has the adjustable back and insertanle pads which makes it a great bra while still being great to sleep in! I haven't had it long enough to comment on how it grows with your boobs once your milk comes in, but I'm very confident given its stretch and clasps that it will handle the change well. The clips are super easy to use for feeding too which is always good! The only other thing I could mention is it was in the warmer side of bras. But hey I have been wearing it in QLD on 36 degree days so there is no such thing as an ideal bra on those days unless it's made from ice - but I did find it a bit hot so if you are looking for something to exercise in I would find something more breathable. By seriously the bra is great.
I threw out the others!
Reviewed on 16 October 2017
This little guy does not feel like your average maternity/breastfeeding bra! It has support similar to a regular t-shirt bra, without the wires. The material is so soft and spongy that it almost feels like you are wearing nothing at all! The straps adjust easily, and the front pads unclip for ease of breastfeeding. I found that throughout the whole day I was comfortable, regardless of whether my baby had just fed or was due for a feed. The sizing guide is true - it fitted me perfectly. I cannot fault this product and will be buying more! ☺️
So comfortable
Reviewed on 16 October 2017
I won this bra and I thought it was so comfortable and supportive it felt like I wasn't wearing one. So soft and easy to breastfeed in
Best maternity/feeding bra I've used
Reviewed on 15 October 2017
I was lucky enough to win & review this bra, after reading many positive things about them and wondering if I should buy one. I was put off by not being able to try on in person, but now wish I had bought one much sooner. They have not disappointed! Incredibly comfortable (can even wear to bed) , good support, not visible under clothes and great quality. Highly recommend!
Reviewed on 26 September 2017
I brought this bra when I first found out I was pregnant as my breast were soo tender especially when sleeping I would often wake through the night and be in pain. I'm now 15 weeks and wear this bra all the time! (Even to bed for support) So comfortable and it's going to make breastfeeding so easy!
Reviewed on 02 May 2017
Very supportive and comfortable
Super comfortable
Reviewed on 13 April 2017
I've had one of these bras since my first baby was born. I wear it to bed mostly because it is so soft and moulds perfectly. It has served me through breastfeeding 2 babies and has not stretched or thinned in anyway. Excellent quality that lasts for ages!!
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