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newbeginnings Back Support Tube
newbeginnings Back Support Tube
newbeginnings Back Support Tube1
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newbeginnings Back Support Tube white medium
newbeginnings Back Support Tube white large
newbeginnings Back Support Tube white XL
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newbeginnings Back Support Tube white small

New Beginnings Back Support Tube

The New Beginnings Support Tube is a soft micro-fibre tube designed for pelvis and lower back support during pregnancy. Made with a unique inter knitted control band extending from the back to the sides and under the abdomen, giving shape and complete support. It comfortably lifts  your stomach to relieve pressure

The New Beginnings Support Tube is created with ultimate comfort in mind, to feel like a ‘second skin’. The back support tube is undetectable under tight clothing and can serve as a fashion layer too.

use: Designed for pelvis and lower back support during pregnancy

  • Seamless microfibre fabric
  • Supportive control band, relieving pressure off your back
  • Can be layered and worn under tight clothing
  • Comfortably lifts stomach to relieve pressure
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Life saver at work
Reviewed on 27 February 2019
I have tried a couple of brands and find this one the comfiest. Working in a retail setting I was always on my feet, and this band helped support me in all the right places. It has a great stretch to it, not too tight and not too loose, and has survived so many washes over 2 pregnancies- still going strong. It is also great for giving extra coverage, covering an expanding belly down over expanding pants
Simple but great
Reviewed on 23 September 2018
I have such a bad back from haven kids and now I’m preg with Bub four it’s even worse I wear my belly support everyday and it gives me so much relief
Does the job perfectly
Reviewed on 27 July 2018
I purchased this last week and I absolutely love it. As my back is getting sore during this pregnancy I found it gave me the support I need. Its comfortable and hugs the belly nicely. It does take the pressure away from my tummy too which can be very uncomfortable while walking alot. I high reccomend this product. Wish I bought it with my first baby lol
Great Support
Reviewed on 19 December 2017
I was starting to suffer from some back pain during my pregnancy and then I bought this back support tube. This just helped to carry all the weight of the pregnancy belly and alleviate most of the back pain for the rest of the pregnancy. Also helped keep my belly warm and covered in winter. It was one of the best things I purchased for myself during the pregnancy.
Light Weight, Cool Fabric
Reviewed on 15 October 2017
I suffered terrible rib and back pain in my first pregnancy so needed a little extra support in holding everything firm and my belly upwards to reduce pressure off the ribs and back. Ive been wearing the Back Support Tube for about a week now and its great. You can definately feel the instant added support when wearing it. The fabric is very light weight and cool, and is well hidden under clothing. While I still get the occasional rib and back pain, it is definitely reduced from my last pregnancy. The only down side that I found is that the sizing is quite generous. ie. Prior to pregnancy, I was a size 14-16 top, so got an XL. I personally find that I would have benefitted more by having a tighter fitting garment, for added support, so should have got a size smaller instead. Personal preferences, but I would suggest trying on before buying as the sizing is quite generous.
Turned my pregnancy around
Reviewed on 29 September 2017
I was having such issues with pain and pressure after working all day and rushing to school pick up around 28 weeks. My mum (a midwife) suggested I find something for support. I never used anything during my first pregnancy but took her advice and bought one of these. It was amazing. I no longer had the pressure and pain and my back felt supported. The material is strong but lightweight which meant I was not swealtering in the Qld heat. I wish I had started wearing this earlier and highly recommend.
Wish i used it sooner
Reviewed on 30 July 2017
I had bad back pain in the last few months of my 2nd pregnancy. I was referred to the physio and given a "wrap" it was bulky big and ugly and didnt do the job it was meant to. I bit the bullet and bought this when i was at my wits end after umming and arghing about it. So glad i did. It worked a treat 👌 and a bonus/plus is that it comes in both black and white which means it can be used as a layer to cover open zips from a growing belly to just using it as a "fashion statement" only down side to when i bought it was i should have gone a size up as we should when we have growing bellies to cater for.
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