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Babybjorn Cradle


The Babybjorn Cradle has a gentle springy movement similar to that of a pram. You can easily rock the cradle with your hands or feet, but it will also respond to the child’s own movements.

This modern cradle from Babybjorn has a stable contruction and facilitates supervision of your baby.  Protective anti-slide pads will prevent the cradle from moving around and protect the floor and the mesh fabric and the low height mean that you can watch your child sleeping securely in the cosy cradle. 

The cradle is ideal for the first few months when your baby will sleep little but often. It is light and compact so you can easily move it around the home, from room to room. The Cradle enables you to be near your child at all times – day and night.

The sides of the cradle are made from soft and airy mesh fabric. As this allows the baby to breathe through the fabric, you need not worry if the baby’s face is close to the sides of the cradle. You do not need to buy a crib bumper for the cradle because the sides are made entirely of fabric – there are no bars or loose parts to trap tiny hands or feet.  

The airy mesh fabric of the cradle and canopy (additional) allows air to circulate freely. The springy movement is gentle and controlled. There are no loose parts. This is what we call safe design.

Note: You can use the cradle until your baby weighs 8 kg, or until your baby can sit up, kneel or stand unaided.

The cradle is easy to assemble and everything you need is included – two screws and a key. Weight of cradle: 6 kg
A fitted mattress is included.

Note! Do not place any other mattresses in the cradle.

All fabrics are kind to your baby's skin and safe to taste. Free from health-hazardous substances and certified according to Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Class I for baby products. That’s important to us!  Main fabric, mesh fabric and padding: 100% polyester. Mattress cover: 100% cotton. Legs: wood and steel. Feet: TPE plastic
Mattress: polyether foam

Cradle fabric: Machine wash, 40°C. Mattress and cover: Machine wash, 60°C. Wash separately with a gentle, bleach-free detergent. Do not tumble dry.

age range: Suitable for use from newborn to approximately 6 months, maximum weight 8 kg.

features: You can easily rock the cradle with your hands or feet, but it will also respond to the child’s own movements. The Babybjorn Cradle is a modern cradle with a stable construction. Its protective anti-slide pads will prevent the cradle from moving around and protect the floor. Assembled: 58‍ x‍ 79‍ x‍ 65 cm. Folded up: 58‍ x‍ 79‍ x‍ 13 cm

mattress size : 36 x 72 cm (included)

  • Has a gentle springy movement similar to that of a pram
  • Protective anti-slide pads will prevent the cradle from moving
  • It is light and compact so you can easily move it around the home. Weight of cradle: 6 kg
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A must have!
Reviewed on 14 March 2021
We searched for so long for a cradle that suited my little one. The Babybjorn was a winner! Easy to wash, with light movements to rock baby to sleep (assist in settling) and with the most beautiful neutral toned fabric that isn't harsh on babies skin.
Shu Shen
Great baby bassinet
Reviewed on 24 September 2018
We looked around for a while before deciding on the BabyBjorn for our firstborn's bassinet. We wanted a safe sleep space that works within the confines of our small bedroom. The size, portability, gentle springy movements and its mattress decided it for us. It also looks pretty and fabrics are easy to remove for wash. Our little one loves her cradle and self-settles in it. She spent most of her sleeping time in it in her first few months and developed great sleeping habits. We have brought the cradle around our house whether it's our bedroom, living room, kitchen and dining so she can be near us at all times especially during the newborn stage. Is it worth the money for such a short time usage? Yes if you have a small bedroom, want something portable and within an arms reach, and do not want to compromise on quality. It still looks brand new even though it has been used all day for 5.5 months.
Classically beautiful
Reviewed on 24 July 2018
I am currently using this cradle for baby number two and it still looks brand new. Accidents do happen but you can easily un zip wash and line dry...nice and quick drying as well. It has a gentle rock feature for baby. It's a great height to see baby from your bed however it's a little low for lifting baby in and out (not a big problem just need to remember the squat more then bend). The best feature is that its timeless, looks elegant and is completely unisex. Worth the money.
So convenient!!!
Reviewed on 23 October 2017
I purchased our Babybjorn cradle and used it for my first born and second child! So light and easy to move from room to room. Stays like brand new as I just unzip the cover and pop it in the washing machine. Nice and compact. Easy to rock and BEAUTIFUL.
Worth The $$$ Loved My Baby Bjorn Cradle
Reviewed on 16 April 2017
I absolutely loved my Babybjorn Cradle. I'm not going to lie, it was one of the more expensive ones out on the market, BUT I believe its totally worth the money. It not only looks lovely, but it has so many great features. I wanted something that I could easily move from room to room, and this cradle was super light. It could easily be flattened if I needed to take it somewhere, like on holiday. The soft mesh fabric allows you to view your baby. Every fabric part is able to be removed and put in the washing machine. I had to pull it apart after a little poo accident, resulted in some of the mesh being contaminated. It came out of the wash, good as new. Its held together by zippers. The way the cradle is designed is that its on steel springy legs which allow the cradle to rock gently with the baby's own movement. I loved rocking the cradle while I laid in bed. Rocking was easy to do so and my son would always quickly drift off to sleep when this was done. I did like that the cradle was lower then others I'd seen, as this was great as I put the cradle next to me in bed every night. I could hang an arm out and rock him. I loved that I could also see him sleeping through the mesh. The look of this is simply stunning. It looked very modern and a lovely piece of furniture. Also it doesn't take up much room. Anyone looking for a bassinet, look no further as this is the one for you.
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