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Next2Me Silver 2
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chicco Next2Me co sleeping bassinet sleeping
chicco Next2Me co sleeping bassinet next to bed
chicco Next2Me co sleeping bassinet in bedroom
chicco Next2Me co sleeping bassinet top view
chicco Next2Me co sleeping bassinet
chicco Next2Me co sleeping bassinet incline
chicco Next2Me co sleeping bassinet open
chicco Next2Me co sleeping bassinet see
chicco Next2Me co sleeping bassinet side view
chicco Next2Me co sleeping bassinet carry bag

Chicco Next2Me Bedside Crib

Keep your little one close by and safe at night with this small, light-weight and compact co-sleeping cot perfect for travelling or for use in the home.

Made from a soft washable fabric that can be folded down easily for portability. Comes with six different height positions therefore adapting to most beds. Articulated feet secure under bed drawers with safe and simple fastening mechanism, letting you sleep closer to your child safely.

As your child grows, Next2Me can also be detached from your bed and used in your child’s bedroom, keeping a familiar sleeping environment for your child. Semi-reclined mode aids digestion and avoids regurgitation. The two wheels with brakes and anti-slip feet make the Next2Me easy to move from room to room.

Includes padded mattress and mesh window for ventilation.

age range: Suitable from newborn to 6m+

features: 6 height positions. Wheels & brakes. Travel bag for easy transport. Comfortable & close. Attaches securely

size: 93L x 69W x 66/81H cm

mattress size : 80.2L x 49.5W x 4.5H cm

  • Keep your little one close by and safe at night
  • Comes with six different height positions therefore adapting to most beds. 
  • As your child grows, Next2Me can also be detached from your bed and used in your child’s bedroom
  • Semi-reclined mode aids digestion and avoids regurgitation. 
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Best Crib Ever
Reviewed on 03 July 2018
So this was a hard decision on getting a crib or not. But we had a look & found a Chicco. Can not express how amazing this crib is! The size is great cause bub last longer. It height levels are perfect & I can not express how awesome this crib is! But buy buy
Wouldn't have been without this cot.
Reviewed on 23 April 2018
Chicco’s Next 2 Me Side-Sleeping Crib is great for keeping baby close to you, especially in those first few months. I can't think of anything I would change about this crib, and I have used it for two babies now. (well, one is still in it!) . It has a drop down side as well as a height adjustment feature and ‘tilt functionality', whereby the angle of the crib can be manoeuvred into a variety of positions. It’s also a travel 'cot' – folding up small, with a bag for easy transportation. The crib is easy to put up and is bigger than a Moses basket, so will last longer, but is a bit wobbly if free standing (probably because it's made to sit alongside an adult bed). It comes in neutral colours, plus pink, and is a fair price. Good value for money!
Amazing bed
Reviewed on 02 March 2018
Ok where do I start , over the last 2 months I have tried a few beds with my little miss but she didn't seem to like any of them and just refused sleep , after trying this bed I wish I got this one if the first place. It looks great , easy to assemble, easy to adjust height to suit your bed, easy to attach to your bed and it's very safe , also found that you can raise one side a little that helps with a baby that has reflux because they are not laying flat , great size ( larger than another bassinet I tried ) overall it's just amazing , this bed has saved my sleep , would highly recommend it to anyone and coming from a mum that has a baby with severe reflux it has helped heaps
Best bassinet on the market!
Reviewed on 04 February 2018
After using 3 different types of bassinets we found this one is the one we highly recommend to other parents. It is height adjustable and allows you to raise one side up or down and features a mesh so you can see bubs directly without having to get up. It is also quite wide, the largest we found which was perfect for our premmie twins to lay side by side with plenty of space. Nothing better than having your newborn safely close to you at night in this great bassinet!
Peace of mind!
Reviewed on 22 November 2017
After co sleeping (In my bed!!!) with my first baby I didn't want to get into the habit of doing that with my second. I bought the Chicco co sleeper after shopping around for a safer solution. It has been such a blessing. I love that it is easy to change the bassinet from co sleeping at night to a normal standing bassinet for her day naps. My bed is quite high so the fact that it's height adjustable is great, especially when I had to take it to a hotel - which was extremely easy as it folds up perfectly. What an excellent invention. It has made co sleeping so safe and her transition into the cot (last week) was not such a big change for her as she wasn't sleeping in bed with me. I would highly recommend this safe sleeping bassinet option for the mamas that want to be close to their bubbas.
Highly recommend!!!
Reviewed on 17 July 2017
I absolutely love this next to me bedside crib. My baby has been very fussy with his bedding situation since we brought him home from hospital. I had a basinette but he hates it so he was sleeping in our bed with us. I was so worried I would roll on him or he would get under the covers so this has been a god send and I am sleeping so much better at night knowing he is safe and right there next to me. I love that I can have it right up next to me so he can see me and it makes night time feeds so much easier. He also has a bit of reflux after feeds so it's handy that you can angle it to help with that. I love how it can zip up to be a basinette and also that it can collapse to be portable. It's a great size too so you can get so much use out of it. Even tho its a larger size then most basinettes i have also found that the standard fitted sheets and mattress protectors also fit on it. At one stage we purchase an in bed sleeper but he was so long he grew out of it in 2 weeks. The handy carry bag is great too, we are going on our first family holiday soon to visit family in Queensland and will be taking it with us.
worth every cent
Reviewed on 14 July 2017
As the title states this crib is worth the price tag ,weve been using the crib for 4 days now and its a life saver, not only at night but during the day as a bassinet aswell. i do have a few cons for it though and they are probably only minor design flaws. 1 we can only use the crib on 1 side of our bed and that would be the left and when we want to check on our son it does mean we have to go to the bed, another mesh side panel apart from the one that folds down would come in super handy. another thing is we have noticed that when the crib is in the next2me position the little bit that doesnt go down does get in the way and he hits his head on it i know this was probably a safety feature it just does get a tad annoying (but thats only our opinion). the last thing i did see that it has wheels but when you want to move it the grip on the legs over powers the fact it can move. other than those few things the crib is a major win for us and as a co sleeper i would 110% reccomend this to anyone
Life saver
Reviewed on 30 June 2017
We bought this after the birth of my second daughter and is a life saver! Gone are the days of getting up for night feeds and to check on baby. I can safely roll over and see her if needed and just slide her next to me for her feeds. Would definitely recommend to anyone!
Best value for money
Reviewed on 29 June 2017
I have this crib and my Sony was able to sleep in this up till 11 month as it is so big and roomy and was great when he was sick cause I could have me rite beside me to monitor him
Great for colic
Reviewed on 29 June 2017
After 3 babies I wish I'd found this sooner! Pregnant with my 4th I'm hoping this Bub doesn't get colic like my others did but this bassinet/co sleeper (can be used as both!) is amazing my favourite feature is being able to lower one side so it's tilted!! So perfect for colicky or spewey babies!! Along with being stylish and being able to have bubs safely right next to me this is a must have for all newborns!!
Sleep Saver
Reviewed on 26 June 2017
After friends had their baby 5 weeks earlier than our son was born they said a portable bassinet was handy. My hisband went off in search of the best portable option. Chicco was by far the best, sturdy, easy to maneuver, fold down side so i could just reach over and pick bub up at fed times, folds up completely for travel and best of it was very roomy so outlasted many alternative products on the market!! Do yourself a fav and check this product out we loved it!!
Fabulous and well worth the money!
Reviewed on 26 June 2017
I purchased this bedside crib for my second Bub who was born in November 2016. Learning from my first Bub the amount of times I got up and down at night to resettle Bub in the traditional bassinet we had in our room. Sometimes all Bub would need was a quick pat or dummy put back in but my moving around would wake him further. With this one Bub is right by my side and I can resettle him quickly and quietly without him fully waking and waking the rest of the household. It's like bedsharing without the risks to Bub. My Bub is particularly long- 52cms long born 2 weeks Premmie. He's now Over 7 months old and can still fit in this easily. So the longevity of this over the traditional bassinet is great. My first Bub (who is also quite tall) we had to move into his big cot after only 4 months due to his length. It's quite sturdy in comparison to other bedside cribs I looked at- and the adjustable height is great as we have a quite high king size bed. The only drawback I have found is getting used to getting in and out of bed from the bottom end around the cot. I love it and would totally recommend this product to any prospective parents.
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