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childcare Cosy Time Sleeper   Storm Cloud copy
childcare Cosy Time Sleeper   Storm Cloud copy
childcare Cosy Time Sleeper Grey copy
childcare Cosy Time Sleeper Grey (Front) copy
childcare Cosy Time Sleeper Grey (FR2) copy
childcare  Cosy Time Sleeper Grey (FR1) copy
childcare Cosy Time Sleeper Grey (Open) copy
childcare cosy time sleeper

Childcare Cozy Time Sleeper

The Childcare Cosy Time Sleeper has both a bassinet mode and a bedside sleeper mode. This allows you and your baby to sleep next to each other safely in the first few months.

The Childcare Cosy Time Sleeper is simple to assemble and use, no tools required. Includes 6 position height adjustment and is easy to attach and remove from parent bed.

Built in pocket for straps storage and carry bag included for easy transport.

Fits to most beds. Adjustable feet allow the sleeper to move up close to the adult bed and mattress. Mattress included. Removable and washable lining


age range: Suitable from Birth - 6months (child must not be able to push up on hands and knees)

size: 83L x 94W x 68H cm

mattress size : 74.5L x 34.5W x 2H cm

  • Free standing bassinet mode
  • Simple to assemble and use, no tools required
  • 6 position height adjustment
  • Easy to attach and remove from parent bed
  • Fits to most beds
  • Adjustable feet allow the sleeper to move up close to the adult bed and mattress
  • Mattress included
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Great bassinet
Reviewed on 30 November 2018
Don’t really have anything bad to say about this bassinet, so easy to move around the room and great design. The only con I could think of is the mattress is a little too thin but other than that it works great and much larger than other bassinets
Great product!
Reviewed on 28 November 2018
I chose this bassinet as being a first time mum I really liked the idea of having bub right beside me. The mesh sides gave me great peace of mind as it was so easy to check on my little man. The adjustable height meant I was able to have it set at perfect height for us. Easy to assemble & disassemble, with very handy carrybag included meant that I could travel with this bassinet for the first few months instead of having to purchase a seperate portacot. The only thing that could have improved product would be wheels, as it was a bit difficult transporting between rooms
Must Have Item
Reviewed on 26 November 2018
It is so easy to assemble and is very sturdy. As per SIDS reccomendation, sleeping baby in your room lowers their risk, and this helps keep you close to baby, whilst still having their own sleep surface. It also makes night feeding easier
Amazing! Best baby purchase
Reviewed on 26 July 2018
By far my favourite baby purchase over my five years and three children. Such an amazing and convenient bassinet and it’s also so much bigger than the standard bassinet, my little one was able use it from birth until 11 months old. The materials are strong and durable but also soft and breatheable. There’s multiple height positions to fit to all beds m, also great as a portable bed while out and about, easy to assemble and disassemble too! Such a great product!
Must have
Reviewed on 23 July 2018
As a mum who wants to co sleep but wants safe sleeping for my baby, this was a must have buy. It is spacious and easy to adjust, co sleeping saves you sleep and this makes for safe co sleeping!
Can't live without!
Reviewed on 25 March 2018
I wish I had purchased this from the very beginning. However when my bub outgrew the standard bassinet he was still feesing quite regularly overnight and I just wasn't comfortable with him in his own room down the other end of the house. I can quite simply lean over in bed and lift him up or pop his dummy back in it is perfect!
Worth it!
Reviewed on 09 February 2018
We have used the co-sleeper for about 5 months and can’t fault it. I was able to sleep woth bub without worrying that we will unconciously squish him. The co-sleeper has an adjustable height so fits most bed. We have also used the co-sleeper when we travel for family weekend outing and it is so easy to pack and assemble. Would highly recommend this to soon to be mums!
Can't live without!
Reviewed on 21 November 2017
I upgraded to the cozy time sleeper from a standard size bassinet as i wasn't ready to move my bub into his cot in his own room. The extra space in this bassinet was generous and it goes without saying that it was a lifesaver! My son still wakes 2-3 times a night for feeds, plus the occasional need to pop his dummy back in.. and being able to simply lean over and put it back in or pick him up and feed without having to get out of bed is just fantastic. The height of the bassinet can be adjusted to suit your own bed height and the side zips down for easy access. I can't believe I didn't buy one sooner now that I have it!
Best bassinet!
Reviewed on 09 August 2017
I have to say that this bassinet has helped me and the little one get that extra bit of sleep as it is attached to the bed, I can respond to him quickly without having to get up and now that his starting to sleep in all sorts of positions I can just look over and keep an eye on him - again without having to get up. Not going to like it when I have to move him out. Best bassinet ever!
Life saver
Reviewed on 26 June 2017
I bought this two weeks after coming home. Baby just wouldn't settle in a normal bassinet and this has been my best friend. Baby is able to see me and doesnt wake up abery half an hour feeling lonely and to nurse is the best cause she is just next to me she doesnt cry until waking up.. One of my best investments.
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