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Leander Cot


The Leander Cot is world renowned for its beautiful design where the organic, oval shape and the curved lines adds softness and elegance to its appearance. High quality materials and a superior level of craftsmanship applied to the production means the cot will last for generations. Danish furniture making at its best and the Scandinavian heritage is strong.

The child’s perspective is important in Leander’s designs and the cot design incorporates several different configurations to follow the development from baby to child, from cot to junior bed.

The 5 configurations of the Leander Cot are:
  • A) With the base in the high position the cot acts as a bassinet for your newborn.
  • B) Once baby is mobile and can pull him-/herself up to sitting the base is moved down and the full height of the rails protect your child.
  • C) When your child has a good concept of sleeping and can walk, you can remove one rail side and give him/her free access in and out of the cot. The other high sides remain and add familiarity and a sense of security while this new level of freedom is explored.
  • D) Next you can remove the other rail side and both the top ends to create a small bed. The cot is gone and a new era begins.
  • E) The final stage is the junior bed where an extension kit (optional extra) allows you to extend the bed by 30cm, to 150cm which suits most children up to the age of 5-7 years old.
The Leander cot is made from European beech carefully processed into plywood and finished with water based paint and lacquers. The mattresses (choice of two - which are additional) are made by Europe’s top manufacturer and offer an unsurpassed level of breathability and comfort. A comprehensive range of accessories are available as well as complimenting furniture pieces.

size: The cot measures 120x70cm and when extended into the junior bed it measures 150x70cm

mattress size : 116L x 66W cm

converts: From Cot to Junior Bed with optional extra Junior Bed Extension Kit

  • World renowned for its beautiful design
  • Incorporates several different configurations to follow the development from baby to child, from cot to junior bed.
  • The 5 configurations of the Leander Cot
  • Made from European beech carefully processed into plywood and finished with water based paint and lacquers.
  • Mattresses additional -choice of two
  • Junior bed extension additional
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Snooze in style
Reviewed on 28 March 2018
The Leander Cot had long been on my wishlist so when I fell pregnant with what would be our last baby I knew that I would have to buy it! I am happy to say that I have not been disappointed and fall more in love with this stunning piece of furniture each day. The Leander Cot is unbridled in quality; having owned different cots before, I can say that this one is a whole new level. Sturdy, well finished and made of the best materials, this cot is built to last and has certainly stood the test so far. There is never any paint chipping off or squeking slats. Not only is it great quality, but it is functional too. The base has two heights, I found that the upper height was the perfect position for reaching baby without placing too much stress on your back. Leaning over the sides to pat baby to sleep was actually quite comfortable! Once your baby starts sitting then the base can be lowered to ensure they cannot climb out, particularly handy when you have a very adventurous little one. The side rail also comes off easily and you can purchase a bed extension kit to turn the Leander cot into a toddler bed, though I have not personally used those features yet, I have heard from friends that they are a great addition. Perhaps my favourite thing, is the stunning look and design. The beech wood is a neutral colour which goes with everything and the design is modern and unique. It really does bring something special to the nursery and I find myself admiring it often. Whilst there are many positives, I did find it a little frustrating that you can only purchase the Leander mattress due to the shape of the cot. This cot is also in the upper price range so not really suitable for those on a tight budget. Having said that, I would absolutely still recommend the Leander cot as a functional, great quality place for your baby to sleep.
Awesome cot
Reviewed on 25 March 2018
My mum purchased this cot for our little one who has just turned 4 and only now has stopped using it. It has two mattress levels which was great when he was tiny as I didn’t have to bend down to pick him up. Once he outgrew the cot it turned into a toddler bed which he loved as he was familiar with. Highly recommend this cot!
Stylish, practical and designer quality!
Reviewed on 13 April 2017
We bought this cot a few months back to prepare for our first little miss or mr! We set it up in our nursery and it looks absolutely amazing. It's not too big, and it's not to high in height making it easier for me as I'm short! The design is so sleek and the finish of the product is very high. Exactly what you want your little one to sleep in! Definitely recommend!
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