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Joie Dreamer Bouncer

The Joie Dreamer Bouncer is a cosy cradler that bounces and rocks to comfort baby. It is an ultra-compact, travel friendly rocker that folds fully flat.
The seat gently rocks with a push or when baby moves. It includes a 3 position reclining seat, 2 position adjustable leg rest, 2 speed soothing vibration and  5 classical lullabies and 5 nature sounds.

It comes complete with a removable, washable, plush infant body support, removable, washable seat pad.

Either rock or convert to stationary seat. Includes removable, rotating toy bar with 2 toys. Open top design. Soft-Touch harness with lower buckle cover

age range: Suitable from Birth- 9kg

seat positions : 3 position reclining seat and 2 position adjustable leg rest offer comfort options for baby

motion : Rock stop foot flips down to convert to stationary seat. Bounces and Rocks.

includes: 2 speed soothing vibration pairs with 5 classical lullabies and 5 nature sounds. Removable, washable, plush infant body support and seat pad. Removable, rotating toy bar with 2 toys for playtime entertainment.

  • Bounces and rocks to comfort baby.
  • It is an ultra-compact, travel friendly rocker that folds fully flat.
  • Either rock or convert to stationary seat. I
  • Soft-Touch harness with lower buckle cover
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My daughter still loves it, she's one.
Reviewed on 05 July 2018
When I was pregnant nearing the baby shower, I searched high and low for a nice rocker/bouncer that I could add to my registry that is pretty neutral and looks good. I gotta be honest, most things I wanted pre-baby were all neutral or plain and looks overshadowed function. I came across the Khloe and Bert Joie Dreamer Bouncer and fell inlove with the stlye so I added it to my wishlist. Contrary to most things I wished for before our little one was earth side, this was actually one of the few things that functioned well and served its actual purpose. In the early days this rocker made eating and having a very quick shower possible. Later on, I realised it was stimulating Stella's curiosity when she learned to rock it and she realised that the toys move when she moves. She loved watching the toys and trying to reach for them. Now that she's bigger and nearing it's weight limit, she puts her toys in it and rocks them to sleep. She also turns on the lullabies for her toys or so she can dance to the music. This rocker is sturdy, isn't bulky and folds compact/flat. We've taken this rocker places because it packs well and made life so much easier for us especially in the early days. I like the safety feature on the belt where you have to press 3 points instead of just 2, incase my kid gets smart and tries to unbuckle herself. It is easily cleaned, it has lived through spews and the accidental poonami. I would highly recommend to parents who are looking for something functional and looks good!
I wish I invested in one of these sooner 😍
Reviewed on 30 August 2017
I will start by saying, wow! I wish I purchased a Joie bouncer sooner. I am a first time mum with a 13 week old baby girl, my partner works away, so he is only home one week in every 3. So looking after bub is on me most of the time. I have the most beautiful little girl, but she doesn't like too much time on her own, she loves being with her mumma 24/7, night sleeps are ok, we can usually get 4-6 hours straight with her sleeping in her co sleeper, but day sleeps have always been tough, she will only sleep on me. So through the day I will camp up on the couch everytime she needs a sleep, or I will put her in her carrier, which both aren't great options, but my baby needs sleep, so I have been doing everything I can to make sure she is sleeping when she needs. I was extremely lucky to win the Joie Dreamer rocker and bouncer. I was extremely excited to try this product. The first thing I want to say is my baby fell asleep in it within the first half an hour. She hasn't slept anywhere but on me through the day since she was a week or 2 old. At first I didn't know what to do with myself, I am so use to stopping everything so she can have a sleep, now with the rocker, I am able to be productive and get things done around the house whilst she has the majority of her day sleeps in her rocker. Not only does my daughter sleep in her rocker, but she loves being in it in general. I can pick her up in it and move her between rooms which is very handy. She has a swing, but would get fussy in it after 10-20 minutes and would need to be picked up, with her rocker she is happy in it consistently. The Joie bouncer is full of amazing features: - The bouncer will accommodate babies with a weight capacity up to 13kgs - It is Ultra slim, and folds up nice and compact for easy storage in even the smallest spaces. And as a Mum I know that most of our space now is taken up with baby things, so the fact the rocker folds up small enough to go under the bed, under my babies draws, behind the couch etc is great. - The Seat gently rocks and bounces with a push or when baby moves which is great for when my baby moves or startled herself whilst sleeping, the rocking puts her back to sleep. - I live between 2 houses so the rocket being lightweight and easily portable makes it a lot easier to transport between houses. It is also perfect for traveling. - 3 position reclining seat and 2 position adjustable leg rest offer comfort options for baby - so many options make the Joie bouncer perfect for all babies. - 2 speed soothing vibration pairs with 5 classical lullabies and 5 nature sounds to calm little ones - my baby loves the vibration. It helps to settle and calm her and also helps to keep her settled whilst sleeping. The sound options as great, there is something for all babies and suitable volume options for all occasions. - Removable, washable, plush infant body support and seat pad are cosy and perfectly cocoon baby - my baby is so very comfortable in the bouncer. - Rock stop foot flips down to convert to stationary seat - my baby loves sitting as upright as possible. She loves the rocker as a seat, it allows her to see everything that is going on around her, and it is great for me knowing she had a safe spot to sit. - Removable, rotating toy bar with 2 toys for playtime entertainment - the toys create endless entertainment, when the rocker is rocking the toys move around and my baby is glued to them, - Open top design for easy access to baby - very easy to put bub in and get bub out, I find it a lot easier on my back than other baby seats. Constant bending and lifting can take a toll, but I find the positions on the rocker are much easier to lift from. - SoftTouch, 3-point harness with soft lower buckle cover - the harness is safe, comfortable and easy to use. The material that the bouncer is beautiful and I love the colours and patterns. To sum it up, I love the Joie dreamed rocker and bouncer. I really do wish I had one of these in my house sooner. I think it would be amazing for all mums, but especially mums with clingy babies who struggle to put them down and attend to house duties, study, go to the loo, and any other activities that we struggle to do whilst carrying our baby around. As much as we love it, constantly carrying our babies around takes it's toll on our body, especially having a big baby. The rocker has taken a lot of pressure off my back and shoulders. The Joie dreamer rocker and bouncer is very competitively priced and the perfect product for both mum and bub.
Fantastic product!
Reviewed on 18 August 2017
The Joie Dreamer bouncer is amazing. From having a clingy baby and learning to do most things one handed to being able to put her down and get things done quicker and her being content not being held is unbelievable. It both looks great and has fantastic design features. The bouncer has 2 vibrate settings for babies like mine that love the car and movement but they can be turned off altogether if they don't. There are different recline positions and foot rest positions depending on your babies age and preferences and a comfortable restraining belt. As we have floorboards I found it so lovely that they put non-slip rubber on the bottom rails so it stays where I put it. For babies entertainment/ distraction there are different melodies and sounds to choose from, but more importantly volume settings for them. I also love that the melodies aren't those annoying ear shattering types that are sometimes on cheaper toys and products but that they are nice soothing lullabies and good sound quality. There is also the mobile on the side that can be put in a variety of positions and my baby loves staring at the gorgeous toys moving about as she bounces. You can change it from a rocker to a bouncer easily and its lightweight to move where you need and easy to store then not in use. Doing tasks like washing dishes, having a shower and attending to our 5 year old etc were so difficult but now are so easy without the Joie Dreamer Bouncer. Everything on this amazing product is adjustable and intuitive so you can set it up to suit yourself and your baby however you need. My beautiful baby loves it! The clever designs in this product is worth every cent, they are really aimed at baby comfort and happiness!
Excellent bouncer
Reviewed on 26 June 2017
I'm extremely happy with this product, with a baby who never liked sleeping during the day in the early weeks of life. I set out and bought this bouncer, it has been a God send to me as I can now get things done around gr8 he house all I do is pop him in it and leave him to sleep. I like how it rocks and bounces to calm your baby with a gentle rock and push Best product I have ever bought
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