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oricom Babysense2 breathing baby monitor
oricom Babysense2 breathing baby monitor
oricom digital monitor SC55
oricom Babysense2 breathing baby monitor2

Oricom Babysense2 Infant Breathing Movement Monitor + Secure 55 DECT Audio Monitor


The Oricom Babysense2 monitors the breathing movement rate of your sleeping baby so you can sleep with greater peace of mind.  The Oricom Babysense2 will alert you audibly and visually should these breathing movements fall below a certain rate or not be detected. An audible alarm is activated if your baby’s breathing movement slows to a rate of less than 10 breaths per minute or cannot be detected for more than 20 seconds. The control unit connects to sensor pads placed under your baby’s mattress. Size of sensor pad is 216mm in diameter

The Babysense2 is battery operated. Powered by 4 size AA, 1.5 volt hight quality Alkaline batteries (not supplied). Power consumption approx. 1mA. Battery Life approx. 6 months using high quality alkaline batteries. Alarm volume typically 85dB SPL at a distance of once meter from control unit.

The Oricom Babysense2 is included as a medical device on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods
  (ARTG No. 97479). Babysense2 is intended for use as an Infant Apnoea Alarm. 


The Babysense2 comes complete with the Oricom Secure55 DECT Audio Baby Monitor for added reassurance.

Keep a watchful ear on baby at all times with the Oricom Secure55 DECT Digital Baby Monitor. Its crystal clear sound and zero interference ensures peace of mind at all times. Includes some fantastic features such as a night light, parent talk back, sound sensitive light display,VOX function, out of range/ low battery warning, and rechargable batteries for Parent unit (supplied).

Download the Babysense2 User Manual

Download the Secure55 User Manual

features: The Oricom Babysense2 monitors the breathing movement rate of your sleeping baby so you can sleep with greater peace of mind. The Oricom Babysense2 will alert you audibly and visually should these breathing movements fall below a certain rate or not be detected. The Oricom SC55 DECT Audio Baby Monitor provides crystal clear sound and zero interference, out of range/ low battery warning, night light, parent talk back

sound and volume: Babysense2 : An audible alarm is activated if your babys breathing movement is not detected or slows down.SC55 DECT Audio Monitor: Sound sensitive light display,VOX function

baby and parent unit: SC55 DECT Audio Monitor : Parent unit including rechargable batteries. 2x power adapters included

frequency range: SC55 Audio Monitor up to 300m in line sight

warranty: Babysense 2: 2 years. SC55 DECT Audio Monitor : 3 years

  • The Oricom Babysense2 monitors the breathing movement rate of your sleeping baby
  • The Oricom Babysense2 will alert you audibly and visually should these breathing movements fall below a certain rate or not be detected.
  • Oricom Secure55 DECT Digital Baby Monitor has zero interference ensures
  • Includes night light, parent talk back, sound sensitive light display and other great featuress
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Worth the money
Reviewed on 28 May 2018
I absolutely love this it gives me a peace of mind knowing my baby is ok while I'm either doing housework or during sleeps. It's very easy to use and super sensitive making it so much more relaxing knowing baby is breathing. Suitable for every parent I would say. I wish I had this with my first 2 babies. I cant live without it now
Peace of Mind
Reviewed on 26 March 2018
So glad to have the peace of mind of the oricom babysense 2 with my first born baby!
Not much use if you use a fan in the same room
Reviewed on 04 February 2018
I bought this product hoping it would give me some relief and stress a little less while my little bubba slept on his tummy, but we found that if we had the fan on in the room it wouldn’t work, as soon as we turned the fan off the alarm would go off, but if we had the fan on and took baby out without turning the monitor off the alarm wouldn’t go off. So really unless you don’t use a fan it’s not much use... possibly in winter when you don’t need a fan, The idea is great but not much use to me in summer.
Very sensitive
Reviewed on 04 December 2017
I bought this product with my second child after having severe anxiety after my first. Although it has many great features listed, I found it would go off in the middle of the night at the slightest noise. This meant I hardly slept. I have since resorted to no monitor as this monitor was sending me into a panic several times a night.
Oricom babysense2 sensor mats
Reviewed on 22 November 2017
Money well spent! Breathing sensor mats. I wish I had these when I had my first baby. I have them now with my second and feel much better knowing I have them. Haven't had any problems with them. Really really easy to set up and use. Helps put your mind at ease when bub is sleeping.
Absolutely lifesaver
Reviewed on 22 November 2017
We were hesitant on having a breathing monitor as we didn't use one previously. But we have in and got this one. Our little man slept in his cot and the monitor was on every night. One night we were woken up by the alarm and our little man wasn't breathing. We scooped him up and after some help with some mouth to mouth he came to within a couple of minutes. And by the time the ambulance arrived he was ok. After a night in hospital we were sent home with no definite answer as to what happened but that if we didn't have that breathing monitor we would not have had the same outcome. We recommend this product to everyone we talk to. It is so easy to install and to use. The fact u can use just one pad when they aren't as mobile and then add the second is just excellent. And the flashing light is easy to check that u have it switched on. Definitely worth every cent!!
Great peace of mind
Reviewed on 02 October 2017
I purchased these when I started to lay awake listening to my newborn breathing.. the first night the monitor was installed I went to sleep with out counting his breathing. I have had no false alarms and tests runs always alarm as designed. Very happy with this product 👍
Peace of mind
Reviewed on 06 September 2017
With my first baby I found myself getting up several times a night and checking on her to make sure she was okay then I purchased one of these with my second baby and found it was a great peace of mind and made for a good nights sleep in between feeds it has amazing features and is worth every cent! I will definitely be using it for my next Bubba!
Can't put a price on peace of mind
Reviewed on 14 August 2017
I am a first time Mum, so it is a given that we are going to worry more than mums who have other kids. Night times are always the scariest with a new baby, we hear so much about sids that night times can be very stressful. The baby sense 2 is listed on the Australian register of therapeutic goods as a medical device. It is the only monitor that is listed as a medical device. This gave me huge peace of mind knowing this is such a good product, that it is listed as a medical device. It helps when my bub is breathing so softly I cannot hear her, I watch the blue flashing light to know she is still breathing and fine. This monitor continuously monitors the breathing movement rate if my baby and if my babies breathing rate slows it has an alarm. This is a great feature as it will alarm me if my babies breathing slows, rather than only if my babies breathing stopped. This monitor is easy to install in all cots and bassinets, and oricom were very helpful when I contacted them to ensure I had installed it correctly in my cocoon bassinet. They responded to my email with 30 minutes. It is easy to change between cot and bassinet as my baby day sleeps in her bassinet and sleeps in her cot at night. The daily test into ensure the sensor is working correctly is quick and easy to run each morning. The monitor takes AA batteries and it doesn't seem to drain the batteries quickly, I haven't changed the batteries in almost 3 months and it is still working perfectly. The oricom babysense 2 is a great product for all mums. It gives us peace of mind our baby is happy, safe and breathing in their sleep. Cannot put a price on peace of mind.
The best on the market
Reviewed on 14 August 2017
I first purchased the oricom baby sense 2 for my twin sister when my niece was born 2 years ago. At first I thought it was just a mat that would provide a safe sleeping environment for my niece. Since then I have now bought one for my own son (13 weeks old) and have learned it is so much more than that. Not only has the baby sense 2 provided my son with a safe sleeping environment, it has provided me with a sense of security and piece of mind when he is sleeping. It is easy to use and fits into any basinett or cot on the market. Having the option of one or two pads ensures an easy transition from basinett to cot without having to go out and purchase extras later. The sensor pads are so sensitive it picked up my aircon blowing on the bassinett so I had to move the bassinet to the other side of my room. Also, having the option of 3 different sensitivity settings means you can have as thick or thin mattress as you like and it still works. As if all of that wasn't enough, I love the blue flashy light the monitor has that indicates the baby is in fact breathing and the batteries haven't run out. It is a great reassuring reference when I wake which allows me to just wait for a blue flash rather than turning on a light and looking at my baby to see if he is still breathing because let's be honest here, every new mum will find themselves staring at their new baby at least 100 times for the first few weeks to make sure they are in fact still breathing #yourenotalone. Lastly as an added bonus I found the alarm that goes off when you forget to turn it off when taking baby out for a feed (which happens every damn bloody time i take him out #sleepdeprivationisreal) helps to wake me up so I don't fall asleep whilst feeding. You can even forget on purpose and let it wake your husband up so he can't claim he "didn't hear the baby" and then give him nappy change/make mum a cup of tea duty. Overall I would (and have) reccomended this product to all parents expecting a new baby because you can never be too safe. It is our job as parents to provide the best possible environment for our children and this helps us do that.
Peace of mind!
Reviewed on 02 July 2017
I didn't have a breathing movement monitor with my first child - but I wish I would have! So many restless nights checking my baby because I was terrified of SIDS. My second baby is 1 month old and my sleep has been saved this time. The alarm is loud and alerts you if no movement/breathing is detected after 14 seconds. The blue flashing light can be disturbing but another night light on in the room prevents that from becoming too distracting. An excellent product if you are worried about SIDS!
My favourite baby purchase!
Reviewed on 16 May 2017
As a new parent, every wink of sleep is priceless! The Oricom BabySense2 Infant Breathing Moving Monitor is worth every cent for that extra peace of mind that will ultimately result in a good nights sleep. I used a similar product but a different brand with my oldest child and I'm so glad that I decided to spend the extra money on the Oricom with my second. It was easy peasy to set up in both the bassinet and cot, the sensitivity is adjustable and the alarm is nice and loud! (We only know because we've forgotten to turn it off a couple of times when we've removed baby from bed - no false alarms like the other brand!) Now that bub is getting older, I'm getting even more use out of the monitor which is super clear, portable and easy to use. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this product! It deserves more than 5 stars.
So much love for this!
Reviewed on 15 May 2017
I've used this every time I have put my baby to sleep and he is now 18months and I still use it. It gives you a little bit extra of peace of mind when you put your bubs down. I 110% recommend this product!!!
Great monitor
Reviewed on 25 April 2017
Nice loud alarm. Easy to install. I sleep easier at night.
Great Product
Reviewed on 19 April 2017
This was brought for me in October 2016 for my baby shower. My daughter was born in December 2016 and this product has not skipped a beat since we started using it. I didn't see the need for the sensor pads early on but once my daughter was starting to roll over in her sleep it was such a reassurance having the sensor pads in her cot which led to less stress from me.
Reviewed on 15 April 2017
This product is great, until your baby starts rolling and moving around the cot. I stopped using the breathing sensors once there were multiple false alarms because my babe wasn't in the 'area' of the sensor pads. Definitely a good product apart from that though and can give you peace of mind.
Reviewed on 12 April 2017
I bought this for my 4th baby, I have a big fear of SIDs and have had breathing/movement sensors for all of my children but the other ones let of false alarms which can be really panicking. This one never gave off a false alarm, I love that it's battery powered so can still use it in a power outage. It really does give you peace of mind while baby is sleeping, my daughter sleeps right next to my bed but I still like the extra security knowing if she does stop breathing that I will know.
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