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oricom babysense and video and sound baby monitor BS2SC710
oricom babysense and video and sound baby monitor BS2SC710

Oricom BS2SC710 Babysense2 + Secure710 Video Monitor


The Babysene2 Value Pack combines the peace of mind of the Babysense2 Infant Breathing Movement Monitor with the quality video monitoring of the Secure710.

The Oricom Babysense2 monitors the breathing movement rate of your sleeping baby so you can sleep with greater peace of mind.  The Oricom Babysense2 will alert you audibly and visually should these breathing movements fall below a certain rate or not be detected. An audible alarm is activated if your baby’s breathing movement slows to a rate of less than 10 breaths per minute or cannot be detected for more than 20 seconds. The control unit connects to sensor pads placed under your baby’s mattress. Size of sensor pad is 216mm in diameter

It comes complete with an audio monitor and is battery operated. Powered by 4 size AA, 1.5 volt hight quality Alkaline batteries (not supplied). Power consumption approx. 1mA. Battery Life approx. 6 months using high quality alkaline batteries. Alarm volume typically 85dB SPL at a distance of once meter from control unit.

The Oricom Babysense2 is included as a medical device on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods
  (ARTG No. 97479). Babysense2 is intended for use as an Infant Apnoea Alarm. 


The Oricom Secure710 2.4" Digital Video Baby Monitor boasts a large 2.4" Colour LCD display, infrared night vision, temperature monitoring and is multi-camera capable so you can connect up to 4  cameras (SC710 sold separately)

The Baby Unit includes a wall mountable Infrared camera so you will always have a clear picture of your little one even in the dark.  A Nursery room temperature sensor so you can monitor the room temperature making sure baby is always comfortable and safe. And a soft night light so baby is never in the dark when they don’t want to be. 5 soothing lullabies are included to make sure baby is put asleep with ease.

Download User Manual for Babysense2

Download User Manual for SC710

features: The Oricom Babysense2 monitors the breathing movement rate of your sleeping baby so you can sleep with greater peace of mind. The Oricom Babysense2 will alert you audibly and visually should these breathing movements fall below a certain rate or not be detected. Secure710 Video Monitor: 2.4" Colour Display with x2 zoom. Wall mountable Infrared Camera. Nursery room temperature sensor. Five polyphonic lullabies, Parent talk back, Soft comforting adjustable night light, Out of Range alert

sound and volume: Babysense2 : An audible alarm is activated if your babys breathing movement is not detected or slows down. Secure710 Video Monitor: Sound Sensor lights , Adjustable digital volume control, Voice Activation (VOX) or cry alert

baby and parent unit: Secure710 Video Monitor : Mains Powered baby unit. Baby unit battery backup (batteries not supplied), Rechargeable parent unit (batteries supplied), Average operation time up to 8 hours

frequency range: Secure710 Video Monitor : Range up to 150m in line of sight

warranty: Babysense: 2 year warranty. Secure710 : 3 year warranty

  • The Babysene2 Value Pack combines the peace of mind of the Babysense2 Infant Breathing Movement Monitor with the quality video monitoring of the Secure710.
  • The Babysense2 continually monitors the breathing movement rate of your baby
  • The Oricom Secure710  Digital Video Baby Monitor boasts a large 2.4" Colour LCD display, infrared night vision, temperature monitoring
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Mixed opinion
Reviewed on 30 March 2018
I love the video monitor and it is so easy to use. Helpful to be able to look at Bub and see if the cry is for real or just attention seeking (as she sits and looks straight into the camera with a huge grin whilst screaming out). Very easy to set up and use and compact monitor to carry around to different rooms. Mixed review about the sensor pad, quite thick and bulky so it was actually making the bassinet mattress raise in the middle and I am convinced that is why Bub had a tough time settling in there. And I constantly forget to turn off when picking Bub up. Had several false alarms. Not sure the extra peace of mind is worth the utter panic and hysteria of the many false alarm runs, jump out of bath, trip and falls I have had.
Combination of great and not so great
Reviewed on 29 March 2018
We bought the combo pack as my husband was nervous about SIDS. The breathing pads kept going off when baby was asleep, which I woke him up and upset him! That meant more time awake.... We do love the monitor and camera though. The camera is clear enough, and the advantage is that the monitor had a clip on the back so we can take it out to do gardening to keep our hands free. We find the battery lasts well, but we have it so it turns on with noise only. I do like the monitor but don’t like the sensor pads due to the frequency they go off!
Amazing product!
Reviewed on 28 March 2018
I love this product. For me it creates a complete peace of mind for me when our Bub is sleeping as I know this product will do its job & therefore I don’t need to continuously check on him to make sure he is still breathing. As a first time parent this would be One of the top things I’d recommend all parents have.
Peace of mind
Reviewed on 28 March 2018
I bought this set back in 2014 and continue to use this now on my third child. The sensor pads have never given me a false alarm (unless I’ve forgotton to turn it off before picking up my child). It gives me peace of mind and I feel i can fall asleep knowing that the alarm is watching over her. The blue light which flashes when it is on is quite bright would be only complaint but it’s also easy to see when walking past the kids rooms. The video monitor is easy to use and has a good range. It displays the temperature, has volume controls and music for baby. I unfortunately damaged my parent unit and found the customer service with oricom to be fantastic with replacing parts. I love this unit and have even loaned it to friends where their children where subsequently diagnosed with sleep apnoea from this alarm system. Worth every cent!
Camera fantastic
Reviewed on 26 March 2018
We got this bundle when our baby was born & have been very impressed with the camera quality! The music feature is also very handy to help baby settle. We used breathing sensor pads in the early days which were fantastic for piece of mind however since baby can crawl in her cot the sensor alarm would sound far too frequently, waking baby & causing much panic for us! Camera is great, sensor pads awesome but only for a short time
Could be better!
Reviewed on 23 November 2017
I purchased the oricom BS2SC710 whilst pregnant and couldn't wait to try it! Unfortunately there is a lot of room for improvement with this product. The breathing monitors quite often go off even when my son has been sound asleep right on top of them, for the most part they are quite nerve settling but the false alarms are always quite scary. The monitor also loses battery quite fast. Pros are the option to play music through the monitor to calm baby and the very clear camera. But I would not recommend this product to anybody until some improvements are made to the trouble shooting of this product.
Fairly good monitor, absolute peace of mind from breathing monitor
Reviewed on 21 November 2017
I have been using this monitor and breathing pads for almost 6 months and overall it is serves its purpose majority of the time. I’ll start with the breathing pads I have had two false alarms, and both of these have been when the batteries are getting low, and of course it always goes off when I forget to turn it off after getting bub out. It has gone off once for real, when my little one was 6 weeks old. I ran in there and picked her up and she took a big gasp, it makes me sleep easier at night, and I’d rather a false alarm than anything happening to my babe. The sound is loud enough and annoying enough that it can be heard from any room in our house, even when the monitor isn’t on. The monitor and camera, serve it’s purpose, but there are a few things that annoy me. The VOX function (google it) cannot be used when more than one camera is attached, which means I either have to have the sound off, or listen to the white noise played in my sons rooms. One of the cameras doesn’t always turn into night mode, so I can’t see anything in the dark. Usually turning the monitor off and on fixes it. Otherwise pairing the camera again works. Sometimes the monitor says out of range when we are in the very next room. Re pairing the camera, or turning the camera off and on fixes it, however it doesnrequire you to go into the room and when it’s out of range it makes a horrible noise, which at 4am isn’t the most ideal thing. It is really easy to set up and use. And the camera quality is really good. I also like that you can talk through the monitor. It also plays music, but it is really loud and the music selections aren’t great.
Peace of mind
Reviewed on 19 November 2017
We had bought this monitor before my son was born, however after a complicated birth and the risk of him having seizures, we bought the sensor pads for extra peace of mind throughout the night. We are now using it for our second child and have only ever had a few false alarms, mainly when we were only using one of the pads instead of both and bubs had rolled away from them. The monitor itself is quite clear and picks up sound really well. I wished the range on it was a bit further. I found I couldn't take it outside to hang out the washing, which is not that far from the baby's room, without it dropping out. We have had a some issues with the range dropping out for no reason then coming back on and a few times where we've had to sneak into the room to reset it. The parent unit holds charge quite well and it's easy to set up and use. We never had to use the music function and rarely used the talkback function as our children went to sleep with white noise and would never settle with just our voice, we always had to go in and settle them! I would recommend this product for people with a small house where the range would be suitable.
Complete peace of mind
Reviewed on 07 September 2017
As first time parents, the oricom baby sense & monitor was one of the first baby products we purchased. There is so much information provided to parents in regards to sids and I think it worries parents. The baby sense is the only breathing monitor on the market that is certified as a medical product. This is why we decided to go with oricom, as well as oricom having an outstanding reputation. We use the breathing monitor in both our babies bassinet and her cot. It is easy to move between the 2 and simple to set up. The monitor needs to be tested daily, and this is simply done by turning it on while the baby is out of the cot/bassinet and an alarm will go off after 15 seconds. The monitor is easy to set up and easy to use. It can be turned onto a very sensitive mode and it will alert parents on the monitor if the baby is making noises. It also has the option of playing lullabies through the camera, which is perfect for our baby. The camera has an orange night light in it, which is great as orange and res lights encourage the body to produce melatonin, so this light does not affect our babies sleep. The monitors screen is clear and easy to see our baby. The battery life in these products is great, our baby is 3 months old and we have not had to replace any batteries yet. Very happy with oricom.
How paranoid are you?
Reviewed on 21 August 2017
I ask how paranoid are you before I recommend whether you buy this product. If you are already super paranoid then I honestly don't think this is the product for you-because every false alarm-and there will be many-might just give you a heart attack. Whilst the breathing mats have been vastly improved from their unpredictable predecessors there are still false alarms when, for example, your husband takes the baby out the cot and forgets to push the button. Literally. EVERY. time. So then you wake up to an ear piercing alarm, thinking the world is ending. No the only thing that is ending is YOUR MUCH NEEDED SLEEP IN. Having said that- we didn't have any other false alarms until we had used it for nearly 6 months and the battery started dying- then we had a few middle of the night heart attacks and eventually stopped using the damn thing! The other annoying thing that no one told me about this product is the seriously bright flashing light that flashes every few seconds so long as your baby is breathing normally. We found ourselves having to experiment with all manners of socks and tape to cover up the flashing light-which you can't cover permanently because you need to be able to press the button (where the light comes from) when you take the baby out the cot. So... if that all sounds worthwhile to you and you feel that this product will give you the peace of mind that it's designed for, then it really is most cost effective to purchase it with the 710 video monitor if you don't already have a Video monitor. Another thing no one told us is that they are ENTIRELY SEPARATE UNITS. Not connected in any way and you do not get the breathing pad alerts though the actual monitor as I had expected. They operate completely independently. As for the 710.... it's totally fine. The picture is fine and the battery life is pretty good at first, though after a year we did have to purchase a replacement battery. The range however is not amazing... if your house is really big or you frequently need to take the monitor with you when you step into the garden then this monitor is not for you. When we lived in an apartment it was mostly fine though it does often 'lose signal' due to interference from your wifi or other devices. Ours will stop working any time we use our microwave... go figure. All in all I have given this package an honest 3 stars because whilst it is totally adequate and does the job I'm not sure it's as brilliant as many of our friends and less honest reviews led us to believe.
Happy watching
Reviewed on 14 August 2017
I love the oricom video sensor pad. It gives you security that your bub is safe and can watch them to see what they are doing.
a must buy for new parents!
Reviewed on 30 July 2017
I purchased this with my first born and it has been so useful. It allows me piece of mind when my baby is sleeping and allows me to either take some much needed r&r or get things done around the house! Definitely recommended and comes in really handy even when we are having dinner at friends we bring it along and put bub to sleep and feel reassured she is ok with being able to watch and hear her!
Is a must for me!!
Reviewed on 30 July 2017
This product is a must for me, I love it. It really has given me piece of mind. Probably something I never thought would become so handy. I brought mine just before bubs was born, she loves the lullabies & it really made me sleep better knowing I could open my eyes and see her with the infrared night vision. At a young age she started having seizures, so for months she was constantly watched (I had her sleeping in her rocker for day naps an had her cot right next to my bed). Even with her in the same room the adjustable night light wasn't just great for bubs but for me to so I could see her, an it actually was soothing. An I could adjust it so it wasn't overly bright so I could sleep. It also gave me a little more better sleep then what I had been having knowing if her breathing changed it would also alert me (although she never had seizures at night I was very paranoid at first). At night & during day naps I took the monitor with me to the toilet cos lets face it we all gotta go, so instead of taking her with me which isnt the nicest place to take a baby. I could see her with the video monitor an I could even talk to my hubby at night with the parent talk back if I needed him to check her quickly, an even being at the other end of the house I would still be in range. Now, she is medicated An has been seizure free An has been put in her own room again it still is such the best product I have purchased.
Great for peace of mind!!
Reviewed on 30 July 2017
We bought this product when I was pregnant with my daughter, & used it in her cot until she moved into a bed at 15mnths old. I will definitely be using it with my son who is due in 5wks. Not only did the breathing sensor pads give me great peace of mind, as my daughter went straight into her own room, it also helped pick up a respiratory virus before it got too bad when she was 9mnths old. One night the alarm kept going off while my daughter slept (which was very unusual), & I noticed her breathing seemed quite shallow. We ended up in the emergency room to get checked out about midnight. Although the nurses said she was fine, the doctor admitted her and send her for X-rays the following morning. She had shadows on her lungs and we had caught bronchitis before it got really bad. We never had a problem with false alarming, but had to remember that our ducted air conditioning could affect the pads as it could pick up the air flow as breathing. The video monitor is great to check on your little one while they sleep, we had no problems with this also. We have great range all over our house and yard
The love of safety
Reviewed on 08 May 2017
I brought this monitor before I gave birth to my daughter I have had it set up for about 9 months now and she is 5 months old! I love I see her in her bed I can see the temperature of her room and play music to calm her if she's restless! If I'm moments away from being with her I can talk to her and keep her calm! The breathing mats as a first time mum was a must! We had no false alarms and it really works(forgot to turn it off after picking baby up) I would highly recommend this product to any mother it's worth the money and it really does give peice of mind
Great bundle!
Reviewed on 18 April 2017
I had previously tried another brand of sensor mats and camera bundle but returned after many false alarms only to purchase this bundle - glad I did! The monitor is great, it has a decent range to allow the parent to carry on with tasks inside and even outside of the home before the parent unit loses signal. The lullabies saved our lives when it was the only thing that soothed our baby. There's many other features and all of them are handy, you can add another camera to the system (which we will be doing for bub no. 2 in a few weeks), the parent unit battery life is great, and even the customer service at oricom was amazing should you ever need to query anything. The baby sense mats were the reason we first became interested in this bundle and they haven't disappointed us. Two years later and not a single false alarm. It's written in the directions to test the mats before each nap which is a good idea because you may find that a fan on a setting too high will be detected as a 'movement', which I found to be the only slight inconvenience. The blue light around the button on the unit can be quite bright, but once you've fallen asleep (if baby sleeps in parents room) you wouldn't know it's there. The only reasons stopping me from giving 5/5 stars is the light, and that you had to be careful with fan settings (which I will add, you can adjust the sensitivity on the mats themselves so it's all trial and error with that side of things). Otherwise this bundle would have been faultless. I still 110% would absolutely recommend to any mothers or expecting parents out there!
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