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oricom SC710 sound and video baby monitor
oricom SC710 sound and video baby monitor

Oricom Secure710 2.4" Digital Video Baby Monitor


Oricom’s Secure710 Digital Baby Monitor is one of Oricom’s Premium monitors allowing you to keep an eye on baby at any time of the day or night from anywhere in your home.

It boasts a large 2.4" Colour LCD display, infrared night vision, temperature monitoring and is multi-camera capable so you can connect up to 4  cameras (SC710 sold separately) - great for twins or for keeping a watchful eye on multiple children.

The Baby Unit includes a wall mountable Infrared camera so you will always have a clear picture of your little one even in the dark.  A Nursery room temperature sensor so you can monitor the room temperature making sure baby is always comfortable and safe. And a soft night light so baby is never in the dark when they don’t want to be. 5 soothing lullabies are included to make sure baby is put asleep with ease.

You can use the sound sensor lights on the Parent Unit to monitor the noise levels in your baby's room, when the volume on the Parent Unit is turned down low (incase you have guests or don’t want to wake your other children)

It also includes Parent Talk back allowing you to talk to your baby from anywhere in your home and fully adjustable volume control.

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features: 2.4" Colour Display with x2 zoom. Wall mountable Infrared Camera. Nursery room temperature sensor. Five polyphonic lullabies, Parent talk back, Soft comforting adjustable night light, Out of Range alert

sound and volume: Sound Sensor lights , Adjustable digital volume control, Voice Activation (VOX) or cry alert

baby and parent unit: Mains Powered baby unit. Baby unit battery backup (batteries not supplied), Rechargeable parent unit (batteries supplied), Average operation time up to 8 hours

frequency range: Range up to 150m in line of sight

warranty: 3 year warranty

  • Boasts a large 2.4" Colour LCD display
  • Infrared night vision
  • Temperature monitoring
  • Multi-camera capable so you can connect up to 4  cameras (SC710 sold separately) 
  • How do I register a new camera unit?
    "1. Switch on the parent unit. 2.On monitor mode, press and hold ""Camera"" key for 5 seconds, it will switch to registration mode. 3. After registration icon appears, press the arrow up or arrow down button to select the camera channel [C1] or [C2] or [C3] or [C4] that you want the baby unit to pair with. 4.Press and release ""Menu"" key to confirm which camera number to be registered. 5.The Link LED then flashes rapidly for 10 seconds. 6.Switch the baby unit ON. Press the pair key once (at the back of the camera). 7. If registration is completed, camera video appears on LCD screen and returns to normal mode. The baby unit will also return to normal mode. 8. If the registration time is expired or registration fails, [Out of Range] appears on the LCD."
  • The amber light stays illuminated on my parent unit even when finished charging.
    That's ok. The amber light indicates that power is being supplied to the cradle. Even when the battery is fully charged, the amber light will stay on
  • I don't seem to be getting the best possible range from my unit.
    To get the optimum range from your SC710, extend both the antenna on the camera unit and the antenna on the parent unit vertically, so they point straight up. Keep in mind that doors, walls and electrical equipment can reduce the range of your unit.
  • How many cameras can I connect to the one parent unit?
    The SC710 can connect up to 4 camera units (CU710) to the one parent unit. The original unit is supplied with one camera. Additional cameras can be purchased separately. Note: The SC710 can connect to both CU710 and CU850PT Motorised Pan-tilt camera units
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Peace of Mind
Reviewed on 16 October 2017
As a first time Grandparent we are very conscious of monitoring our grand daughter when she is in her room. This monitor allows us to have her with us regardless of where we are in the house. We have a double story home that is sizeable and we have absolutely no coverage problems at all. The picture is clear, the instructions clear and the peace of mind priceless. We would absolutely recommend this product.
Great product
Reviewed on 13 October 2017
My son is 3 months old, we put him in his own room from the first night we brought him home. Having this monitor made doing that a lot easier for me. The screen lights up if he hits a certain level with his crying which would wake me up straight away. There is the option to turn the sound off, which means the screen lighting up wakes me up but not my husband because the sound is off. The antenna on it means it reaches our backyard and front yard so i can take it with me and know that I'll hear him if he wakes and needs me. I sleep through the night knowing this monitor is next to me.
Simple and easy
Reviewed on 02 October 2017
Love it when tech is easy to use. This baby monitor is great use. It's very simple too and vibrates when there's noise and movement so you don't kids anything. It's great that it has an option to link another camera to it for Mutiple rooms
Peace of mind is priceless!!
Reviewed on 12 September 2017
I am absolutely loving the flexibility and peace of mind this monitor provides. There are so many modern features that make this monitor stand out. The talk back function allows my baby to hear me soothe her from another room, it also allows for parent communication which is great when I forget something in the kitchen!!! The soothing music sends my daughter to sleep within minutes. I also love being able to see what temperature it is in the room so I know to adjust heating and cooling to suit my baby. But the best thing about this monitor is the fact that I can go outside and hang out the washing or play with my other children knowing I can take the handset with me and be alerted straight away if she cries or wakes.
Clear Image
Reviewed on 16 August 2017
I have had this monitor for about 1 year and was using it with just the 1 camera and it was fantastic!! Clear image, temp display and talk back feature but I recently purchased a second camera and hooked it all up ready for my second child's upcoming arrival and was disappointed to discover you couldn't view the 2 cameras on the screen at once. You can flick between the 2 with the button or it has a scan feature that continually runs. Amazing with just the 1 camera but would have got a different monitor knowing what I do now with 2 cameras.
All around good features
Reviewed on 16 August 2017
We have had this monitor for over 2 years now, initially purchased with the birth of my first son and then purchased the additional camera for our second Bub. In single mode I could barely fault this monitor. The picture is always clear even on night vision, love having the temperature and warning beep when I'm the room gets too warm or cold, and my favourite feature is being able to adjust the sensitivity so you only wake to ongoing noise or crying rather than waking to every cough or whimper. I'm not entirely happy with the way the monitor works in double mode or "scan". Linking the 2nd camera was quite difficult and required me to look up a bit of information online to discover how to properly use it and switch between each camera. The only thing I find frustrating is that the only way to have both rooms monitored at once is to place the monitor on scan mode. It switches every 10 seconds between cameras - however the sound never switches off. It would be so much better if it only switched on if crying was detected. We play white noise in both my kids rooms, so there is always a static noise playing through the parent unit which is quite irritating. We can also hear every little noise they make which can disturb your sleep. Also when the screen lights up due to crying on scan mode, it doesn't switch off if the crying stops. This does however happen in single mode. Scan mode also drains the battery on the parent unit very quickly, so often by the evening the battery is dead even though I only have it on scan mode for 1.5 hours a day. I think this is because it is continually playing sound. All in all however it's a great little monitor, just wish the scan mode operated the same as single mode. I would purchase it again but I would probably look for something different for the dual camera option.
Reliable and trustworthy monitor
Reviewed on 16 August 2017
I bought this monitor nearly 4 years ago now and love it ! The camera is extremely clear and night mode is great ! Lullaby and talk back features make it a necessity for any parent ! I'm pregnant with my 2nd and will not be using any other brand monitor bar this one ! Love it !!
Love the camera
Reviewed on 14 August 2017
This product was and is a real life saver when it comes to watching my now 5 month old daughter, its great how it can go from night vision to full colour when the daylight enters her room. It has given me great peace of mind that i actually manage to get a great sleep of a night knowing that at any time i can have a look at the monitor and check that my daughter is sleeping sound and in her bed. The only thing that i have found annoying is when you play the lullabies, the volume that comes through the monitor part is quite loud. Other functions like the nightlight and zoom i found have been very useful and helpful. I would have loved to get the monitor where i can pan tilt and zoom but it was too expensive for me. But the 710 is an awesome setup that i would recommend it to anyone looking for a good quality and affordable baby monitor.
Amazing quality camera
Reviewed on 13 August 2017
A friend of mine owns one of these monitors and they are absolutely amazing.. when I've baby sat the kids I feel at ease knowing I can carry around the monitor and to be able to see the kids so well... if I could I'd absolutely love one of these monitors and I'd love to be able to afford one 😞 The monitor I have is not so great and always has to be left on charge to be able to work... if I could have any chance to get one of these babies I'd forever be so greatful... I also love the talking and music feature to keep the baby/child at ease just knowing that mummy or daddy are keeping a watchful eye one their little ones
Just amazing
Reviewed on 31 July 2017
i purchased this baby monitor nearly 4 years ago due to having baby number 2 , well priced and being able to connect 2 cameras was a must for me but this one is amazing because it can connect up to 4 . After owning it for nearly 3 years one of the cameras stoped working so I contacted oricom who assumered me it was still under warranty, I couldn't believe it because most items only have 2 year warranty but these monitors have 3 years , we arranged to send it back to be looked at in the mean time they gave me a loan one to use and because mine couldn't be fixed they replaced it with a brand new one , couldn't ask for better service or a better baby monitor just to have that peace of mind
Lots of features
Reviewed on 30 July 2017
We have been using this in my sons room for 2 years. The built in night light is great so we can still see him when we go into his room. The lullabies are also a great feature. When my son starts to stir, we put on a lullaby and he goes back to sleep. The screen is very clear and has the ability to zoom. The built in thermometer allows us to make sure his room is an ideal temperature. The clip that can be used as a stand was great, but broke easily. The battery life isn't the best, but I have the base unit by my bed so it can charge overnight and I can still keep an eye on my son. Overall no real issues with it. It has been very handy and easy to use.
Fantastic picture and sound
Reviewed on 30 July 2017
I bought this monitor 7 weeks ago and am very happy with it. It has good volume control, parent talk back and the picture clarity is amazing, even in complete darkness at night. It's real peace of mind. Also, it comes with great customer care and 3 year warranty. I had an issue with the sound one morning sounding staticy and Oricom got back to me right away and troubleshooted the problem quickly.
Very useful
Reviewed on 28 July 2017
This is my second oricom monitor, unfortunately I have not liked this one as much as my last. It has nice music, you can add extra cameras around the house and it has a temperature gauge which is all very helpful however I have had a lot of issues with the monitor going out of range and have found that it's battery life is not long enough!
Feel Safe
Reviewed on 23 July 2017
I got this as a gift and it has been amazing. It has made bubs transition into his room so much easier. Also during his nap times I am able to go out into the garden and still keep an eye on him, the range distance is great. The songs are good, the monitor is clear. This is probably the best gift we have received.
Does its job
Reviewed on 03 July 2017
This is not a fancy video monitor but it has worked well for us and our now 19 month old. The screen is decent and goes colour during the day, and black and white as the daylight fades. The camera unit broke loose but we just patched it up with sticky tape and it still works fine. Wish it had a mountable solution though, as we don't have a shelf nearby to put it on securely.
Took straight back
Reviewed on 25 June 2017
Purchased this monitor after I was recommended it by friends and staff in the baby shop. I had my son in May and only used this product for the first time last Friday, 23rd of June. After setting it up exactly as it said from the Manual I proceeded to use the monitor. Once I took the handset more then 10 meters away from the base it was "out of range". We tried all different positions, moved the base and handset and still got the same result. After going on the internet to see what we could do to resolve the issue, we have found many people commenting on this particular unit having issues with interference from wifi, this is a huge problem considering almost everywhere you go these days has wifi! I took back to the shop for a full refund
Reviewed on 25 June 2017
This monitor has all the features you would want. Motion and noise activation, sensitivity adjustments, camera including night vision. However the it constantly drops 'out of range' even if yoy haven't moved the parent unit. The product description says a range of 150 meters yet i cannot take my parent unit 15 meter before it drops out. I have reset the unit as per Oricoms advice but it makes no difference. Very disappointing.
Reliable & clear
Reviewed on 15 May 2017
I bought this when another unit given to us stopped working. It provided peace of mind when we were in another room and we were able to place in a position which allowed us to watch both babies with one camera. When we decided to put the babies in separate rooms we purchased another camera which could be linked to the original unit. We have very thick concrete walls and it still worked through them....although we found there was a limit and it sometimes disconnected if we went past a certain limit...i.e. into our laundry, but this didn't happen often.
Great video monitor
Reviewed on 15 May 2017
I have been really happy with our oricom monitor. Having a video monitor that also acts as a night light and temperature gauge in the babies room is really helpful. This monitor also isn't overly bulky and can clip onto your pocket or pants when your out in the garden as the long range monitor enables you to keep an eye on your babies without having to be in close proximity. We have even purchased additional video cameras to sync with the base monitor which helps us keep an eye on both of our babies. Would recommend this video monitor if you are after a simple and easy to use all purchase video monitor.
Excellent great features!
Reviewed on 15 May 2017
I absolutely love this monitor. I love how it has the temptature of the room, the lullabies, and how to can change the volume and sensitivity. It's excellent!
Can't go wrong with this baby monitor.
Reviewed on 12 May 2017
My sister had this monitor so luckily I got to have a trial before I bought one for myself. It has great features; 5 different lullaby tunes, shows room temperature, adjustable volume, vibrating function, can talk to the baby like a wallet talkey and can add other cameras on as well. The only cons are that the camera only tilts up and down and sometimes can cut out/ out of range for a couple on seconds but otherwise a good baby monitor.
Well worth the price!
Reviewed on 04 May 2017
I bought my baby monitor 4 years ago and it's still working perfectly. Excellent video quality and range. Over the years I have added 2 more cameras to the one unit and have not had any troubles with it. Excellent product and would recommend to anyone!
Excellent vision and functions
Reviewed on 03 May 2017
We were referred this model of Oricom monitor for our first born and find the product excellent! The vision is great - even night vision produces quality images - and the parent monitor can be customised to your needs (recommend turning off vibration!) We will take the product away with us if we travel, and very easy to set up wherever! Only thing missing is a time / clock feature.
Great monitor
Reviewed on 25 April 2017
Great picture and sound. I can be outside and still be in range of the camera! Easy to use! Great adjustable settings for lighting, room temperatures volume controls. You can add another camera.
Great features
Reviewed on 18 April 2017
This is the only monitor I could fine that had good range and great night vision. I'm currently using 2 at the moment for my kids and would definitely recommend this monitor
Oricom secure 710
Reviewed on 13 April 2017
We love this baby monitor! We bought it for peace of mind and it's certainly given us that. We are now using it with two cameras and it's flawless. Love it!
Best video camera
Reviewed on 12 April 2017
I bought this for my 4th baby, it's the 2nd time I have had a video camera for my children. The one I used for my 3rd was not very good quality and blew up 2 power cords. So after extensive research I bought this one and it's just amazing I'm so glad I spent the extra money because it really is worth it, you can't put a price of peace of mind. The sound and vision are absolutely perfect, you can talk to baby through the monitor, see room temperature, have the option of night light as well as play a lullabies. The range is also fantastic I can go outside with it and hang my washing with no interruptions at all. My daughter is 12 months old and we are still using it.
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