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oricom SC850 video baby monitor
oricom SC850 video baby monitor
oricom SC850 video baby monitor3
oricom SC850 video baby monitor2

Oricom Secure850 4.3" Digital Video Baby Monitor with Motorised Pan Tilt Camera


The Oricom Secure850 4.3" Digital Video Baby Monitor with Motorised Pan Tilt Camera features a fully motorised movement, controlled through the parent unit with 300 degree horizontal and 110 degree vertical movement for better visibility in the nursery. This high quality, large 4.3" digital video baby monitor with x2 zoom gives you the peace of mind knowing you can always keep an eye or ear on baby wherever you are in your home.

It also includes a room temperature display and alert, infrared night-vision capability, night light and lullabies, Infrared camera for night vision, Parent talk back to comfort your baby, Digital volume control

Rechargeable lithium battery included (Parent Unit) and Up to 8 hr battery life.

Multi-camera capable, up to 4 cameras, sold separately (CU850PT)

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features: Large 4.3" display, Pan-tilt camera, Digital zoom x2 on parent unit, Infrared camera for night vision, Parent talk back, Room temperature display and alert, night light, Five soothing lullabies, out of range/ link lost alert

sound and volume: Digital volume control, sound sensitive light display, voice activation (VOX) or cry alert

baby and parent unit: Mains powered baby unit. Rechargeable lithium battery included (Parent Unit), Up to 8 hr battery life (with VOX enabled)

frequency range: Range up to 150m in line sight

warranty: 3 year warranty

  • Fully motorised movement, controlled through the parent unit with 300 degree horizontal and 110 degree vertical movement for better visibility in the nursery. T
  • Includes a room temperature display and alert
  • Infrared night-vision capability, night light and lullabies, 
  • Rechargeable lithium battery included (Parent Unit) and Up to 8 hr battery life.
  • Multi-camera capable, up to 4 cameras, sold separately (CU850PT)
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Signal loss tedious but otherwise great product
Reviewed on 05 February 2018
I’ve been using this monitor with my 16 month old since she was born. I love that the camera can be adjusted remotely, zoom in and that the picture is super clear night and day. Has given me peace of mind and saved some unnecessary checks in response to a grizzle - seeing what was happening in my girls room helped me ‘sleep train’ as it assisted me to identify real distress vs attempts to get me back in the room. Temperature monitor is a brilliant plus (though as we have camera mounted to external wall we have learned it can read a degree or two hotter when the sun is heating the bricks outside). Fantastic option to add an additional camera when second child is born. Unfortunately we’ve had problems with signal drop out - been woken at night with the ‘no signal’ beep which frustrates me no end - absolutely nothing has changed with no electrical products being used to create a disturbance. If I could feed back to oricom; I wish it had a clock and the nursery rhyme feature is too easily accidentally turned on when a tired and sleep deprived mummy is seeking to adjust something in the middle of the night.
Brilliant monitor!
Reviewed on 20 October 2017
I was given this baby monitor a few months back for my second baby. Not only is the sound quality excellent, the picture is fantastic also! Love that the battery lasts a long time and that you can move the camera without having to enter the room. With lullabys, extra camera function, large screen and talk back, it covers everything you need. The one and only down fall of this product is the short range that you can have between camera and monitor. Eve with that it is 10 x better than my old monitor. A brilliant monitor that I would recommend to anyone!
Huge screen, occasional signal loss
Reviewed on 16 October 2017
I purchased this monitor because I loved the size of the screen and the motorised camera. It has a lot of other really good feature too including room temp, lullabies, parent talk back and the option to add more cameras later on (something not many monitors can do!) my husband set it up easily and I found the fucntions easy to work. We had an issue with our cameras night vision not being 100% but oricom were quick to help k posted out a new camera. I find the range can fluctuate a bit and mobile phones can affect it but it only happens on the odd occasion, not enough to worry me. I love the monitor and would highly recommend it to anyone!
Best monitor!
Reviewed on 09 October 2017
I love this monitor! I have never had a problem with it, like I have with others. I can put my baby to bed without the worry of my monitor not picking up my baby waking up. I can talk to my baby, I can play music to my baby and I can see my baby any where in the room without even moving the camera thanks to the 300 degree movement! That means I can have a camera in the play room and watch her every move.
Excellent Peace of Mind
Reviewed on 02 October 2017
We have been using this baby monitor for the last month and we are really happy with it. We love that it displays the temperature, especially now that it is getting warmer. The zoom and tilt-pan features work really well. Also the talk-back feature is really good. Only thing we have found is that at night when bub is in his bassinet, the night-vision reflects off the mesh sides of the bassinet making it hard to see bub. Easy fix it to just move the camera to a different angle. Would have loved if this model at white noise as well as the lullabies that the other model has, we just didnt want the purple/white camera.
Terrific investment for peace of mind
Reviewed on 20 August 2017
We bought this product when expecting my first and haven't been disappointed. Having done the research on baby monitors the Oricom Secure850 ticked most of the boxes of things we were looking for. The large display makes checking at a glance a breeze and the pan tilt camera helps to be able to find an active baby around the cot. I loved that you can add cameras for additional children and the room temperature display is brilliant. My only downfall is that the music button is not separate on the unit like the talk back button as we have accidentally turned it on more than once checking on a sleeping baby.
Hands down the best investment we made!
Reviewed on 02 August 2017
Having the large screen means that we can quickly glance at the screen without having to squint! Great coverage area means no drop outs! and We love the tilt, pan and zoom on the camera! With a wriggly baby/toddler, we can follow her around the whole cot!
Perfect for us!!
Reviewed on 30 July 2017
My daughter and I co slept until she was about 2 she then moved into her own bed in her room, I wanted to be able to feel close and keep a eye on her. I choose this camera for a couple of reasons one was the remote panning which we use nightly as she moves around her bed and sometimes around her room, the talk back feature which I use when shes just a little upset but still half asleep to reassure her and I knew we would be trying for number 2 so being able to add a camera is perfect :) I love that the screen also blacks out and comes on when sound is detected!
Great Monitor
Reviewed on 17 July 2017
This Monitor is great. I love all the features, being able to move the camera around the room, play sounds, add extra cameras and also being able to talk through the Monitor. The Monitor occasionally drops out of signal. Battery life is fairly good.
Love the moving camera
Reviewed on 11 July 2017
We asked for this as a baby shower gift after a long search through products. One reason was that it has a really large screen to see bub, which is nice and clear. Absolutely love the fact that i can remotely move the camera. We have cats so i can use it to check if they are also in the room by panning around. Can also use it to check on hubby (or him on me) when settling our 7month old down for a sleep to see if bub is going down, often we sit on the other side of the room away from the cot to calm bub. It picks up sound well and the range so far has been quite good. Drops out of signal here and there but i expect that with any wireless device. Bit exy but we got it during a good sale. Well worth it though.
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