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72dpi F141 pack
72dpi F141 pack
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Dreambaby F141 Stove & Oven Knob Covers (4pk)


Dreambaby® Stove and Oven Knob Covers help stop little ones from turning knobs on and off around gas and electric stoves and ovens. Simply remove the stove or oven knob and insert through the base of the cover. Return to position on the stove and snap the lid shut.

You will know the lid is safely locked when you hear the click. To use the stove or oven, just push in the release button, open the cover and you can cook as normal. 

They are clear, durable plastic blends unobtrusively with your kitchen décor and help prevent accidents before they can happen. 
  • Easily installed
  • Fits most stove knobs 
  • Prevents the knobs from being turned without removing the cover 
  • 4pk
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Stop tiny fingers!
Reviewed on 24 July 2018
Ever wondered why dinner hasn’t cooked only to realize that junior has turned your oven off? Yeah After THAT debarkle, I installed these knob covers and they are BRILLIANT! Very easy to install, simple one handed operation AND I actually get to finish cooking dinner when I expect too!
Works perfectly.
Reviewed on 28 November 2017
When we moved into our new house last year, I realized (after coming home to a gas filled home) that the gas stove was not only very easy to turn on, but right within my son’s reach. These covers have been amazing. They can be tricky to close, and often the front will drop off but it’s easy enough to put back on.
A safety must
Reviewed on 09 May 2017
We've had these covers on our oven for about 18 months now and they have successfully deterred our little one from trying to turn the knobs. As an added bonus, he now rarely ventures over to the oven at all, which makes the kitchen a safer place when oven is on. These covers are so safe even visitors need my help to undo them!
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