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F191B Nbox RGB72dpi
F191B Nbox RGB72dpi
300dpi F191W+F191B
RGB F191B talent + dog (1)
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F191W(N) Nbox RGB72dpi
B1121 F191W Gate Talent Grp Dog
300dpi F191W insitu 1

Dreambaby F191 Chelsea Xtra-Tall & Xtra-Wide Hallway Auto-Close Security Gate


Dreambaby® Chelsea Xtra-Tall & Xtra-Wide Hallway Auto-Close Gates are not only extra tall at 1M, but extra wide too! Fitting openings 97-108 cm. They are perfect for larger openings around the home, making it easier than ever to protect your children from danger. Gates are perfect for hallways, doorways, and stairways, preventing your children from entering potentially dangerous areas of the home.

It's so much easier to use a gate than to hide every possible dangerous object out of reach - you can have the safety, without the stress!

The gates are pressure mounted, meaning that no screws or drilling is needed! Installation is super easy, and it's perfect for temporary or rental accommodation.

Measure the opening before deciding on your Dreambaby® safety gate. A maximum of four extensions (two per side) can be used to extend openings up to 5.04m.
Pressure mounted installation means no screws or drilling! Too high for even the most highly spirited children to climb over and too difficult for them to open. 
Gates open both directions. One-handed easy opening system. 
  • Auto-Close from any angle
  • Stay-Open feature
  • Opens in both directions
  • Auto-Close indicator
  • Sturdy metal construction
  • Easy one-handed operation for adults
  • Extra-Tall & Extra-Wide
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