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bugaboo cameleon stroller black frame with bassinet ice blue
bugaboo cameleon stroller black frame with bassinet ice blue
bugaboo cameleon stroller black frame bassinet ice blue
bugaboo cameleon stroller black frame ice blue canopy
bugaboo cameleon stroller black frame grey melange canopy
bugaboo cameleon stroller black frame off white canopy
bugaboo cameleon stroller black frame with bassinet off white
bugaboo cameleon stroller black frame bassinet off white
bugaboo cameleon stroller black frame orange canopy
bugaboo cameleon stroller black frame with bassinet orange
bugaboo cameleon stroller black frame bassinet orange
bugaboo cameleon stroller black frame red canopy
bugaboo cameleon stroller black frame with bassinet red
bugaboo cameleon stroller black frame bassinet red
bugaboo cameleon stroller black frame black canopy
bugaboo cameleon stroller black frame with bassinet black
bugaboo cameleon stroller black frame soft pink canopy
bugaboo cameleon stroller black frame with bassinet soft pink
bugaboo cameleon stroller black frame bassinet soft pink
bugaboo cameleon stroller black frame petrol blue canopy
bugaboo cameleon stroller black frame bassinet petrol blue
bugaboo cameleon stroller black frame with bassinet petrol blue

Bugaboo Cameleon³ with Black Frame

The Bugaboo Cameleon³ Pram has now been updated to the Bugaboo Cameleon³ plus Pram. Click View Stockists for more details. 

The Bugaboo Cameleon³ Pram with precision-stitched leather-look handlebar and carry handle is  light and compact, it’s also easy to lift and store. Suitable for a newborn or toddler, the multi-terrain Bugaboo Cameleon³ can seamlessly adapt to your journey – whether that’s through the city, woods, sand or snow. In fact, it can take you everywhere you want to go.

And its premium materials and endless accessory combinations will ensure your child stays comfortable in all weather conditions: spring showers, hot summer days, breezy autumn afternoons and cold wintry mornings. The original and best just got even better.

The Bugaboo Cameleon³ Pram is adjustable to the parent, child and its environment. Whether infant or toddler, asleep or awake, city or beach, winter or summer, the Bugaboo Cameleon³ is ready to go. The modular setup lets you adjust the stroller with particular needs at that moment. Choose a colour, easily convert from seat to carrycot and even adjust the handlebar to a preferred height. Bugaboo Cameleon³ is made to go your way.
From infant to toddler ready to go from day one, everything you need is included in the box. Reversible seat allows you to choose whether your child faces you or explores the world. Reclining seat allows your child to be able to sightsee, relax or lie flat and sleep. A dedicated carrycot and seat allows for the optimal comfort for every age. It is easy to fold, easy to go and store anywhere. Includes adjustable suspension. It handles the street’s obstacles with ease and comfort as your child grows. Includes a height adjustable handlebar pushing the pram comfortably no matter how short or tall you are. One piece handlebar  and easy one hand steering.
Customisable colours choose which colour combination fits your taste or mood.
3 positions for all terrains, in the city, small swivel wheels in front will help navigate through tight spaces with one hand and adjustable, suspension keeps you rolling smoothly. On rougher terrain, with big wheels forward, you’ll be ready for bumps that come your way. Easily converts into two-wheel position to pull through sand or snow.
Keep the small wheels forward in the city to easily take on all city challenges. The big wheels take on rough-terrain and help you move over larger bumps in your path. Use two wheels through sand and snow to glide over the snow and across the beach. The reversible handlebar allows you to switch easily to all different terrains.
light & compact
The Bugaboo Cameleon³ is incredibly light & compact for such with great ease. And due to its modular setup, it can be even lighter and more compact when folded into two pieces.'

What you get?
  1. chassis with wheels.
  2. seat/carrycot frame.
  3. carry handle
  4. base seat fabric
  5. base carrycot fabric
  6. tailored fabric set (sun canopy and apron)
  7. underseat bag
  8. rain cover
  9. 2 year warranty
1. refreshed design
The design of the complete pram is even more clean and sturdy. The streamlined rim design of the wheels matches the clean look of the Bugaboo Cameleon3 and the central joint is even more rugged with the matte finish plastic.
2. easy unfolding
Unfolding has never been this easy. Just lift the handlebar with one hand and your chassis is ready
to go.
3. rotating carry handle
Just rotate the carry handle to the side if you need more space to get your child in or out of the pram.
4. more durable chassis
The chassis is made even stronger; the new construction of the connecting plastic joints and the aluminium inner tube parts make the total pram more solid.
5. easy to release wheels
All Bugaboo Cameleon3 wheels can easily be released by Bugaboo’s recognisable white buttons.
6. One hand release flatfold carrycot (with attached fillets)
Carrycot can be released by one hand from the chassis. Easily fold your carrycot fully flat for compact transportation and storage.
7. padded adjustable harness
The height-adjustable shoulder buckles securely for a safe fit for a growing child.
8. 6-step height adjustable handlebar
Height adjustable in 6 steps.
9. maximised underseat bag
The maximised underseat bag optimally uses the available space under the stroller for storage of your goods and can be closed so your belongings don’t fall out when carrying the compact chassis.
10. visual user guide
Visually explains the use of the Bugaboo Cameleon³.
11. better serviceability
The Bugaboo Cameleon³ is of improved quality. However if needed there are around 30 service sets and components to support this product. - brake cable: The brake simply clicks in applied and unapplied mode. The brake cable is serviceable.  harness: allows an easy serviceability.
12. future proof
The Bugaboo Cameleon³ is again stronger and better making it compliant with now foreseeable future safety standards and regulations.  folding lock. The chassis is now rigid even when the seat is not placed onto the chassis. So going up a curb is easy.- optimised self standing seat

age range: Birth - 17kg

weight : 9.6kg

features: Car seat compatible (capsule additional - fits Chicco, Maxi Cosi and Britax). It is easy to fold, easy to go and store anywhere. Includes adjustable suspension. Easy unfolding. Padded adjustable harness. Maximised underseat bag

wheels, seat and handle type : Precision-stitched leather-look handlebar and carry handle. 6-step height adjustable handlebar. Reversible Seat. Reclinable Seat. Rotating Carry Handle. Quick and easy manoeuvrability. Independent Seat and Bassinet A dedicated carrycot and seat allows for the optimal comfort for every age. Includes a height adjustable handlebar pushing the pram comfortably no matter how short or tall you are. One piece handlebar and easy one hand steering.

dimensions assembled : Assembled Dimensions: handle bar min: 100.5L x 85W x 60H cm Assembled Dimensions: handle bar max: 94.5L x 60W x 112.5H cm

dimensions folded : 90L x 50W x 31H cm

warranty: 2 + 1 years. Register your bugaboo product online, within 3 months of purchase and receive an extra year warranty.

  • From infant to toddler
  • Car seat compatible (capsule additional - fits Chicco, Maxi Cosi and Britax)
  • Adjustable Suspension
  • Precision-stitched leather-look handlebar and carry handle
  • Reversible Seat
  • Reclinable Seat
  • Rotating Carry Handle
  • Quick and easy manoeuvrability 
  • Independent Seat and Bassinet
  • Black Chassis
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Great pram!
Reviewed on 28 September 2018
We purchased a bug cam in gray melange and we love it. It’s super easy to move it and really easy to clean after having a baby eat in it. Quality is definitely really good but their is a few downsides: Basket is so hard to access. It doesn’t hold allot and it’s not easy getting things into it. The lock should automatically lock once folded and unlock when opening. The bugaboo accessories are a fortune and they don’t easily drop in price that much even when it’s on sale. I was upset they didn’t sell the diaper bag they made for the special edition as most people want matching bags to their pram and most companies sell bags that go with the pram. I find the organiser is not big enough to use for everyday and a large size bag just like the gray milange special edition would have been amazing. All in all we love our pram. We have the accessories that are needed and my son loves it so much! We love the black frame! We def will go for another bugaboo in the future!
Love Bug - Cam 3
Reviewed on 27 July 2018
This was always the pram I wanted even before I fell pregnant, my husband was sceptical once he saw the price however once we tried nearly every pram at the local baby store, he too could see that the Cam 3 was the best option for us. I love that it came with a bassinet, it meant as a newborn our little bub was going to be comfortable. Funnily enough we used the bassinet only a handful of times, mostly when we were travelling or as his bed that night. From birth to 8 months we had a capsule locked in as he was quite petite and slept so well in the capsule! 👏🏼 Once we moved out of the capsule I attached the seat which he has never really loved sitting in. I think he is used to his other pram from walking so much that he recongises the cam as a ‘shopping’ pram (which he hates - typical male). I love the huge basket underneath and of course how stylish and sleek it is. I would love to have a foot brake as I find the hand brake sometimes requires 2 hands to release if I’m on a slope or ramp escalator. To adjust the seat you need to press both white dials on the sides and tilt to where you want, this too can be quite difficult especially if bub is a little on the heavy stage or just had a bowl of pasta 😉 All in all I still adore this pram as it’s the one I brought my firstborn home in however I am keen to explore either the donkey should I have 2 kids close in age or the bee with a skateboard attachment. I never thought I would say this about my Cam 3 but the idea of the Fox or Bee being able to be folded and stored as a single piece is very enticing.
best pram ever used
Reviewed on 24 July 2018
We’ve been using the pram for 2 years and just love it. My daughter used it when she was born and the bassinet is big enough for her until 5 mths. The seat is also very good and comfy. We also tried to use it as a high chair when go to some of the places. The underneath basket is big and easy to load and unload stuff it is particularly handy when we go to grocery shopping with the little one. It’s also not too heavy for a mum to lift it to the back of the car. After all it is an amazing product and we absolutely love it.
Never need another
Reviewed on 30 March 2018
I have had my pram for a few years now and I still love it just as much as the first day I used it. The best thing about this pram is once you get this you don’t need any other pram, use it for new born ( bassinet ) to tollder and up if needed. It is so smooth on all surfaces. Also it is comparable with some capsule’s as well, which is also fantastic for newbies. It is also a great pram if you like a change, with all different accessories you can purchase is amazing, I love this pram, and the new Fox looks like an fancy cameleon. Love the changes. Look like they make life just that bit easier. If you looking at getting a pram, this is the one.
So close to being 5 stars
Reviewed on 29 March 2018
I have been using this pram for 6 months now. Firstly it is absolutely SO sleek and stylish, I get compliments on it all the time. Folding the pram is easy, the frame is lightweight and fits well into my car boot. This pram is a dream to push! I walk long distances with it and can do so with one hand if needed and minimum effort. I have walked it on many surfaces without any issues. When my baby was a newborn we used the bassinet attachment, providing him a comfortable place to sleep when we went for walks. If he was asleep when we got home we could carry him upstairs in the bassinet to continue his sleep. It was useful to detach and use this as a bed for him when we went away for a night too. The one thing that let the pram down is that it was very difficult to access the basket when using the bassinet. Now we are using the seat function and I honestly cannot fault the pram! My little boy is so comfortable in it, I like that he can either face us or face forwards and that we can recline him or sit him up. He always looks so cosy in it. Now I can easily use the basket and can fit multiple bags of groceries in it. If it weren’t for the inaccessible basket during bassinet mode I would have given 5 stars, but it’s such a short period of time that you use the bassinet that I believe the pros significantly outweigh the cons.
The best stroller I have ever owned
Reviewed on 28 March 2018
I purchased this stroller in 2015 when I had my first baby, and I absolutely loved it. Just before I had my second baby I sold it and purchased a baby jogger city select so I could have an extra seat, and it is the worst decision I have made when it comes to baby products. The bugaboo is worth it’s weight in gold. The way it steers, it’s storage, it’s fold, the look.. is outstanding! The best of the best and is worth the investment. I also love the black frame as it gives it a more luxury look!
In love with this pram
Reviewed on 28 March 2018
We absolutely love this pram. Our decision was based purely on the weight of this product, as the Donkey was too heavy for my partner to lift. We love how versatile and sturdy this pram is. We have used this pram on a range of different surfaces, which include; grass, cement, sand, dirt and pebbles - this pram had no problem on any of these surfaces. The only criticism i have with the Bugaboo Cameleon is that it is a two piece fold, and the under compartment has less storage space than the Donkey and it is hard to use when the bassinet is in place. Other than those two minor issues we have personally found with this pram, we are totally in love with every other aspect and would purchase again without any hesitation.
Love this pram
Reviewed on 27 March 2018
I spent a lot of time pre baby looking at prams! And I definitely made the right decision. The best bits: - really easy to manouver even with one hand and holding a dog as well! - looks great! - super easy to fold up for the car. - the extendable canopy allows the bassinet to be shielded from the sun plus means my bubba sleeps really well in the bassinet. - the pram is great on smooth roads and at the shopping centers bug ut is also amazing at the park on uneven surfaces and we have even used it on the beach (just flip the handle around) - the rain cover that comes with the pram is so easy to put on (the little feet show you where it should go!) - the bassinet bed is the perfect size so that your baby can stay flat and in a great position to sleep for a lot longer than in other prams! - accessories are all very functional - would definitely recommend the additional cup holder, breezy sun canopy, phone holder and the woolen cover for the bassinet mattress. With the Good comes the bad, so these are the annoying not really bad parts: - the bassinet whilst big does take up a lot of room in your boot, make sure you check it fits before you buy it! - you can buy a lot of extras so be prepared to spend a little more for things like cup holders etc - the under storage isn’t easy to access with the bassinet on - but you can now buy a storage bag so that probably solves that issue. I can definitely recommend this pram - we walk a lot and it is so lovely to push :)
Great delux pram that will wow your friends
Reviewed on 07 September 2017
This is the pram I wanted (probably because it's the one everyone talks about), but I was NOT willing to spend that much money (sounds so absurd). We went to buy a somewhat cheaper replica until 2 things happened: 1. Parents offered to pay and 2. Huge sale. Like every woman I sat there holding the cam and the buff for an hour or so, pregnant in the heat unsure of which I liked better trying to cram in some last minute research. Did I need one with a slightly bigger basket (FYI you can ass a buff basket to a cam)? Do I need those bigger wheels at the front (you can interchange wheels and I don't live ok a property where they could come in handy)? Do I want to spend that much more for 2 models quite identical? I willing for the extra 3kg of lifting when I already had a bad back and would probably always have my hands full as a new first time mum. So I went with the AB Cam (AB is what all the cool parents say), and glad I did reading about vinyl wrapping being a trend because black frames are more popular FYI. Customizing the hoods was a feature I loved, maybe I feel like pink, maybe I'm feeling like red, who knows. I believe this makes the pram more personalised, better for future kids, easier to identify as a bugaboo and better for resale. It's the kind of pram that people everywhere will admire (and at that price, so they should). This pram came up in research as it ticked items such as: reliable, fashionable, interchangeable, bassinet and seat functions, front and rear facing, height adjustable for my tall partner (decreases reach issues) and fully customizable. The few down points: having to disconnect the bassinet from the frame to fold into the car. We bought a forester pre baby and it takes up most of the boot (the seat takes up a lot less); the underbasket with a bassinet is inaccessible so I don't take a baby bag, just a nappy wallet; the god damn hand break which is only on the CAM. I have these little unco hands, and I'm left handed with the break being on the right. I often have to do a left handed switch to take it off given the pram is still quite new and hard (any lefty will totally get this). The pram is one of the larger, but is versitile in the way you can use an infant (capsule attachment, bassinet) then upgrade to the seat for the older baby to toddler. It guarantees you should get a good innings out of the pram for what you paid for it, as well as an excellent resale. There are a countless number of accessories for the pram Just hoping it's diversity. You don't buy the BMW of Prams without a few added extras. Hint for new mums, buy the coffee cup holder because lets be honest, it's how we survive. Other handy ones are pram liners, foot muffs for the colder months, upgraded baskets, organizers, sun breezy covers for the summer months and pram bags for travel (you don't want those dodgy baggage handlers throwing your pram onto the plane). If this pram didn't have a hand brake it would definitely be a 5 star rating. I love the pram, love the compliments I get for how 'cute and matchy matchy' it is, love the reliability in the brand and it's overall functionality. The CAM is proof that bigger (the Buff) isn't necessarily better.
Awesome pram
Reviewed on 30 July 2017
I absolutely love my bugaboo. I love how easily you can customize it to make it your own. I have the black chassis with the pink hoodband bassinet cover but know I can easily swap the pink. There are loads of other accessories available also. I love that you can buy a 'tripod' stand which collapses to fit in the basket and when assembled, turns the bassinet into a portacot and the chair into a high chair. The bugaboo is relatively easy to collapse and assemble, however as the frame and seat/bassinet are 2 pieces it does take up more boot space than orher prams on the market. The biggest issue I have with the bugaboo chameleon is you can't access the basket with the bassinet on. I did buy my pram knowing this was the case from reading other reviews but I didn't think it would bother me. It also has a hand brake and not a foot brake which is easiest to release with 2 hands which can of course be difficult if you're holding a screaming baby! In hindsight I may have opted for the buffalo or donkey which (although wider, heavier and more expensive) have all the things I love about my cameleon and none on the things I don't.
Amazing pram
Reviewed on 31 May 2017
I love the cam pram. It is your perfect pram for on the go parents! It is not bulky, light, easy to push and baby loves the bassinet and then the seat. I love how you can get different hoods and personalise it to make it your own!!!
Bugaboo cameleon3
Reviewed on 15 May 2017
Great pram! Light and easy to walk with in the up right seat and is great to store in your car. Only bad thing about the pram is the bassinet seat. It's not practical- you can't use the basket when it is on and it is really chunky! Highly recommend this pram- minus the bassinet seat :P
Amazing pram!!
Reviewed on 15 April 2017
Amazing pram. Great and light to push. Easy to use. Great suspension. Basket is a little hard to access with bassinet on.
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