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Joie Mirus Reverse Handle Stroller

The Joie Mirus Reverse Handle Stroller is a featherweight stroller designed and engineered to grow with your child from newborn on. The handy reversible push bar lets baby look both ways.  Reversible push bar lets baby engage with mum (facing in) or discover the world (facing out).

Suitable from birth with flat reclining seat and pairs perfectly with the Joie Gemm Infant Seat (additional). 
 SoftTouch Harness Restraint is ultra soft and gentle on baby's sensitive skin while keeping baby safe and secure. ShoeSaver Brake System is single action and scuff free - molded in high-viz red. One-hand fold automatically locks, leaving your other hand free.
 A durable welded aluminium chassis manages the roughest and toughest outings. Undiluted, high quality aluminium and high-performance plastics are equally durable, lightweight and resilient.  Lightweight aluminium chassis is easy to manouvre on the street, in the park or up the stairs

Free standing when folded and fits nicely in a small boot


age range: Suitable from Birth- 4 years

weight : 7.45kg

features: One-hand fold automatically locks, leaving your other hand free. Free standing when folded and fits nicely in a small boot.

wheels, seat and handle type : One-hand smooth recline system.Multi-position, flat reclining seat provides backrest recline options. Multi-position calf rest has two comfy options. Reversible handle. Front swivel wheels lock in place as needed. All wheel suspension.

dimensions assembled : 79L x 48W x 101Hcm

dimensions folded : 48L x 31W x 99Hcm

warranty: 12 months

  • Lightweight aluminium chassis 
  • Suitable from birth with flat reclining seat
  • Pairs perfectly with all Joie Gemm Infant Seat (additional), no adapters needed
  • One-hand fold automatically locks, leaving your other hand free
  • Free standing when folded and fits nicely in a small boot
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Lightweight, compact, good features.
Reviewed on 21 November 2017
We bought this pram when pregnant with our 2yo and were very happy with it. It was very easy to fold up and down and one handed, which is always a bonus 👍 Lightweight so easily lifted into the boot or up a flight of stairs. I loved how small it folded for its actual size. When walking, it performed well. I would walk 5-6ks a day minimum and it handled perfectly. If I was walking fast, sometimes my feet would hit the wheels and I would almost trip, but as long as I had the wrist strap on, all was good 😄 I loved the fact bub can face either way (a big selling factor for me. I dislike young, and even older bubs always facing away) however, like most prams I've seen, when flipped so bub is facing the person pushing, it could be difficult to steer. We discovered by locking the wheels that would become easier, but still not as great at turning as flipped the other way. No good for shopping, etc flipped facing. As for shopping, the pram fits easily through doorways and down aisles, another good factor. All in all, for the price it was a great pram that functioned well and I would definitely recommend it.
Compact, lightweight and functional
Reviewed on 23 August 2017
The stroller has many positive points but some things which could be improved as well. + The pram was very simple to assemble and the instructions were very clear. The booklet has pictures in the beginning but there are words in the second half of the booklet + There are 4 seat positions and it's really easy to adjust. I also found my 6 month old had great posture when sitting up + The stroller is really lightweight + It's so easy to fold and open. I've taken it out of the car with a baby in one arm and opened it up with ease. Can definitely be done one handed + It's compact and narrow so fits easily into the boot of my Tiguan with plenty of space. It also fits through narrow spaces + The reverse handle is so easy to do and it means that you can quickly reverse the seat if the sun is in the child's face or you turn into wind etc + It's got a good turning circle. Despite other reviews, I think this is in both directions. The trick for when the handle is reversed is to steer with the back wheels (so turn from the handle side using the 'back' wheels as the pivot + The basket at the bottom holds a lot (it looks deceptively small but you can fit a lot in - I have long legs (1.73m tall) and I found I kicked the wheels when I walked fast regardless of the direction the baby was facing - When there is a lot of heavy stuff in the shopping basket the stroller becomes a bit unwieldy - When forward facing you have to be careful with the brake and ensure it is securely in the slots. I had an issuer when I thought I had locked the brake and then bumped the stroller and the brake disengaged - Despite the stroller being advertised as having a viewer to observe the baby it only works when the seat is in the horizontal position or the one up and even then it's not easy to use. - I have a 7 month old (admittedly 95th percentile for height) and he won't be able to use the horizontal position for much longer (see photos) In all it is a good solid stroller and certainly looks very good.
I love it!!
Reviewed on 13 August 2017
Having a good yet reliable stroller is a must for me, as it's my way to get around An going for walks regularly u really need a stroller that doesn't twist the wheels in circles An get easily stuck in rocks...It is so easy to get started, the wheels easily click on so no messing around and going by the instructions that were included unfolding it was exactly as the instructions said. it really is light weight, I was actually surprised. there's nothing like trying to lift an shove a heavy bulky pram in a boot of a car. It folds An unfolds easily, something I don't need to scream out to hubby to figure out ... the best thing is my daughter absolutely loves it, especially being able to face her to me an put it so she can look around (which none of the strollers I have owned previously had reverse handle only a big bulky pram). Having a choice to lay back And sit up also is a great feature, especially on busy days when they fall asleep u can easily lay it back so they don't have to sleep with their little head bouncing forward An look so uncomfortable An spend ur time pushing there head the right way so they don't get a stiff neck. Storage is also a great thing for me, so the carrier underneath is a good size, I also actually put those toy connectors on the handles of my stroller to loop shopping bags on when out An about. Overall it really is a great stroller, easy to push. Very happy mumma with this product :)
Easy to pack away
Reviewed on 01 August 2017
I love that you can easy fold this stroller away one click and that it's light so I can lift it up into my SUV.
Great features
Reviewed on 30 July 2017
Joie stroller was the best that we brought in 2014 till now for my son Luke Donnelly and he enjoyed his stroller wherever we go on a walk, bus and train ride even cinema.
Lightweight, easy to fold
Reviewed on 26 June 2017
I brought this stroller 2.5 years ago, I find it fantastic as it's super lightweight and easy to get in and out of the car, I have a bad back and this stroller is fantastic. The stroller struggles with gravel roads but all other surfaces have been fine. My 2.5 year old still fits in the stroller very well and it lays back for when she is sleeping. The only downside is it's a bit hard to steer when the handle is reversed. But I think it's fantastic and it has lasted very well, it's still like brand new.
It does its job
Reviewed on 26 June 2017
Its a pram that does what it says. Good and bad points to follow. *Its not a pram that should be taken "off road". *Yes it does lay back but not straight back there is a slight tilt upwards to it. *The hood/roof seems to move itself up *turning circle isnt great *when using the pram in the reverse way (so baby is facing you) the wheels are too close together and makes walking normally a bit hard *i do love how light weight and easy it is to fold *the fact that the handle is reverses id great aswell. For the price it is a decent pram
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