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all4ella 4 pack
all4ella 4 pack
all4ella prampegs1
all4ella prampegs green blue pastel
all4ella prampegs4 silver gold glitter
all4ella prampegs4 Pack Black White
all4ella prampegs4 Pack Blue Green Fluro
all4ella prampegs4 Pack Blue Navy
all4ella prampegs4 Pack Green Blue
all4ella prampegs 4 Pack Lollie
all4ella prampegs4 Pack Multi Blue
all4ella prampegs4 Pack Multi Pink
all4ella prampegs4 Pack Orange Pink Fluro
all4ella prampegs4 Pack Pink Red
all4ella prampegs4 Pack Purple Pink Fluro
all4ella prampegs4 Pack Train
all4ella prampegs Black Grey
all4ella prampegsPink Purple Pastel
all4ellla pram pegs 4pk black grey
all4ellla pram pegs 4pk black white
all4ellla pram pegs 4pk grey white

All4Ella Pram Pegs 4pk


Pram pegs are a clever way to keep your muslin attached to your pram, stroller or buggy, protecting your little one when out and about. When on the move with your stroller and baby, keeping your baby safe is our number one priority. All4ella has a large range of stylish, practical Pram Pegs that are available in a large range of great mixed colours so you are sure to find one that suits your style. Available in a 2pk or 4pk

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Pretty pegs!
Reviewed on 10 August 2017
I'm really glad I got my hands on these pegs! They are so useful in covering up the little ones to protect them from the wind and the busyness of a shopping centre. Not flimsy at all and come in awesome range of colours.
A true must have!!!!
Reviewed on 08 August 2017
I was gifted these by my sister and was initially sceptical but now I can't live without them. They are just so versatile, on the pram to hold toys and muslin wraps, keeping burp cloths in place, and bubs favourite chew toy at change time as they are always with us.
Hand little pegs!
Reviewed on 31 July 2017
Got these as a gift and they've been permanently attached to the pram and capsule to be used for securing muslins, blankets or toys. I didn't initially see these pegs as a "must-have" item for my baby registry, but I am so glad I have them now. Muslins definitely need help staying in place on windy days when you're out and about. Now that my baby girl is no longer a newborn, her legs don't stop kicking and so these also help keep things from being kicked off the pram! I I haven't used any other pram pegs to compare but my only criticism is the size of these - the handle gets in the way of my pram fold and so I need to make sure they face a certain way before I can fold the pram. Definitely not a deal breaker though. I also love that these come in different colours within the one pack (even though I was boring and got black/white to match everything!).
So Handy
Reviewed on 11 May 2017
Never leave the house without them. Permanently attached to the pram. Perfect to hold light blanket over the pram while bub sleeps. Have used them to attach toys to the pram or attach blanket to my shoulder while I fed. So many uses and always handy to have.
Grab yourself a set!
Reviewed on 09 May 2017
I got them as a present so don't know pram life without them. Very handy, they live in my nappy bag still (20 month old toddler) and have come in handy for so many other things too. Shade in the car pegged to the grab handles or cargo barrier, used to peg a cloth over me while expressing, holding blanket in place on a breezy day out in the pram. Will be giving them as a gift to others too.
So handy!
Reviewed on 27 April 2017
I love having my All4Ella pram pegs! I used to try tying a muslin wrap around the various bars on my pram but they always came undone so now with my pram pegs it is so much easier! Having four means you can do two on the pram handle bar and then two on the sides to make sure the muslin is fully closed over so bub can sleep soundly while out or so you can block out all the commotion at the shops, which can be so overstimulating for little ones. The pegs are also useful when shopping as you can hang light bags of shopping over them.
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