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2017 Navy Cup Catcher preview 1 (002) copy
2017 Navy Cup Catcher preview 1 (002) copy
brilli baby cup catcher Aqua
brilli baby cup catcher  Diagram
brilli baby cup catcher pink
brilli baby cup catcher Blue
brilli baby cup catcher stroller4
brilli baby cup catcher carseat
brilli baby cup catcher highchair
brilli baby cup catcher ConnectBar3 pink
brilli baby cup catcher ConnectStrap1 pink
brilli baby cup catcher ConnectStrap2 pink
brilli baby cup catcher Loop1 blue
brilli baby cup catcher stroller
brilli baby cup catcher stroller2
brilli baby cup catcher stroller5
brilli baby cup catcher teether
brilli baby cup catcher toy
brilli baby cup catcher UnderLid1 blue
brilli baby cup catcher UnderLid2 blue

Brilli Baby Cup Catcher

The Brilli Cup Catcher is an innovative must-have product for parents of infants and toddlers. 

The Brilli Cup Catcher is a multi-use connector to safely tether a sippy cup, bottle, or even your favourite toy to a car seat, highchair, stroller, wheelchair or shopping cart, all while providing a sanitary and stylish design. With the adjustable tail you can attach to many different straps, safety belts, and bars, catching the cup keeping it clean.   
 Unique features:
  • Patent Approved & FDA Grade
  • Sanitizable & Dishwasher safe
  • BPA free, Latex free & Recyclable
  • Phthalate free elastomer
Attach to the strap of the stroller, keeping the cup from hitting the ground on the go! Also, loop through your favourite toy to keep it close! 
Attach to the car seat, so you or your child can easily access the cup without the struggle of trying to find the cup somewhere in the backseat, or even worse if the cup made it to the front seat! 
Attach to your highchair at home or while out to eat to keep your sanity!! Prevent from picking up the cup during snack/meal time multiple times! 
Attach to the shopping cart, so you don't have to worry about the cup while you shop. 

  • Multi-use connector to safely tether a sippy cup, bottle, or even your favourite toy
  • Attaches to car seats, high chairs, strollers, wheelchairs and shopping trolleys
  • Sanitizable & Dishwasher safe
  • BPA free, Latex free & Recyclable
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A new essential
Reviewed on 26 February 2019
This is a life changer. No more pulling the car over or stopping mid jog to pick up a cup. Don't leave home without it
My go to gift!
Reviewed on 23 July 2018
This is my go to gift for all mums to be and mums already dealing with throwers! One Mum even credited me a life saver as her daughter thought it would be fun to throw her favourite toy out the pram but with this handy catcher, a crisis was averted ! A definite must have item as it has multiple uses in multiple places at multiple stages of development.
Unbelievable product!
Reviewed on 18 June 2018
I put the Brilli baby cup catcher on my pram and its the most genius product. My son is constantly throwing toys or teethers out of the pram & now he can’t - HA! I think I am going to need to purchase a few more for the high chair or second pram at home. The new colours are fab & we have the navy one for my son. I would recommend this product for its multiple uses, durability and function. This is my new favourite baby product. Need more ASAP!
Awesome invention
Reviewed on 04 June 2018
Absolutely love this product. No more sippy cups on the floor! It's very durable and easy to use. We use it with the b.box sippy cup on our high chair. I've been recommending it to everyone. My only complaint would be that the handle has a pattern with lots of little grooves that food gets stuck in. It needs to get into the dishwasher quite frequently.
Great product, although not ideal with IKEA high chaor
Reviewed on 29 May 2018
I have the IKEA antilop highchair and my son is always throwing his sippy cup onto the floor. I have wanted a cup catcher for a long time. It’s a genius product, yet so simple. Unfortunately the only place to attach it to this chair is between the legs, so my son can’t be in the chair when I put it on / off. The part that wraps around the bottle is not too stretchy, so it makes it hard to loop it around the BBOX straw cup. But, for others using a different highchair (or a pram - it works really well with my Joolz Day pram, but I have a pram caddy so I don’t use it here) this is a very clever invention that definitely does the job.
This should have been my idea
Reviewed on 28 May 2018
What a great little add-on to our stroller. I have this attached to a sippy cup and no more having to replace them because bub threw it out of the stroller and I didn't notice. It does its job so well that i am going to buy anther one for Master two's Camelback water bottle. He may not be sitting in the stroller but I can have it on hand and not lose it from there. Thank you PS Just need one for my mobile phone now!!
Fantastic product
Reviewed on 24 May 2018
I absolutely love the brilli cup catcher and wish it was around for my first two kids . I love the fact that I don’t need to pick up a dirty toy from the ground and my baby can always access his toy or teether. The best part is that the cup catcher is dishwasher safe. I use it on the pram as well as on his high chair and it saves me picking up toys that my baby keeps on throwing . Absolutely love this product .
No more spills
Reviewed on 24 May 2018
We love this product. My son has always been a thrower which always created a lot of mess when he threw his drink. Now when he throws the cup/liquid doesn’t go all over the floor thanks to the cup catcher. It was a bit harder to attach to toys so that’s the only reason it was given 4 stars instead of 5
So simple yet so effective!!
Reviewed on 17 May 2018
We absolutely love this product, if it weren’t for The Baby Industry I would have never known about it. It is soft and easy to use. Truly saves baby’s bottle hitting the floor and in my case a lot of broken bottle lids! Just wish I had one sooner. We use it mainly for his water bottle but you can clip toys to it. It is a bit tricky to screw on lids with handles attached to them onto the bottle again once the Brilli Cup Catcha is on as it does get in the way (we used B.Box straw cup with handle). It is also a source of entertainment for baby and once they’re old enough, they can pull it up to drink themselves too!
Love our new cup catcher
Reviewed on 17 May 2018
My son is notorious for throwing his bottle or ball out of the pram and now with our new Brilli Cup Catcher I don’t have to worry about it! Such a game changer!
love the colour and love the design!
Reviewed on 17 May 2018
We love our brilli baby cup catcher! my little one doesn't use a cup yet so we have found different ways to use it - to hold toys at arms reach in the car seat and high chair! we love that its made from soft material and bubs uses it to chew on while he's teething! we cant wait to buy him a sippy cup and use it for keeping the cup off the floor as well!
Great product and light weight
Reviewed on 15 May 2018
I love this product has saved my sons cup from hitting the floor so many times. It also keeps my son very entertained. Also great in the car to keep his bottle close. You can use this for multiple things
I’m in love!
Reviewed on 04 October 2017
This is the ultimate item once babies learn how to throw/drop anything!! From sippy cups and dummies to pram toys, this is a lifesaver. It is useful on the highchair at home as well as at a restaurant. I’ve also used it on the shopping trolley and on the pram. I love that it is dishwasher safe so little mucky hands can pull at it to retrieve their thrown item, but I don’t have to dig dried up food out of the grooves. All in all a favourite item that has attracted a lot of attention from fellow parents.
One less thing to pick up
Reviewed on 29 September 2017
Great product. Attaches to pretty much anything with ease - we have used it on both the pram and the high hair with no trouble at all. Really easy to attach around a toy or drink bottle. I found it best for walking around the river - we haven't lost a toy since receiving this. Thanks so much!
Goodbye sore back
Reviewed on 28 September 2017
Such a funky innovative little product. The Brilli Baby Cup Catcher is so simple to use but can be applied to so many situations. From feeding in high chair, to drives in car to chilling back in the stroller. Your back and knees will forever thank you because once you add the Brilli Cup Catcher to your Child's routine, you can say goodbye to the endless bending over to pick up bottles they so often tend to knock-over.
A total back saver!
Reviewed on 25 September 2017
This cup catcher attaches easily to high chair and holds many different sized cups. It is the perfect length that bubs can grab it and pull cup back to her (which is sooo amazing not having to pick up off the floor). Also useful to attach toys to pram by swapping ends and looping cup hole through pram. Bubs loves to chew on it when attached to pram. Love that it is dishwasher safe and reshapes with ease. Perfect for the little thrower in my family! Highly recommend
Love it so much!
Reviewed on 24 September 2017
I love this product! I have a three month old who doesn't yet use a cup but I have been using it to hold her toys such as her teethers. It has really helped her keep hold of the teether as she is still learning to use her arms and hands. She holds onto the Cup Catcher and it is easy to grip and has no sharp bits. She can even chew on it and is fascinated by it. I love that it is easy to use - just loop the end around pretty much any toy! The adjustable ''tail'' is super simple to use, and Ithink it's a great idea the the circular end can be placed straight over the top of a cup and kept secure by the cup lid. I have this in the aqua colour and it goes with pretty much anything - not just your standard bright coloured kid's product but it looks fashionable as well. Iam happy that the product is dishwasher safe in case it gets grubby, and it feels like it would be very durable and long lasting. Ilike that it is versatile and can be attached to the pram, capsule and highchair. I believe this is available in three colours and would love to see it come in more colours! It's amazing that the ring can be returned to its original size by placing it in hot water for 30 seconds. I don't have any complaints about the product and truly think it is a brilliant invention! Highly recommended for babies from the age of 3 months onwards!
Awesome for hanging around
Reviewed on 23 September 2017
Being a mum of a 2 year old who likes to throw her cup off her booster chair this was a real life saver. So easy to attach and remove and can be attached to a pram, highchair, play pen, even in the car. Can be easily stored in a nappy or handbag for easy access when out and about. A must have for any parent.
Great product but not long enough
Reviewed on 22 September 2017
I was so happy when I heard about the existence of this product, because my 14 month old loves to push his cup off his high chair making meal times a challenge. I think this is a very clever invention. However it is not as functional as its meant to be because of the length of the adjustable tail and the main body bit of the cup catcher which is just too short. I own a Babybjorn high chair and the only place I can attach this cup catcher to this high chair is the part where the chair is connected to the tray. This part is not that large, but I literally have to force the tail end to get the first node to fit into the first hole. Even then, it is so tight that a few tugs from my toddler and the whole thing gets detached. Which regards to the main body of the cup catcher, because it is not long enough, it has to be placed on the inside of the highchair (between the tray and my toddlers body) and not on the outside of the tray and hence attaching it back when it get’s detached is not easy since I have to remove my toddler from the high chair to reattach it. For the short duration when it remains connected (before my toddler tugs at it enough times to detach it), the length of the main body of the cup catcher is just long enough for my toddler to tilt the cup slightly to drink from it and it get’s him really irritated because he has to lower his head and body slightly to be able to tilt the cup more and drink properly. If he was slightly taller he will not be able to drink from the cup attached to this cup catcher. The stretchable 2” or 3” head however is pretty impressive as it could be stretched to fit the Munchkin cup which is slightly larger than 3”. All in all it’s a great idea and perhaps suitable to use in a pram/ stroller, or a high chair with a harness or rods on the side. It would be really beneficial if it was slightly longer or if there was a slightly longer version available for those who have high chairs such as the Babybjorn.
Life Saver
Reviewed on 19 September 2017
I was lucky enough to win this product and im very happy with it. I used it as a toy holder on the pram whilst shopping today and I'm gonna try it in the car so little miss cant lose her favourite toy whilst im driving.
Very handy!
Reviewed on 18 September 2017
This is a great little item. I found it really handy to use on the highchair or pram. After reading the other reviews I am excited to try it in the car as a toy holder as well. While it took me a little while to figure out the best way to put it on the highchair with still enough room for my 6 months old to move his bottle with ease, once I did I have loved this! I even use it to keep my son occupied during the dreaded nappy change!
Fantastic idea and a must have
Reviewed on 17 September 2017
I am so happy I won one of these to try! I would have bought if I didn't, my 8 month old throws everything off his highchair and out of the pram so this has been a lifesaver! I couldn't find a good place to attach it on our highchair but found a toy hook was easy to attach it to on the tray.. I even found when I removed his drink cup my little man decided it was a good teether to chew on LOL! These would be a great gift idea if you're looking for something extra to pop in a little ones present. Totally recommend getting one of these, I'll definitely be gifting them to friends & family 😊
Great product!
Reviewed on 14 September 2017
I love this cup catcher! I can attach it to the highchair, pram or even the car seat! Saves me having to pick it up a million times and my little girl can just pull it back up by her self! Such an awsome product!
Great catcher
Reviewed on 13 September 2017
This product does exactly what it's named and catches sippy cups and toys etc, it's great for when your out and about or in the car and your little one throws there toys or cups on the floor because it doesn't get dirty from the ground and you don't have to constantly be picking them up.
Reviewed on 27 August 2017
This cup catcher is a game changer! My toddler, like most, thinks it's the funniest thing ever to throw pretty much everything on the ground. The Brilli Cup Catcher is brilliant in that it connects easily to strollers, highchairs, car seats and even trollies. We mainly use it on the stroller as it's perfect when we're out and about and I love that the connector can be used in different ways - even as a dummy saver. This product is an absolute must for all mums of bubs and toddlers!
Reviewed on 08 July 2017
This product has been a life saver. I have used it in the car and during meal times. I loved it so much that I bought one for a friend and she thinks it's the best thing ever!!
No more picking up!
Reviewed on 07 July 2017
This is honestly the best product on the market at the moment. Connects to my childs toy bottle and dummy and the best part is it can be used in the car pram and high chair. Love it!
Reviewed on 03 May 2017
They almost like an extra pair of hands! The cup catcher is fantastic. It is so useful. Not only convenient to hold onto the water bottle but great to hang toys in the car and attach anything to the pram!! It's a must have that can be used to attach whatever you need.
Genius !
Reviewed on 03 April 2017
Now that I have the cupcatcher I don't lose toys all the time. I attach it to everything.. the car, the high chair, the Babybjorn and of course in the pram. So clever !
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