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bugaboo comfort travel bag closed
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Bugaboo Comfort Transport Bag


Protect your Bugaboo on all of your travels with the self-standing Bugaboo Comfort Transport Bag. Comfortable carry handles, shoulder straps and wheels make it easy to roll from baggage claim to taxi stand and where ever you need to go. The separate bag for front and rear wheels keep the transport bag clean while it folds compactly for storage when not in use. Compatible with all Bugaboo Prams    .

  • Protects your pram during travel against dirt, scratches and water  
  • Stands upright, with 2 wheels for easy rolling
  • Compact size when not in use        
  • Compatible with all bugaboo strollers        
  • Durable fabrics         
  • Protective padding         
  • Water-repellent    
  • Separate wheel bag  
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Good purchase but zips not fantastic.
Reviewed on 06 February 2018
This was bought to protect our Bugaboo Cameleon, which it has done on one overseas trip. However on the return trip one of the zips had pulled away, meaning it can't be zipped up securely anymore. Not a major issue I will just need to get a new zipper on it but still annoying. A major pro is it has lots more room to fit more than just your pram so you can put a few extra bits in which might otherwise make your suitcase overweight. I would recommend this to any parent who travels frequently as it definitely protects your pram and makes life easier travelling with a baby.
Great product - compatible with all bugaboo strollers, tricky to use the first time!
Reviewed on 04 September 2017
This is another great product from Bugaboo: Pros: Quality - This bag is of fantastic quality, the sides are padded and the zips are sturdy. It is also water repellent. I have no issues trusting the bag to keep my pram safe while it gets moved around. Price - Although the price was initially on my “cons” list, ($230) I weighed up the costs of hiring a pram at my destination, and it ended up cheaper just buying the travel bag. In fact, I have used it multiple times since the original purchase date, and take my pram with me much more frequently. This just makes sense when most airlines allow free check in of baby related items. I have also used it at home while storing my pram/additional pieces of pram for long periods to keep them clean and dust free. Easy to carry - the bottom of the bag has two wheels, making it very easy to wheel behind you in busy airports/streets etc. The carry handle is also fairly padded, making it easy on your hands. There is also an over the shoulder strap, however, I think the bag is too heavy to carry this way. Compact - although the bag is quite large when fully extended for travel use, it is easily folded to a smaller compact size for storage. Compatibility - It is compatible with all bugaboo strollers, however I have only used it with the cameleon. The youtube clip by bugaboo which demonstrates how to pack the bag, shows a bugaboo donkey being folded into the bag! Size - it does fit a lot inside. On my most recent trip, I managed to pack the entire chameleon with seat attachment into the bag, along with the bassinet seat fabric and footmuff. Cons: Ease of use - it definitely takes a bit of practise disassembling the pram and fitting it into the travel bag, there isn’t a lot of wiggle room. I would recommend doing a trial run before you intend on using the bag to transport your pram (and not leaving it to the last minute like myself!) You have to remove the wheels and the hood of the pram, remove the seat or bassinet from the chassis and then slide the seat carefully under the handle bars in a unique way. Luckily, bugaboo has a youtube clip which demonstrates how to do this. (Tip, they make it look easier than it is!) That said, once you have mastered it initially, its easy! Price - at $230, it is an expensive accessory Overall, this is a great accessory from bugaboo, and almost a “must have” if you intended on taking your pram on trips. I would definitely recommend buying it, although just remember to practise using it before your travel date!
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