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Steelcraft Strider Compact Second Seat


The Steelcraft Strider Compact Second Seat connects to your Strider Compact Stroller. All you have to do is adjust the stroller handle upwards to allow easy access to the Steelcraft Strider Compact Second Seat. The  Steelcraft Strider Compact Second Seat is the perfect way of adapting the Steelcraft Strider Compact to carry twins or a new infant and a toddler. The second seat is suitable from birth to 17kg.

Tested — designed to ensure that a 17kg child can be in the Second Seat and the stroller will stay firmly on the ground
Comfort — 3 position reclining seat
Safety — wheel guards to protect a child's fingers
Weather Protection — large canopy with viewing window to provide shade
Storage Access - front and side access to the storage basket when a child is in the Second Seat
Convenience — Strider Compact Stroller folds with Second Seat attached
Extras — includes a padded head pillow & shoulder pads

Weight: 2kg (approximately.),. Stroller additional. 
  • Designed to ensure that a 17kg child can be in the Second Seat
  • 3 position reclining seat
  • Convenience — Strider Compact Stroller folds with Second Seat attached
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Reviewed on 30 September 2017
I bought this just before having my second three months ago. Wasn't sure how it was going to go as it seems like there's not much room underneath. But my 2yo loves it and thinks it's a awesome ride under there at first i couldn't figure out to take the second seat off. But after a few times it comes second nature and I love how it all just folds up together something I also figured out after. I use to take it all apart until a friend told me I didn't have to. So that was a time saver. One thing is not much room getting child in down the bottom sort of have to slide her down then buckle her in other wise great feature if you have two small children
Life saver!
Reviewed on 05 September 2017
I brought this when I first brought my pram for when we had another baby and sure enough 3 months after having my first baby I feel pregnant again so luck I had this second seat it is a perfect size for my car and it saved me having to buy a really wide double pram as I struggle with a single!!
Great addition
Reviewed on 31 July 2017
My 2 year old loves climbing in and sitting in his seat. It can recline enough so he is able to have a nap with the cover on. However he isn't tall for his age and is already at the top, so not sure how long he will last down there. I have found having the second seat to be really helpful and much easier than having a double side by side pram. My only issue is, it can be hard to access the brake. I got stuck at the bottom of the travelator because I didn't release the brake properly.
No versitility
Reviewed on 28 June 2017
I bought this as an addition to my strider compact stroller however i was very disappointed in that it can only attach one way leaving the child at the bottom quite hidden so they are unable to engage as much with the environment while walking
Great addition to have for the strider compact!
Reviewed on 05 May 2017
I got the second seat with my strider compact as I was expecting my second. The second seat is easy to attach and remove once you know how (initially figuring it out was confusing)! The second seat is also able to be used to hold a capsule so can be used for 2 babies in capsules... or if you have a slightly older child who won't sit underneath, it's good to have the option to put baby underneath! The recline of the second seat is also great and the fact it comes with a cover too... my daughter is 4.5 and can still sit in the second seat underneath and use the cover etc! The second seat can also remain on the pram when folding without impacting how bulky the pram can be etc! Only con with the second seat is that if you have a child with a very long torso, they will outgrow the second seat very quickly... it really isn't made for taller children at all despite the weight allowances.
Better than expected
Reviewed on 03 May 2017
This sear outweighed my expectations. I thought it was going to be really squishy and uncomfortable but our toddler loves his seat. You can even take the cover off and put the capsule down the bottom if you wanted. Highly recommended.
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