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summer infant Complete Coverage Piddle Pad  Black copy
summer infant Complete Coverage Piddle Pad  Black copy
summer infant CompleteCoveragePiddlePadBlackL1

Summer Infant Complete Coverage Piddle Pad

The Summer Infant Complete Coverage Piddlepad’s waterproof seat liner better protects car seats, strollers, and joggers from nappy leaks and potty-training accidents! This larger, more absorbent Piddlepad is made with soft absorbent layers next to baby’s body and a waterproof vinyl outer layer to keep car seats and strollers dry and clean.
  • Super absorbent quilted terrycloth and waterproof vinyl backing
  • Works with most car seat and stroller
  • 3-point or 5-point harness systems
  • Machine washable for easy clean during potty training
  • Crash tested for safety to stay in place in the event of an accident
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Fantastic for toilet training toddlers
Reviewed on 29 March 2018
Ditched the nappies and find that your “big” kid doesn’t need to go before you get in the car? Even though they just downed a huge amount of water? This is the product that means you don’t need to strip the entire car seat when they inevitably wet their pants, all of 200m up the road from home... Don’t just limit yourself to the car seat though! This is also great to pop on a movie theatre seat, a couch, a high chair, or anywhere that your little one is sitting and perhaps just a bit too distracted to entirely focus on their bladder signals. Sure it’s a short time (hopefully!) that you need it, but once you’ve got the entire car seat on the line in the middle of winter and your stuck at home until it dries (please don’t rain!!!) you’ll recognise the value. Also, it’s machine washable and dries fairly quickly considering it’s absorbancy.
No mess, no fuss!
Reviewed on 04 September 2017
The Summer Infant Piddle Pad is a life saver! This little liner is an absolute must to keep in the car, handbag and at home, particularly when your little one is toilet training. I used the Summer Infant Piddle Pad for those first few months of outings without a nappy. Fantastic for long car trips and for restaurant high chairs. Using the Piddle Pad avoids that potentially big mess if an accident occurs. It is so easy to use, folds up small and super easy to wash, it dries quickly and is ready to go again in a couple of hours! I would personally love to see brighter colours, but the dark colour is great for not showing stains and being discreet. Overall a fantastic little product, essential for toilet training!
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